oklahoma pursuing jerry montgomery

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According to the michigan board on espn, oklahoma is pursuing jerry montgomery to fill their vacant defensive line coaching spot.  Although going from Michigan to Oklahoma to take the same position seems like a step down, I could definitely see Montgomery taking an offer from Oklahoma considering Michigan basically has two other defensive line coaches with Hoke and Mattison.  Going to Oklahoma would allow him to independently coach his own position group, and would likely come with a pay raise.  If Dave Brandon is smart, he will counter an Oklahoma offer and lock up Montgomery, whom I believe is next in line for defensive coordinator when Mattison retires.  Thoughts?



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Even if it is a lateral move, there's benefits beyond what you listed. If he's trying to advance to a DC/HC job, it would be better for him to prove he can do a good job in situations.

I mean look at Mattison. He coached DL at 3 different smaller schools before before offered DC at Western, then he went back to coaching DL at "bigger" schools before being offered DC at Michigan


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But in three years is your résumé gonna look better with an OU d line that gets shredded by the big12 offenses like wvu, Okst, Ttech, Baylor, etc or with a nice stout run stopping d line a um that gets to sink its teeth into straight ahead plodders like wisc, Iowa, MSU, and the like.


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Montgomery's definitely a rising star.  It helps to have a young guy like him to recruit.  If you look at his bio, he went to high school in Nevada and college in Iowa, so dealing with Oklahoma weather and culture is probably not as big a stretch for him as moving to Michigan was.   http://www.mgoblue.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/jerry_montgomery_744092.html

As far as salary, the cost of living is lower in Oklahoma than Michigan, so if money is what would lure him, it would be tough for Michigan to keep pace, since as someone has already posted, OK was already paying most of its position coaches 20% more than Michigan pays to start with.


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Hope he stays as he is apparently quite strong, but Hoke & Mattison can readily attract another rising star.

With their involvement on DL, they can also focus the hiring on a recruiting whiz instead of just a DL expert to quickly fill Jerry's recruiting responsibilities.


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Michigan is a big business and makes more than enough money to pay the man or at least keep him and dont let him go unless you are positve you have somebody better to replace him.    


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Honestly the continuity of this coaching staff so far has been pretty impressive.  For how well they have managed to turn things around (especially on defense) it shouldn't be a surprise that teams are starting to poach our assistants.  Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it kind of rare for a coaching staff to stay 100% intact for a full 3 years?


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Hear former Oklahoma defensive line coach Jackie Shipp has a number of interviews. Could land an FBS spot within days… will update
2/21/13 11:47 AM


Hearing Michigan DL coach Jerry Montgomery is a guy Bob & Mike Stoops are strongly considering.... will update
2/21/13 12:31 PM

So there goes my "don't worry about it guys" statement from above. Love to hear what Hoke and Brandon are doing to keep him because I honestly believe he is one of the best coaches we have (with all due respect to the other coaches).


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Maybe someone should sent him to Lloyd Carr and have him tell the story about his flirtation with an assistant job at South Bend and Bo's reaction. 

State Street

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With all due respect to Brady Hoke, by God he's earned it, the opportunity to latch on to that Bob Stoops coaching tree might be too attractive a move to pass up.  Should be interesting to see how this shakes out.


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Make no mistake, losing Montgomery would be a huge blow to our efforts on the recrutiing trail. He is quite possibly the single most effective recruiter on our coaching staff. We're about to find out just how important winning and remaining competitive with the rest of the top tier programs in college football is to Dave Brandon. Whatever salary that Montgomery is offered must be matched. We spend far too much on non revenue sports (indoor rowing facility) to not be willing to pay to keep our best football coaches.


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A lot of money will be spent on the "non-revenue sports" in the next decade.

What I was trying to say is, if we let Montgomery leave because we refuse to pay him what OU is offering than the blame should fall on DB. In order to be an elite football program, we can't go back and pay the assistant coaches like we did during the Carr/RR era.


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If Oklahoma is done, Michigan has been a rotting corpse for decades now my friend. We'd love to have this guy though. Rumor is we'll throw 100k at him and give the entire DL.
Combine that with a %20 less cost of living over here and y'all Yanks better call up that old money.


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Calm down Nancy. We've averaged over 10 wins a season for 13yrs now and we are a blue blood football program also.
They'll be no comparing of program dik sizes here. We're quite comfortable with ourselves down here. Now if what you say is true then you'll have no problem matching OUr offer right? So why so hostile. Is this what ppl call Michigan mad?


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Yeah....I mean we would be giving him a raise of 100k.
It's kinda funny some of you don't realize OU is as big as a program as Michigan. Also, here football is the priority sport. Soo....yeah. Like I said call up that old money.
May the least tightest purse strings win.