Trey Burke Interviewed on Sportscenter - Still No Decision

Submitted by Michael Scarn on April 12th, 2013 at 2:32 PM

Trey is out in LA to receive the Wooden award and was interviewed for about 5 minutes live on Sportscenter.  Says decision and announcement will come in the next few days, and that he'll be sitting down with Beilein while they are out in Los Angeles.  Obviously a long shot that he stays, but I mean Taylor Lewan?




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I almost expected him to accidentally announce right there during that segment lol. The Sportscenter guy said they were projecting him in the top 10 and asked what he's heard and he replied that he really wont know until the draft...and he wants to announce in the next couple days to get it off his back. Don't your hopes up folks! Good to see such a classy guy go on to the next level.


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Want him to stay for selfish/M reasons, but it's time for him to fly.  Unlike Hardaway and Robinson, he doesn't have the benefit of coming from a family where his father made tens of millions of dollars playing ball.  Cash in while you can, Trey. 


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.........that Burke, along with McGary, and obviously Robinson and Hardaway, came from families where money has never been an issue for them. Maybe I'm wrong on that.

As for Burke leaving, I don't believe anyone across the country would fault him for jumping to the NBA now when his stock is as high as it is.

However, if Burke came back I just don't see his draft stock dropping at all, barring a horrendous injury, therefore I couldn't fault him for returning either.

And if he stays, you gotta think that the other three will stay.


So, to Trey, I say, Go if you must. Go if you believe you have what it takes. Go for your own reasons. You will be missed, but you will also be honored by the fans for what you have given out there on the court. We, the fans, would love to have you stay, mostly for our own selfish reasons. And if you do stay, the honor we would lavish upon you would, appropriately, rise to the level of one of the greatest UM athletes, ever. We have your back, either way you decide. And thank you for the memories of this year.


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I know he had tax problems on his house but he never seemed like the type of guy to have been dumb enough to blow through 60+million. I believe Big Dog is in good financial shape. St. John is a nice area. Never heard anything about Burke's family but even if they're comfortable and not worrying about money, there's a big difference between that and NBA/athlete money. 

Blue Mike

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Staying really makes no sense for him.  All that it does is give all the morons in the national media a year to pick apart his game; ask Matt Barkley or some other high profile star that came back for another year.  It's different for a guy like Taylor, since he isn't as visible and there isn't a lot to pick apart.

Blue Mike

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Except that he threw a bunch of interceptions by trying to force the ball, and now the knock on him is that he doesn't have NFL arm strength, he doesn't read the field well, and forces the ball.  Didn't seem to bother anyone last year when he was thought he was the #1 overall pick.



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As has been said, there is no way Trey will ever be higher on a draft board than he is now. If he declares he will be a millionaire, follow his dream, and have nothing missing from his college career. If I were advising him on his best interests I would tell him to go.

But you've all had the same secret fantasy I've had. It looks something like this:

McGary, Robinson, Hardaway, and Burke announce a joint presser. The board blows up in despair-they're all leaving, Basketball has to rebuild next year. The conference starts.

McGary: "I'm coming back to Michigan to win a national championship."

Robinson:" I'm coming back to Michigan to win a national championship."

Hardaway: "I'm coming back to Michigan to win a national championship."

Burke: "I'm coming back to Michigan to win a national championship."

We're all secretly hoping. Won't happen, but we hope.


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Pretty sure Trey can see the writing on the wall.  Spike has made his claim to be the starting PG and I don't see him giving that up any time soon.  Why bust your butt for minutes here when he can be handed the keys to the Pelicans?

True Blue Grit

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But if Burke and the others all DO come back, next year's team will arguably be the most talented roster from top to bottom Michigan has ever had.  Outright B10 title at a minimum and maybe much more. 


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I love Trey Burke, and am happy for him. There are many reasons for him to go on to the NBA. I don't want him to stay at Michigan.

Having said that, money isn't everything. If Trey really likes Beilein, if he really likes being at Michigan, if he loves his teammates, if his parents aren't hurting financially, if he is doing ok in school, if he isn't a Derrick Rose level talent, he could stay.

I rarely speculate on Trey's spiritual life (although his tattoos and comments here and there make it obvious that this is important to him.) But here's the thing. If Trey is that well grounded spiritually, he knows that money won't bring him happiness. The benefits of doing something he enjoys doing, and having the opportunity to go out on top, is pretty cool. As has been said, 2nd place isn't remembered quite the same as first place.

In the end, I still expect Trey to go, but I would not be shocked if he stayed. And if the whole team stays, I think they would have what it takes to compete with anyone next year:  win the Big 10 title outright, win the Big 10 Tournament, make a deep run and potentially win the NCAA tournament. Shoot, they could potentially do that without Burke, but with him? That would be incredible.

The reality is, so many people who go on to the NBA never succeed or amount to more than role players. Burke is the man right now, but would he be the man in the NBA? I know there's a place for him, but I don't know that there's superstardom.


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 Sorry I don't think it's good advice to tell him to stay in school when this year he is potentially the number pick in the draft. I'm not sure if millions of dollars can or can't buy me happiness but i'm willing to give it a shot.


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Aaaaand now I get my hopes up, only to be even more crushed when he decides to leave. If he does stay (BIG "if"), I don't think anyone else will leave. Imagine this year's team, but with more experience, 2 additional top-50 recruits, a polished Mitch McGary for conference season, and they don't have to play the 3 best players in the conference not named Trey Burke.



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I think getting to the championship makes him more likely to stay than if they lost in the first weekend. He got soooo close that it has to be making him think "what if...". That said, the chances are still slim. Maybe 1% instead of .1%.

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I watched it and I got the assumption that there's a chance he will stay and that he hasn't made his mind up yet. I know last year he wanted to talk to his teammates to see what they thought and get their maybe they all get together and decide to all come back? Wishful thinking I know

Blue since 82

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I will admit that I haven't looked at the numbers, but do we have enough scholarship space to keep everyone?

Or is this assuming that if he stays people would transfer?

Again, would be shocked if he stayed...


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Go do your thing Trey. You've given us magical season and swept all the player awards. Make your money, secure your family and strike while the iron is hot.

Don't give the naysayers any reasons to doubt because unless you sweep all the player awards next season those people will try to bring you down a rung or ten.


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In his post-game comments following the last game Trey talked about his relationship with Beilein. It seemed clear that he has learned a lot and understands now what Beilein was trying to teach him. It sounded like what was once a source of frustration has turned into a strength and he said he would always love JB. All this is to say only that Trey will make sure his decision is sound, he loves his coach and teammates in a way he didn't last year. I think he will leave but I respect the hell out of his maturity and thoughtfulness.


April 13th, 2013 at 1:56 AM ^

I agree that he wll probably go pro, but I'd hate to see it. I have a hard time watching pro ball these days. The pro game hasn't appealed to me for many years -- it just seems not nearly as passionate as the college game. I can't put my finger on all the reasons.

One could argue the same for football (I prefer college football over pro by a factor of ten), but the "yuck factor" differences in basketball from one level to the next seem more pronounced.

So, while it may not be the best decision from a monetary standpoint, I'd like to see Trey come back and enjoy college while he can.