Beilein showing interest in 2013 F Gabe Levin

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@HoopDreamsmag has a feature story on 2013 6-7 F Gabe Levin, who is now receiving interest from Duke and Michigan (although the story only references Duke).  Looks like he didn't get any D1 offers in high school, so went to prep school for a year at St Thomas More. Currently committed to Hofstra (with a GW offer) but sounds like he's reopening his recruitment.

Btw, I love getting recruits who spent a year at prep school (McGary, Stauskus, Albrecht). That one year makes a huge difference in size/muscle and makes it more likely that they can contribute immediately. It leaves the player with four years of eligibility but pushes the four years back, allowing for more physical (and hopefully mental/emotional) maturity.

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Just to note, Stauskas actually went to HS out here in MA. He didn't do the post-grad prep school thing that Spike and Mitch did. I think that's important to differentiate. 

Mr. Yost

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I'm not saying they're leaving, in fact, I've said for months that both will stay.

However, the joint press conference doesn't mean anything. #1, if they both know they're leaving...why would they hold a seperate press conference? That's a waste of time.

#2 Their HS coach basically said he doesn't expect one to do one thing and the other to do something different. So if there's ever a time for a join conference, it's these two...everyone has known that they're going to make the same decision with each other.



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It's not about wasting YOUR time, or my time, or even the coaches time...if a guy feels he is ready to go to the nba and is going to leave early for the draft, that's a really big deal for him. He probably wants the day, the opportunity to have all eyes on him and give his explanation why. Just like when a  HS kid decides where he wants to go to school....Even if everyone knows where he's going, he wants his time. 


But this will be a "Glenn and I are coming back to win one more game than last year" type deal, i presume..i hope haha

Mr. Yost

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Kentucky had like 6 guys turn pro a couple of years ago and they all announced at the same time. It was their moment.

IF, and that's IF both players know what they're doing...we're not going to hold individual press conferences for each player.

I hate using the "I work in athletics admin" card, but just trust one is doing that. You're talking about pulling teammates out of class/study hall, more questions for your head coach, pissing off your media, more time commitment from your just doesn't work like that.

Unless the second guy doesn't want a press conference, if they both know now...they're going to announce their decisions together.

Again, UK, UNC, etc. do this all the time.

Mr. Yost

April 18th, 2013 at 3:18 PM ^

I'm not saying McGary and GRIII are going to do one thing or another.

I do think that because they're best friends, they're going to make the same decision to either go or come back. Just my opinion.

I also feel like because they're friends that will drive them to want to play another year with each other. If they go pro, they could be on opposite ends of the country in the matter of months.

Again, just my opinion.

That said, the press conference being a joint press conference doesn't tell us anything other than they've made a decision. Like I said, UK has guys announce all at the same time and it works out just fine for them...even when one is the #1 overall pick in the draft. This whole "every guy should get his spotlight" thinking is overblown.

Lucky Socks

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Google tells me that he plays for a prep school in MA, but I can't find anything on where he grew up.  

EDIT:  NVM, clicked on an article and he's an Oak Park, Ill native.  


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He looks solid, but not super.  He does have nice "ups" though.  I could see him as a solid contributor and decent last minute pickup for us.

He's listed as a F, so I wonder if he'd play the 3 or 4.

San Diego Mick

April 18th, 2013 at 3:05 PM ^

I wonder if Beilein is concerned of a possible transfer by someone like Bielfelt and this would be a way to offset such a loss. I really like Donnal coming in as well.

As for Levin, he finishes nicely around the basket, which is always nice, and he does jump really well and looks like a high IQ baller. Wouldn't mind a guy like this at all, looks like a legit 4 in Beilein's system.

Blue boy johnson

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If Coach B likes the kid that it might be better to get him in this season and get a year under his belt. Michigan has two scholarships open right now with Burke and Hardaway leaving
Next season Michigan is losing Morgan for sure with McGary and Robinson looking likely to leave as well and then there is the possibility of Irvin being one and done. Fun times to be a Michigan fan!


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There is absolutely no reason to bank scholarships in basketball.  If you have a guy who you think can contribute, you bring him in.  The kid looks like he could easily get minutes on this team backing up the 4 or 5.  Banking a scholarship is wasting minutes.  It's not like in football where you go 3-4 deep at every position.  Bring this kid in, let him back up for a year, then next (assuming Mcgary and Robinson leave after next year) he can probably get major minutes if he's developed.