OT: MLB potentially dropping Banhammer on PED users conected with Tony Bosch

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I was just on ESPN and saw and read this article. Wow. I was hoping that there were not any Tigers mentioned in the report, but supposedly Jhonny Peralta is on the list, as well as Ryan Braun and A-Rod. I am interested to see if anything will come from this.




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See I'm the exact opposite, I want to see the Yankees suffer with arguably the worst contract in MLB history. So if indeed A-Rod is suspended the Yanks might be able to get out from under that contract through some loopholes, thus freeing up $ for them to make a run at Miguel after 2015.

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Of course there is no salary cap, but you still have to PAY the salaries you have on your roster. I'm pretty sure that is what he's getting at. They have (or had, not sure about this year) the highest payroll in the league and even they don't have an infinite amount of money.

Edit: this was a reply to the guy above you. I don't know how it ended up as a reply to you.


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a radio this morning, (in G.R., I didn't recognize what station it was) and they were saying Miguel Cabrera was one of the names, then I got to my radio and turned on espn and all I heard was Melky. Damned alarmist shock jocks. Got me all worked up...

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At this point, I'd rather see Dombrowski pick up a middle reliever or closer... I would much rather have a weaker bat in the lineup in Santiago than have a vacancy in closer position going into the postseason... Plus Jackson will be healthy soon returning a key bat and key speed to the lineup.


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Wasn't the same source that broke the Melky Cabrera story last year before it went public also said before this season that Braun and A-Rod would be linked once again to Roids? 


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What's astonishing is that MLB considers this a severe punishment for a violation that they don't try very hard to discover in the first place.  By way of context, first time doping bans in WADA sanctioned sports are two years.  Baseball? Less than a third of a season.  


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They could really put a stranglehold on this problem with serious punishments. Hell, make 100 the number for first offenders and go up drastically from there. Probably not possible (even though it sort of happens already) but putting a confirmed-roid user ban on the HoF sure would go a long way too...


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The North American sports leagues are pitiful in this regard.  The NFL gives out what, a four-game suspension?  And the NBA doesn't even test for steroids.  Somehow I'm a bit skeptical about LeBron achieving that freakish physique through purely clean methods.


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We completely agree with you. The fact that anyone would question Lebron or any other NBA star who may appear slightly shall we say "overdeveloped" as being anything other than the result of hard work and good, healthy diet is EXTREMELY offensive and insulting.


Major League Baseball circa 1996-2007


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I understand what you're saying, but can you blame anyone for having the thought? Based on how tainted baseball is/continues to be and how often those stupid 4 game bans are given out in the NFL not to mention all the Olympic stuff...can you blame someone for assume the NBA is perfectly clean? Unfortunately its safer to assume its just as bad


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Actually, I go to a gym regularly and yes, I see other guys there who are insanely chiseled.  Many of them also have receding hairlines and weird jawlines.  I wouldn't doubt that they use roids as well - I'm certainly not saying it's just professional athletes. 

In LeBron's case, it's not just that he's built like Karl Malone, but that he combines that with Jordan-like athleticism.  That's not normal.  I've come to the realization that when one guy is freakishly different than everyone else, there's probably a (dirty) reason for it.  


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I have a receeding hairline and I go to the gym. I also have been at it for 7+ years (competitive powerlifting) and have been asked on multiple occasions if I'm on sauce. My point is that people who have never walked the walk, so to speak, just assume that a "jacked" physique is unattainable without roids. Point being, it's just ignorance and in some instances, complete laziness, to assume guys are using PEDs.


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So why aren't there more 270-pound guys (he's listed at 250, but this is widely believed to be false) that can jump out of a gym and have the quickness of a guard?  It's not just that he's big; it's that he's both big and as quick as a guy 50 pounds lighter.  That doesn't pass the smell test.

It's not just me who suspects him of this.  There are rumors out there about his agent acquiring PEDs.  Unless his agent's a bodybuilder, I think we could put two and two together there.  It's just rumor at the moment, but there is circumstantial evidence.

Having said that, the NBA is probably full of roid users (ask Derrick Rose).  It's probably like cycling in the Armstrong years.





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Baseball and Tony Bosch have violated the HIPAA rights of all players involved here.  I can't imagine this working out if the players sue.  Then again, sports and the media have managed to five PED's a much longer shelf life as a "hot button" issue than I would have thought possible.

State Street

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If you're the Brewers...you have to sit Braun immediately, right?  It sounds like these suspensions won't come down for another week or two at least.  Having him around will be the distraction of all distractions.  


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You can't, no team can react really. Until real stuff comes out, none of these guys are going to say anything other than "no comment" (or possibly a claim of innocence). Especially Braun, who didn't exactly go quietly last time. Sitting him puts out the message that he did something wrong, which he (and everyone else I assume) isn't ready to concede yet

State Street

June 5th, 2013 at 10:04 AM ^

This is true, but I assume the spin would be "we both agree that sitting out at this time will aid our team in focusing on winning baseball games" etc.  I could see how it could be taken as an admission of guilt.  

But the next few weeks will be a) uncomfortable for Braun, especially in road ballparks, b) annoying for the rest of the team, who will have to deal with constant questioning, and c) irrelevant because the Brewers are not very good anyways.