What did you do when Trey hit The Shot and/or when the KU game ended?

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I wasn't able to take part in the MgoCelebration this weekend, but I don't want to be done enjoying what happened.  So, what did you do when Trey hit The Shot or when Michigan beat Kansas?  I let out an "Ooooooohhhhhhhh!" when Trey sunk the three, and I stared in disbelief at the TV when the game ended and then jumped around in a circle for a good thirty seconds.   That will be one of my favorite sports memories for the rest of my life, I have to think. 



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Like probably many people here, I had been standing between the family room sofa and the TV for a good ten minutes at that point, taking an occasional drink of whatever was in front of me. As Michigan edged closer, I sat back down in front of MGoBlog and the TV and thought, "Interesting....". When Trey hit "The Shot", I did about 10-15 laps around the sofa, shouting "HELL YEAH!" (at a somewhat subdued volume, because we live in a one-story ranch with good acoustics - also, the kids were asleep), knocking over my drink in the process. Of course, I did not clean up the spill until after OT, so much to my wife's dismay, the family room still smells a bit like Guinness. 


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Watching the game with my best friend who happens to be a huge Kansas fan (loser). I put my hands up in the air and asked him if Burke just put his balls all over Kansas' face. Because he said earlier that's what Mclemore would do to Burke (idiot). He started drinking double shots the rest of the night and I went home to get my own Victory V from girlfriend (winner).


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I  had promised the GF that I'd go on a "Critical Mass" 15 mile bike ride that started at 7 Phoenix time.  When there was around 10 minutes left in the game, she asked if it would interfere with the game and I said, no, not unless there is an overtime and the chances of that are less than 1 percent.  Well, sure as shit, Burke hit the shot to force OT.  I sat on the couch and laughed.  She had a look of concern that her plans were ruined.   I then had two options - break plans with the significant other to continue watching the OT or go on the ride. 

10 years ago, I was watching the finish.  But well, I'm 34 and I know where my bread is buttered.  I set the DVR, went on the ride, but was constantly checking my phone for updates and was panicked when there were no updates during what turned out to be the clock review at the end of OT.  For some reason my head was thinking Kansas nailed a buzzer beater and they are checking to see if it was on time......phew. 

Immediately watched the OT (knowing the result) when I got home a few hours later.  It was glorious. 


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Double post. 


I think Beilein has changed the tide on party food. Hell people who like ribs are starting to eat subs. Never in a million years I would have thought that. Pre-ordering from Jimmy John's is a good start. 

All Aboard

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I was actually very calm the entire time. My buddies were freaking out the whole 2nd half, I just kept saying.."play the foul game and chip away. Get a stop and a bucket and this will be close in no time."

Before I knew it we were down 3 and Trey hit that shot. I couldn't believe it and was at a complete loss of words. My first concern was the time left on the clock. Once it went to OT, I knew it was over. Trey made sure of that.

Once the game ended, I went on my buddies' porch on Greenwood and watched a handful of strangers go apeshit; hugging, screaming, and chest-bumping. It was fun.

Bill the Butcher

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I was at a bar and did 3 goggles to the State fans who were hating the whole game and cheering harder for kansas in the last two minutes than they were for the first 2 minutes of the state game (which was on)

The FannMan

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I said "Oh my God!"  It was kind of loud, but not very.  I was simply too stunned to scream.  My wife asked what happened.  I told her "Trey Burke just hit a three pointer from the parking lot!  It's tied."  I repeated the phrase "from the parking lot" several times.

The wife watched the replay.  I then kicked her out of the living room for overtime since she wasn't in the room at all for the come back.  Obviously, the alignment of all things needed to be maintained in order for the team to win.  I know that I am right about this becuase we won.  It's science.


April 1st, 2013 at 12:56 PM ^

you did the right thing. my wife was required to remain in the fetal position she had assumed at about the 5 minute mark. i had started cooking dinner (by which i mean i was staring at the tv from the kitchen and scrambling to make sure things weren't burning during commercials) around that time, so i had to continue cooking through overtime. ended up with 2 more courses than i was planning.


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My wife fell asleep on the couch and my screaming woke her up. She turned around for a second then decided that she needed to lay in the same position for us to complete the win. Everyone understands this science.

Blue and Joe

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Jumped out of my seat and kept repeating "holy shit!" like a madman. My girlfriend, an OSU alum who doesn't care about basketball, says "holy fuck I can't believe that went in!"


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wife and i both screamed and jumped around loud enough that the cat hunkered under a chair in the corner for the next hour utterly terrified. so... the usual.


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Caught my daughter who leapt in the air with joy. She is headed to college next year, but we will both remember these moments of pure joy for many years to come.


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I was watching the game in the vain (lololol) hope that we'd do something to make it respectable in the last 3 minutes.  In between stoppages in play I was distractedly carrying on a chat with a former coworker on Facebook who's a Buckeye but was cheering for us out out of conference pride.  She was trying to buoy my spirits and point out that anything can happen.  I pointed out that Kansas' size was a bad matchup for us but them's the breaks.  Trey does Trey things and I watch overtime with buoyed enthusiam and finally exhale when Tharpe's 3 goes awry.  Afterwards? I carry on as normal except that I'm yelling WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! at random intervals because I just can't control myself.  Theresa (my Facebook friend) is also happy for me and afterwards teases me that *she's* the one who had faith in the team.

That was very (and characteristically) classy on her part but I couldn't bring myself to tell her that I couldn't reciprocate her bonhomie and was in fact rooting for Arizona and/or Wichita State with all my heart to beat Ohio. 

But.... never fear. Because I'm such a magnanimous and classy guy I did refrain from writing LOLOL SUCK IT O$U SUCKEYES on her Facebook page. 


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I started jumping up and down and screaming "HE DID IT" over and over. My voice cracked and never quite went back to it's normal tone, so I kind of sounded like a little girl at a Justin Beiber concert.


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Screamed "Trey f'ing Burke" a number of times and ran around my living room.  May have sent a Kansas fan buddy a rude text message.  It was kind of a blur. 


April 1st, 2013 at 12:56 PM ^

Yellled like a schoolboy then realized that we had overtime.. Which at that point, was a great thing...


I believed the yell was GO FUCKING BLUE.. FUCK YEAH


April 1st, 2013 at 12:57 PM ^

I was in pure shock. I just stared at the screen for about 10 seconds not being able to say anything. I could not believe what I had just witnessed. That progressed into screaming until about the start of overtime. Then in overtime, once Johnson threw that pass back I started screaming again for about 10 minutes.


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Geek squad installed my new 120" projector 2 hours prior to game time. When the shot went in, I jumped about as high as I can jump and cracked my head off of the projector. This knocked the focus off and only half of the game was projecting onto the screen. After googling how to adjust it, we had it back in focus in time for OT.


April 1st, 2013 at 1:01 PM ^

I cried. I was so overwhelmed from preparing myself to handle a brutal loss (Wisconsin, Indiana) that when that didn't happen, when we actually WON a game like that, I just broke down.


Then I watched Sportscenter for three hours just to get highlights. 


I have a problem. 


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My 87 year old Grandma (who was a HUGE sports fan and knew every stat possible) had just passed away, and earlier that day we had the visitation. So after we all went to the Red Robin in Ann Arbor in our dress clothes and everything. There were Michigan fans everywhere it was a great scene. When Trey hit the shot, the place went CRAZY and pretty much everybody in my family started crying. Very emotional day, with a great ending.


April 1st, 2013 at 1:08 PM ^

Truck stop on my way to Gatlinburg, TN. My Fiancee was driving so i could watch the game on my iphone, but when it started getting close to the end she wanted to watch so we were watching it in the car at a truck stop on my phone screaming and high fiving eachother and then some more screaming. I could only imagine what all of he people around us were thinking haha. "Them crazy bastards"


April 1st, 2013 at 1:10 PM ^

ran laps around the house, high fived my fiancee after every lap. then thought about not watching the last 6 seconds of regulation but decided to. clank. whew. 


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I was sitting there in my bedroom. I turned the volume down to where I could just barely hear it. To be completely honest, I was tired of listening to the KU fans go crazy every time they dunked the ball on our face.

Started reading the blog, catching up on some other internet things, not turning completely away from the game but not staring at the TV like earlier in the game.

We start to make a few buckets, things are getting close so I'm staring at the TV again just thinking if we can get it down to one possession maybe, just maybe, we can get lucky and they can miss some free throws.

I thought the miracle shot or at least a shot would come when Johnson was shooting his first set of 1 and 1's. I was thinking he was going to brick it and Trey was going to burry a three. Obviously that's not how it happend but Trey was able to score a quick 2 to get us right back into the same position.

This time it happened. Johnson bricks the first free throw. Now I never said anything about Trey pulling up from 30 feet. Just thought he was going to hit one.

Wow! I just sat there and looking at the TV with a smile on my face. As soon as the game cut to commerical I instantly backed up the DVR and watched the shot 2 or 3 more times. I honestly felt we were going to win after that.

When we won I got up and jumped around like a little kid. Seriously just jumped around with my arms in the air. Instantly jumped on the blog and twitter to see the world abuzz at not only Trey's shot but the fact that we actually came back and won the game.

Amazing night! I will never forget it.


April 1st, 2013 at 1:14 PM ^

Stuck in a hotel room with the wife and our five year old, who was asleep, so I had to keep quiet. I'm amazed I was able to do so. But I was in such shock that I don't know what I'd have done anyway.

After he hit it, though, I completely expected another Death To Backboards moment and when  Kansas didn't score I was honestly surprised.

Then I spent the whole overtime and the UF/FGCU game laughing quietly like an idiot.

Avant's Hands

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My legs were shaking during that whole sequence so jumping around wasn't really an option for me. I could barely make my hands work enough to respond to any of the texts that were blowing up my phone. All I could think of after that was Ben Brust and I spent the next 4 seconds of game time nervous as hell. 

Then the OT shot hit the backboard and I had a momentary Death to Backboards moment where I stopped breathing. By the end of the game I was pretty much a puddle on the couch. Basketball is not my sport.


April 1st, 2013 at 1:20 PM ^

I was sitting on the couch, playing the tape back. I actually wasn't agitated at all, because M had been trailing by a decent margin for most of the game and looked like the weaker team: losing doesn't hurt as much when you expect to lose. So when M started to close the gap at the end I was thinking "ok, cool, maybe we can make this interesting." It was sort of like the MSU football game in 2009 when the team got pushed around all day only to come up with two TDs at the end and send it to OT.

Anyway, I still wasn't that worked up even when M had a chance to tie. When Burke shot the ball, I thought "oh crap, I hate it when they jack up these hopeless shots when there's still time on the clock...oh cool, it went in! Ok, I can't make fun of OSU anymore for pulling 3s out of their ass".


April 1st, 2013 at 1:27 PM ^

Loved reading everyone's experiences. 


I had gone to the same bar that I had randomly and accidentally ended up at for the VCU game. After that performance I had to go back for the Kansas game. So my bro and 2 buddies met me there (same group from vcu game, I mean, come one, we can't screw this up). 

Except friday nights it turns out they play country music at this bar, and I could not talk the bartender into putting the sound for the game on like it was the previous saturday. 

Debated leaving, but alas decided to stay. Had gotten a pretty good "end of season" drunk on by the last couple minutes. Told bartender to bring my last beer and close out my tab. Signed my tab, started slamming beer as Kansas missed free throw with 12 secs left. Stopped slamming beer, and exclaimed out loud for whole bar to hear "I know you are going to take a 30 foot step back jumper Trey, and fergodsakes you better hit it!!!".... When it went in all I could do was yell OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH as I walked around bar in circles with my hands over my head in disbelief. Being that I'm in milwaukee at a country western bar most people just stared at me awkwardly and laughed. My boys were all going crazy with me (and they're not even M fans, which is awesome)

After the game had ended I exclaimed in inexplicable joy that I would buy a round for the whole bar. Thankfully, our waitress didn't hear me. My buddies, knowing I was drunk on liquor and euphoria, quickly got me out of the bar before I could attempt to buy the whole place a drink again. (Apparently I was trying to) - but not before I offered the owner of the bar $300 to open up for us on Easter sunday to watch the game. They said no. This was a mistake on their part. 

After that it gets cloudy but the next morning I had losing tickets from gambling on grehounds and australian chariot racing at the local indian casino.(Um, what?!?!?) My buddies tell me I had quite the time at the casino. When they expect me to thank them for not letting me buy the bar a round, I quickly do the math and figure that would have been better off than dragging my drunk euphoric ass to the casino. Ah well, it was all worth it!!!

I'll remember this team forever no matter how it ends up. Here's to that being with the team hoisting a trophy on Monday!

Jehu the Damaja

April 1st, 2013 at 2:02 PM ^

I went fucking bananas, man. Along with every one else in Jerryworld. Jumping around high fiving everyone and then I turned around and yelled out 5 MORE MINUTES BABY!! To the Kansas fans sitting there in disbelief. The mood inside that stadium had shifted greatly in our favor over the last few minutes and we had all the confidence in the world we were not leaving that stadium without a victory. You could see it on the kids' faces as they scratched and clawed their way back. They knew right then it was over before overtime had even started. The looks on their faces and their whole demeanor changing through the course of those last 2 frantic minutes. From ready to celebrate to utter shock and a newfound hatred of Trey Burke, the Kansas folks were gracious in defeat, even if they chalked it up to blowing the game more than is winning it, either way the shits still had to fall, and they did. It was truly one of the greatest sporting events I have ever witnessed, along with the Henne to Manningham game haunts Penn St and the Lions coming back from 24-3 to beat the Cowbioys 2 years ago. I will never forget this weekend. Ever


April 1st, 2013 at 1:50 PM ^

The name "Trey Burke" is going to make Kansas fans cringe like "Braylon" does for Sparty fans.

All I have to say to my Sparty buddies is "Braylon" and they about have a full out mental breakdown.


April 1st, 2013 at 1:54 PM ^

Watched the game at a sports bar in Brooklyn.  Plenty of Michigan fans there and most impartial patrons seemed to be pulling for the underdog/comeback (except for the dour group of Spartans in the back).  When the free throw missed, there was an audible and building "oooOOOAAAAHHHH" as Burke brought the ball up the court and everyone anticipated the shot at tying the game.  When he pulled up from 30 and drained it, absolute bedlam and lots of beer in the air.  Remember all the reaction videos of Landon Donovan's World Cup goal that made the rounds?  Almost like that (again, the dour Spartan fans buzzkilling).  I don't remember the thought process (probably because there wasn't one) but I was standing on my barstool whooping it up, fist pumping the air and grabbing at the "MICHIGAN" text on my shirt.  One of those unbridled moments where you remember why you devote so many hours and dollars to following sports and it all seems so worth it.

Many more rounds (and shots) followed.


April 1st, 2013 at 1:58 PM ^

I'm not usually superstitious, but there have been 2 occaisions I couldn't fight it.

The first was the UM-MSU game a few years back. I went upstairs in the middle of a party because I didn't want to offend any of my ridiculous OSU homer friends who were laughing at us losing. Moments after I went upstairs the comeback began. Each time we scored I ran to the stairs and high fived my one UM buddy who was over. Then back to my room to watch the game.

Throughout the end of the season I started to notice a trend where really good things would happen when I watched the games holding both of my newborn twins. I picked up both twins right before Burke stole the ball at the end of the MSU game. I gave one of the twins to my wife to feed for the last minute of the Indiana game. I held both of them for the whole VCU game, and only had the baby girl through the first half of the Kansas game. I went and grabbed baby boy, and next thing you knew the comeback was on.

When burke made that shot, I coudlnt help by scream, and though I tried to keep it on the inside, baby girl was startled, and woke up screaming. The wife made me give baby girl to her so the other one wouldn't wake up - but promised not to take her away from the TV.

I watched the whole Florida game with both twins.

My wife has already told me that if I keep them up next week that its all on me when they start screaming and wont sleep all night. I told the boss this morning if we win Saturday, I'm taking tuesday off. I may not sleep all night monday - but it would be worth it.


April 1st, 2013 at 2:11 PM ^

I was drinking a lot to drown my sorrows, then we hit the shot and my buddies at the pregame dogpiled on me (as the only michigan fan there), then I drank a lot because we won.  Needless to say, I got really really drunk. 

Perkis-Size Me

April 1st, 2013 at 2:17 PM ^

I went completely nuts. Like absolutely batshit crazy. That's the kind of comeback and miracle shot you see maybe once every 5-10 years, if that.

But all that went through my mind 10 seconds after the shot was the fact that there were 4 seconds left on the clock. I immediately had nightmare scenarios running through my head of another Wisconsin-esque buzzer beater that would rip the collective heart of Michigan nation out yet again.


April 1st, 2013 at 2:17 PM ^

But I somehow really expected the ball to go in... Once they missed the back end free throw I really thought we were going to tie it up....my wife and my boy (7) and girl (5) all went crazy running around the living room for a couple minutes. This was really great since these will be some of our earliest UM memories together.

I don't even remember the OT and how we won...it was a blur after the shot.


April 1st, 2013 at 2:20 PM ^

that i had to keep quiet.   they were watching the game over my shoulder on the computer and when burke hit his miracle shot, the 3 of them (15, 12, 9) went bananas and were going to wake up the 4 younger ones who were already in bed.   all of them played hoops this year, the oldest losing the state championship in a heart-breaking double OT game, and of course all of our children ridiculous michigan fans.   they dug that shot and they won't be forgetting that one anytime soon, or ever.   

and to echo our 4 yr olds' favorite saying, in addressing the orangemen, 'don't laugh, you're next!'