Denard working out at QB for Jacksonville

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The Jacksonville Jaguars had Denard lining up in the shotgun formation at QB during Wednesday's OTA practice.  Looks like his QB days are not over.  The last line of the article predicts that if Denard does well, he could be reclassified from RB to QB in the future.…



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Given that there are only 32 NFL teams and significantly more than 32 college football programs, I think having even one starting QB in the league is pretty solid. Possibly two starters, if Gabbert shits the bed again. Henne has shown flashes of starter-material over the years. He's not going to lock anything down for any significant amount of time, but he's good enough to hold on to the job if Gabbert blows it.


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I guess you draft the guy to see the field however possible, but if he's giving legitimate heat on Gabbert, that speaks to how poorly Blaine is playing.  I love Denard as much as the next guy, but he's just not built to be a great pure NFL QB.  That said, he can definitely be a situational player under center and I fully expect him to be a good slot receiver/third-down back.


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It does look like he's recovering from the nerve damage.  If so, it would be foolish not to include at least some plays with him at QB.


Robinson, 22, first suffered the injury when his arm was stepped on by an Illinois defender. The nerve damage caused Robinson to lose feeling in his pinky and ring fingers before a re-aggravation of the injury left numbness in his hand throughout the rest of the season.

That numbness continued through the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine, but at the post-Combine medical re-check, he had regained feeling in his fingers. According to Rapoport, strength tests revealed he had double the strength in his hand than he did when he was examined at the NFL Combine fewer than 50 days earlier.

Double Wolverine

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I'm really glad to see Denard recovering. Regardless of where he plays in the NFL, he put everything he had into his time at Michiagn and I will always respect him for that. My biggest complaint while watching him play was that he didn't slide/go out of bounds enough; he always wanted the extra yard. Best of luck to him at QB, RB, WR or wherever.

eamus_caeruli (not verified)

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Here is a wild guess: He will never be full time QB and does more Wild Cat/spread sets in the NFL. It's out there, but I just have a feeling.


ND Sux

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is that he's the next Desmond Howard on punt and/or kickoff returns.  Those postions get him the ball in space easier than any other.  Best of luck no matter what they do with him...I believe he will make it in the NFL as a returner though. 


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Well, hopefully this upcoming season he's classified as a QB, RB, WR in fantasy football leagues...he'd be available in very late rounds in my SEC homer league.  Not a bad potential wild card guy if he's really going to see 10-15 touches per game.  Plus, DILITHIUM.

Mr. Yost

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But he's not an NFL QB...

Sure, he can run some Pistol Read-Option stuff, but if you're epecting him to line up and drop back, that's not him.

What I do think he one HECK of an NFL player. Not a gimmick RB/WR. I think he's a legit NFL weapon that should be on the field every (offensive) down in different spots on the field.

Put him at RB, FB, WR, Slot and create matchup nightmares for defenses.


I think we have to get past this notion that the only "slash" players have to be QB/WR. Where you take the QB off the field to allow the runner to come on. History has shown that DESTROYS rhythm.

But what if you keep the QB on for every down (at QB), and you have the "slash" player bounce around at other positions?

QB is really the only position in football where you don't come off the field. Probably some OL. Everyone else is used to going in and out. So as you spell players, slide Denard in that position for a down or a series.


Also, if he's an every down player. The threat of him throwing the ball becomes even greater.