Burke, Beilein and the Bigger Picture

Submitted by inthebluelot on April 8th, 2013 at 11:59 PM
As an escape from negative feelings about the result of tonight's game, lets make no mistake about the significance of the moment. Michigan Basketball is back and John Beilein is one hell if a coach and steward for the University of Michigan. Hail to all of the young men who had a part in allowing we the fans the opportunity to enjoy this game tonight. Go Blue!


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I'm surprised anyone even cared about this game.... No one in your crummy state even watched UM basketball for a decade plus. Hell, you toothless bastards probably couldn't name 3 guys on the team until this year.


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               has been poor from an otherwise excellent coaching staff.  They have to foul faster, it can't take 8 seconds to burn a foul and get into the bonus.  And you can't put 2 guys with 4 fouls out there to give the second foul.  I love the coaching staff an all, but this is a recurring problem that I find baffling.


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Great season. Great team. I'll always remember these guys and the run they took us on. And Trey Burke's incredible will. All the guys left everything out there tonight and we can't do anything but thank them.

Did anyone else feel CBS ripping of John Beilein was totally unwarranted though? Maybe I'm in the minority but I believe he made the right decision.


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You never know.... If I remember correctly, Burke said that winning a national championship would make his decision much easier. I think winning tonight would have given him some closure. But being so close to winning it all and coming up just short may just put a chip on his shoulder. I'm not saying that he will or even should come back, but just maybe......

Wally Llama

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...but I really only see Burke as the only sure-fire NBA guy on this team. Hardaway will get there, but another year of seasoning would help him out. GRIII is athletic, but seems to score mostly on the business end of an alley-opp or an Oreb. McGary's a great story, but he's had 5 great games in his college career.

Additionally for THJ & GRIII, NBA money's not nearly as big of an issue since they were born into NBA money already. Momma don't need a new house.

Still, even if these guys all come back, missing Burke will create huge problems for this team next year. Spike was tremendous in the first half and has certainly had his moments, but no one made this offense go the way Burke did. Spike has scored well at times, but I haven't seen him run the offense and get the other four on the floor involved the way a point guard needs to.

I hope I'm wrong, but I see Burke as the only one leaving but the team still taking a step backwards.


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The growth and development of this team thoughout the year and particularly in the big dance proves to me that we're just getting into the exciting years. In typical fashion with teams near the top, we might struggle to actually close the deal but I suspect it drops sooner ot later.  This was a magical run but we could easily have another in a year or two as Albrecht, Stauskas, GRIII, LeVert, and McGary continue to develop.

We're going to lose some guys to the NBA along the way, but we'll keep restocking. It's the problem you want to have. Beilein has now truly proved himself to be the kind of coach who can recruit and develop the kids with the talent, character, and academics to proudly represent the University of Michigan on the national stage. No reason to believe that's going to stop now.

Michigan Basketball is not "back".  There is no back until more banners are earned and even then it only lasts for a moment.  You always have to keep climbing just to stay in place. But I don't think we could have a much better coach, or man, leading the way.

Thanks Robinson, Albrecht, Burke, McGary, Akunne, Hardaway, Stauskas, Vogrich, Horford, Bartelstein, McLimans, LeVert, Person, Bielfeldt, and Morgan for an incredible season!  Happy Trails and best wishes to all who move on!  As for the rest of you, Those Who Stay Will Be Champions.

Go Blue!


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I know some people have mentioned this, but don't we have a top-notch recruiting class coming in with practically two Mr. Basketballs on it? Look at what we did with THIS freshman class! If even a good chunk of them stay, with our new freshmen, we'll be WONDERFUL! Don't sleep on Caris either! Beilein has gone out of his way to say how good he is and I believe we can all agree on his talent scouting abilities. I'm not worried. Good things loom. Go Blue!



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yeah the recruiting class is great and we could have a better team next year but it takes a lot of luck to get to the championship game, so who knows when well get this far again. could be next year, could be 25 years from now


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On a positive note, Burke said winning the championship would make it easier to leave, so having lost we gain a few % points and maybe he'll pull a Lewan.  Basketball careers last a lot longer than football ones so its not like he needs to get there in a hurry.

Cold War

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Obviously the program is in a better place, but there's a bit of lightning-in-a-bottle to this season. No one ever expected Burke to develop into the POY when he came here, including the staff. If he alone leaves, we'll still be very good, but not a favorite to win it all.

It's nice to have two excellent freshmen coming in, but they don't replace Burke, and certainly not Burke plus. We'd have a shot at being top 20, but not elite.