OT..Friday Posbang....TDF Edition

Submitted by jmdblue on June 28th, 2013 at 8:47 AM

The main off topic sport around here seems to be soccer...which is fine.  But the Tour starts tomorrow meaning I'll be a complete nerd for the next 3 weeks.  I encourage everyone to watch a couple stages.  It is unbelievably exciting.  I'll also be running around northern MI streams in the middle of the night for week 2 of the Hex hatch.  Happyhappyhappy.....



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I gave up on the Pistons and haven't watched them for several years now.  This latest blown opportunity just reinforces my decision.  Well, I guess as long as Dumars doesn't trade Chauncey, Tayshaun and Rip the Pistons will still be OK. Huh? What?  OK, nevermind.


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Requirements for something called Meaningful Use will be released over the weekend, meaning that this was my last relatively quiet week in a while.


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you're in the Healtcare field - potentially at UMHS...what is your involvement with the implementation of Meaningful Use?  Until recently I was involved with ICD-10 coding conversion with UMHS...so I can feel your pain. 

Good luck with that!  :)


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I'm at a medium sized county hospital in Ohio.  I'm the sole Interface Analyst at the hospital.  So my involvement is that I need to create automated feeds that send syndromic data, lab reporting, and immunization results to the Ohio Department of Health.  It's going to be a pretty arduous process, as they designate that they need a SFTP conneciton, and all of our outbound HL7 is done through VPN currently.


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Wow.  I definitely feel bad for you man.  That's a lot of work for one person.  Granted UMHS is gigantic, but the Meaningful Use team had at least 30+ people between Business Analysts, Interface Analysts/Developers, Quality Assurance, and Project Management.

Sounds like you could use some help...I'm in Toledo and looking to potentially make a change....  :)


June 28th, 2013 at 11:01 AM ^

Honestly, after initially taking over and cleaning up the interface structure here, I haven't been overworked at all.  MU will change that, but only temporarily.  I turned down an offer at OhioHealth in which I would have been one of six analysts.  The hospital I work at is 5 minutes from my house, and my commute to Columbus would have been about 45min.  Along with the state benefits for being a public employee, and it was best to stay. 

What system does UMHS use?  Epic?  We're McKesson based.  I'm not sure that we would be looking right now, but feel free to email me your LinkedIn account to bwgrudt1484 (it's a gmail account).  It's never a bad idea to network within the industry.


June 28th, 2013 at 1:18 PM ^

While I agree that it is a huge pain, it is doing what it is supposed to in driving the modernization of healthcare.  No more paper orders... robust EMR systems... real time state syndromic reporting...

The problem with healthcare right now is that the generation of phyisicans that make the clinical workflow calls have grown up in a paper environment.  They don't have time to really work on their computer skills, so are EXTREMELY resistant to change.  It's true everywhere that the newer physicians are less averse to these changes.  Once implemented, MU standards will really help get healthcare on the right track.


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I'm on the El on my way to work with dozens of Hawks fans on their way to the Stanley Cup parade. As a die hard Wings fan, this hurts my soul and is a bad way to start a Friday. Considering the parade will run right by my office building starting at 11, this Friday will get worse.


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Have a great weekend everyone! To the OP enjoy the TDF. I'll be road-tripping this weekend, driving from Chicago up to the twin cities in MN to visit friends, leaving around noon today. Safe travels to all traveling this weekend, hopefully it'll stop raining and everything can dry out!


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Is there any video out there of Nerlens Noel's reaction to not being the first pick last night? I didn't watch it, but have heard he had a classic disappointed look on his face. A search of the Googles has turned up nothing for me.

The Carter 16

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Burke got picked 9th by the Timberwolves. When he was announced, he had the same stoic reaction that he normally did throughout the season when making big plays. However, they panned over to Beilein after the announcement and he was standing and applauding and looked elated, like his own son had been drafted. Very good moment for Burke, Beilein, and UM basketball in general.


June 28th, 2013 at 10:06 AM ^

that hatch from lakes and streams in the middle of the night.  It's aboutthe only time of year that large trout will reliably come to the surface to feed.  Fishing it is a combination of darkness, trying to remember where the deep holes are, a couple beers, cigar smoke, tangles, intense stress, mosquitos, the occasional broken rod and (mostly) riotous fun.


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Has anyone been to Ode Side Ales in Grand Haven??? I am going there this weekend and I hear good things about their brewery...any input/suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!