OSU offers Cass Tech sophomores Weber and Alabi

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Well, it looks like Meyer is not stopping at Webb and is now going after sophomores Weber and Alabi.  One the one hand as a player to get offered by OSU you have to be psyched, on the other hand it's a little frustrating to see kids from one of our pipeline schools considering our arch rival.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news if you hadn't heard.  Don't slam me for sharing the info.  Here's the link, although I think it's paywalled.




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Well I mean it's not like UM doesn't offer Glenville kids just because it's a OSU pipeline. Or was, haven't heard much about Glenville in awhile but you get the point.


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That's good.  It's means the guys we have in our state are legit if other schools are offering them and Meyer has only gotten one Michigan guy through two years of being coach.  Most guys in our state go to Michigan now that hoke is at the helm.


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This doesn't bother me. We've been offering ohio high school players in large numbers for years. If anything this suggests that the state of Michigan is starting to produce more D-1 talent than it has historically, which is a good thing for our program..


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I agree that it's a great sign that we have highly rated talent if OSU is offering them.  But, I'm not yet sold that Meyer won't get his fare share of them.  He's already got the most highly regarded guy out of Cass Tech I can remember (Webb) in the past few years and it looks like he has a decent chance at these two.  So, I guess time will tell if Hoke can hold onto the best ones or if Meyer can take his share of them.  Regardless, I'm not here to argue a point...I just wanted to share some information I thought the board would be interested in knowing.


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You'd have to be pretty naive not to. A coach with multiple national titles beats Hoke twice in a row, probably plays in the Rose Bowl as a result. It's not hard seeing this turn into a nightmare in a hurry.

Perkis-Size Me

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If anything, this just goes to show that Michigan is offering some quality D-I talent. If Meyer wants to offer them, fine. We've been offering and signing Ohio kids for decades. Meyer's going to get his guys, and we're going to get ours.


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Random Recruit:

"I'm really excited to receive an offer from...[insert name of university here]. It would be a real privilege to play under Coach...[whoever]. I've always been a fan of [insert name of university here] and I feel blessed and excited. Academics will be a huge factor for me and I know from speaking to Coach [whoever] that [insert name of university here] that a real focus for the team is education. I was so excited to meet Coach [whoever] when I got the offer and while I don't really have a top list I know that they will be one of my top schools. If everything comes together then I hope to be able to take an unofficial with my parents in the coming months. 


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Why are you so surprised and appalled, OP? They're good players and good players get offers. Doesn't matter what high school they play at.