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I haven't made a video since January, when ZFR flipped me the bird and had YouTube block 2/3 of my account.  Apparently, compilation videos are fair game as all of them are still up.  With that said, I'd like to make one.  Ace's Keith Jackson thread made me nostalgic and since he broadcasted more Michigan games than any other school for nearly 3 decades, I thought I would make a vid dedicated to his most memorable quotes during Michigan football games.  

To help me out here, I want you all to list your favorite Keith Jackson quotes.  Whether they are pregame speak, calls of plays or random funny quotes like the time he said, "Clarence Williams grandmother could have scored that one," when we played Notre Dame in 97.  Stuff like that.  

And since I'm anti-misery, painful moments are not allowed.

So, list away if you can and I'll go find them.    



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I believe it was during the Rose Bowl against UT (possibly USC) when he fumbled through a spoken as for a sponsor, which happened to be something such as a lingerie brand. The poor old coot sounded so embarrassed and ended it as quickly as he could.

Does anyone else recall that? It was a funny moment amidst quite a tough battle, so it stood out to me.


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I don't remember any specific quotes, but I will always remember the way he said "Sam Sword".


I think it was him who, after a sack said "...And he paid the Price...Trevor Pryce".   As a kid I thought that was funny.


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Before the 2001 Citrus Bowl (at least I think it was that year, may have been 1999), Jackson had an opening voiceover, where he detailed the days games (it was back when they had the Citrus, then the Rose, then the Fiesta on ABC, back to back to back).  He finished with a line which was something along the lines of:

"Any man who watches this much football on one day should be a dead man.  Call the coroner!"


I still remember the punchline over 12 years later.


Even my mom, who secretly hated both football and me watching football because it was something which distracted me from schoolwork (I've grown up and she's come around since then...), listened to it and thought it was hilarious.  And after I indeed watched all 3 games back to back to back, she told me as I was heading up the stairs to my bedroom, she told me she was going to call the coroner.  It might seem odd, but that one brilliant line by Jackson probably helped bring my mom some understanding, i.e. we guys know how annoying our love for football can be, but we do it anyways, because we love it.


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"Hello Heisman" - Desmond's pose against Ohio

"The last time Brian Griese ran that far, his daddy was chasing him with a stick." - against PSU 97

"You know who the MVP is, well I'll tell you, I'm standing next to his proud poppa." - 98 Rose Bowl


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Youtubes of the punt return last week after the Keith Jackson thread.  He doesn't say 'Goodbye Buckeyes'.  He's describing the play and then 'Goodbye', decent pause and then 'Hello Heisman'. 


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"He threw it right to Andre Weathers and Weathers will score a touchdown! (Pause) And that could be a will breaker!"

Which is subsequently followed by Rob Renes's stop on 2nd down with the call, "The Michigan Defense is on fire now!" 



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I think I remember he had an opening voiceover for the 100th "The Game" in 2003. I don't remember the specifics, but I remember the chills.


Edit: found a link


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I still remember that intro clearly and I still think it is one of the best I have ever heard, particularly his description of Woody and Bo as "the salt and pepper of the series", as well as at the beginning when he says, "...and in your mind's eyes, see the lads who wore the colors.". Excellent words from an excellent voice. 

True Blue Grit

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general call of "FUM-BULLLL!!!" whenever someone dropped the ball.  It was loud with increased emphasis on the 2nd syllable.  You'd want to find recordings of that.  



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After the '98 Rose Bowl there was a great exchange between Jackson and Griese when Griese got choked up and Jackson basically told him it's alright enjoy it. I think it came right after the quote mentioned aove. Still one of my most favorite moments, nothing like a Dad being proud of his son and a legend being proud for the Dad.

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If memory serves, prior to the Penn State game in 1997, Jackson had some comments about the magnitude of the matchup, and then said, "And if that doesn't whet your whistle, you're watching the wrooooooong channel."  It sticks in my head, because whatever any channel that has both Michigan & Keith Jackson is *obviously* the right channel!


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I remember in 1993, Michigan had lost a couple tough games and had to go on the road to face Penn State in their first-ever Big Ten meeting.  The media was expecting Penn State to dominate, but at one point Michigan started taking control of the game, and Jackson says something to the effect of, "A lot of people thought Penn State would win this game going away, but Michigan is Michigan.  They'll hunker down with you."  I loved that.


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And then he'd follow by saying "...No flags!"  I believe he said this a few times.  I also remember when Braylon had a long receving  touchdown against O$U in 2003 he says:  "Touchdown!  No flags.....OH WAIT THERE IS ONE!"  Ha he goofed up. I believe the TD came back due to a holding call.

Wally Llama

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In a Rose Bowl he called a UM TD on a long bomb to (I think) Tai Streets. The call "He's got it! And he's gone!" still sticks with me as much as Hello Heisman (TM).


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Great video.  Keith Jackson truly was incredible.  Unfortunately, being 16, I did not have too many chances to hear him live, but he certainly is great.


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We lost the first 3 to Penn state, which had a bye week before their game with us, for the first four years of the series.

We won the 1,000th game in Penn state history, at Happy Valley.  Highlight was stopping them 4 straight on first and goal.

Somewhere in there, he said: This is Michigan, and you'd better tend to your knitting."


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"Look around the Big House in the early morn, Keith Jackson said. Feel its emptiness. Then hunker down a while, watch the crowd fill Michigan Stadium, a sea of maize and blue washing over 92 rows of backless benches. Watch the players burst ebulliently from the tunnel. Watch the Michigan Marching Band warm up. They've got mommas and daddies as proud as if they were Big Uglies opening holes for scatbacks. Listen to them belt out ''Hail! to the conq'ring heroes!'' and get chills like those that made Jackson shiver 40 years ago on his first trip here as the University of Washington's football announcer, a half-dozen years before he went big-time at ABC Sports.

''This is no doubt my favorite place, to see four generations rise up and appreciate it, for the pageantry, the ambience,'' said Jackson, standing inside the stadium's broadcast booth before last Saturday's game against Penn State. ''Michigan has such grandiosity. It has all those all-Americans. You can't go anywhere without finding a Michigan graduate.''…


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I don't remember the exact play by play verbage, but the way he said "Tyronnnne Wheatleyyyy" is pretty epic. I'd like to see the call Jackson made on Wheatley's long touchdown run vs Washington in our (shitty) blowout loss vs Washington in '92.


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Without question, my favorite:

"And the big bowl is hummin'....'cause the home team is winnin' "

(Michigan vs. Miami (YTM), September 17, 1988, as they were going to a commercial.)