More Camp Offers, 2014 WR and 2014 CB

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I looked through the other post but I didn't see it mentioned. 2014's slot WR Fredd Canteen and CB Brandon Watson have been offered. Really interesting to see what this will do to the recruitment of Artavis Scott and Parrker Westphal.

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Both of those guys are from Elkton Christian Academy (MD) which miraculously popped up about 15 minutes from Red Lion Christian Academy (DE) when Red Lion deemphasized their little football factory. I think ECA is a remote/internet based high school that has sports teams, it's basically a high school designed around a football team

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From what some posters on 247 mentioned, it sounds like this "school" is a thinly veiled attempt by David Sills' dad to create a superteam around his son. If the name sounds familiar, it's because this is the QB who committed to USC/Kiffin in 7th grade. So yeah, nothing shady going on here...


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but you might find that David Sills (USC Commit), Kenny Bigelow (USC Signee) and Khaliel Rodgers (USC Signee) were at one point at Red Lion Christian, then their football program was deemphasized and all of a sudden all the top guys from Red Lion show up at Elkton (correction: Eastern) Christian. Not sure it's totally shady, but it's kinda shady


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I don't like this.  I guess best case scenario is that this results in short-timeframe commitments from Scott and Westphal.  I trust Coach Hoke and know this will work out well in the end.  But I want Scott and Westphal.  Plus, I just have such a hard time trusting an internet football factory and the men who would choose to "attend" it.  It just makes me nervous.  Or it mean we aren't getting Scott/Westphal, which would be bad news imo.


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I don't mind that the players are, in essence, not Scott and Westphal...I refuse to second guess the coaches on talent. The nature of the school worries me more than a little...normally I assume the coaches would be on top o ofttha sort of thing, but IO have no idea how it works when the offer comes abruptly at camp like this.


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Per Rivals, Canteen has a very diverse set of offers so far, now including Michigan. The other schools are Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Rutgers, Temple and Tennessee.

Brandon Watson's offers also include Boston College, Connecticut and Temple. According to 247Sports, Watson also made an unofficial visit to Tennessee's spring game.