Ohio spreading Hoke NFL rumors

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http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/barrier_noentry.asp?ReturnTo=&sid=… ($$$) No idea what Jabrill is reading but according to him, “I grew up a Michigan fan,” Peppers said. “I always liked the tradition from Mario Manningham to Mike Hart and all of those guys. The only thing that hurts Michigan at the moment is the coaching stability. I heard Coach Hoke has a lot of offers from the NFL on the table. I know I’m not going to go to a college because of a coach but if a head coach leaves they go into a whole new system and there is a new group of guys I would have to get used to and it just makes the process much more difficult.” It seems as these are stemming from Ohio bit Jabrill claims it is his own research.



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Can't imagine he would be any happier in the league..


The man lives and loves UM football.  Have to believe he will stay as long as he is welcome.


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The difference being that Brian Kelly actually did have an interview with an NFL team, no?

If other schools are going to use that to try and negative recruit ND, it's a dick move, but it's still Kelly kind of screwing himself to a certain extent.

Brady Hoke to the NFL is a completely baseless fabrication.


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Is the one who is going to get temptations in the next couple of years, with some success at osu you can bet that teams with openings probably happening in the near future will be calling him....I can think of USC, Texas, maybe LSU as soon as they get tired of Les screwing something up every year. Also if chip Kelly has success, you can bet some NFL team will talk to urban, I say no more than 5 years and he is a goner.


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Doubtful.  Texas and USC are lateral moves from OSU and LSU is a step down.  Maybe he goes to the NFL, but I would think if he had interest in that he could have written his ticket after he won his 2nd NC.

Fact is, he's from Ohio and is an OSU grad.  Chances of him leaving in the next 5 years are pretty slim.  Outside of Michigan, nobody is even close to OSU in talent which means he'll win at least 10 games every year.


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Might be on par as a program to those schools but Austin and LA are a helluva lot better than Columbus. When urban finds out he can't do some of the sleaze-ball things consistently in the B1G as he could in the SEC, he will head that direction again or a school like I mentioned. He will be at Ohio for no more than 5-6 years. I just don't see him sticking around...the NFL will be more realistic now than after his 2nd title due to the NFL risking it with chip Kelly, if he is successful, an NFL team will look for the next "chip Kelly" type. Plus, urbs didn't graduate from Ohio, he was an assistant years back...


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May be a step down, although if it is, not by much, it is SEC and can reel in the same, probably more talent than Ohio, granted, I still look at Texas and USC being gigs urban would look into, USC is nowhere near a lateral move compared to Ohio. USC is probably one of the best jobs in America...


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I'd be much more than a little surprised if Hoke left for the NFL.  Virtually every action Hoke has taken and every word he has spoken drips with his love of Michigan and the position he is in as the head coach of it.

Hoke bolting to the NFL would actually be more shocking to me than Meyer calling a press conference at which he pulls off a mask and reveals he is actually a green faced Martian whose love of the game of football drove him to fly to Earth and impersonate a human so that Meyer could fulfill his wish of being a collegiate coach.  


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Hoke will take a NFL job in California (looking at you Raiders) and then quit immediately, Brandon will re-hire on the spot and the Hoke will actually walk all the way to Ann Arbor just to said, "I told you we would walk to Michigan."


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Urban has long been thought to be a possible NFL departure. (see link below)

Urban has a long history of leaving when the going gets tough--as well as lying about his intentions (ex: telling recuits he would not leave Fla, then leaving, then coming back and telling recruits he would stay, then leaving again).

Urban may feel motivated to leave because he took the Ohio job without knowing the extent of Ohio's NCAA penalties.  Did Ohio falsely reassure him that there would be no bowl ban or schoarship restrictions?

And what if Ohio's NCAA violations resurface?. Many believe that Ohio's  problems did not suddenly vanish overnight with Tressel's departure If half a dozen players were found to be taking illegal money in the last few years, how many others were also?  Does anyone seriously believe that none of Tressel's former players are still on the take?

Clearly, Urban is a much higher flight risk and for many reasons. 

The UM coaching situation--with mutiple career-long commitments--is as stable as it can get.




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I think I remember reading that OSU gave Meyer an out in his contract if previous violations resurfaced.  Obviously, OSU is not going to do that unless they feel confident there is not another shoe to drop.  Add to that the fact the NCAA and every major sports outlet went through their program with a fine tooth comb and couldn't find anything other than some tats and pocket change from charity events.


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If Hoke has interviewed for a job or if teams have offered or even talked about offering, ESPN would be all over it. There is no way this loser would be breaking the story first...


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but it is scary that a recruit would actually believe this...Ohio must be doing a full court press!  There is probably not one other coach in the major D-1 is LESS of a flight risk than Hoke.  Time to start the Urban to the Hospital or Urban to the NFL meme.


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Urban must be shaking in his boots about Peppers coming Herr of he would go to such lengths.. When peppers visits he will see coach Hoke isn't going anywhere, this is his dream job. Urban really is a fucking serpent.


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Hoke is more Pure Michigan than those T.V. ads. This is total hokum in my opinion. Brady Hoke is as entrenched as any coach in the Top 25. Would anyone be surprised if Saban or Meyer, or Brian Kelly jumped to another school or the NFL? Nope. Is Hoke gonna walk to New Jersey to coach Mark Sanchez, or to Oakland to coach that tire fire? Don't think so.

Do I answer my own questions when I get angry? Yes.


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anybody ever think that maybe the kid isn't that into michigan anymore and this is what he is going to use as an excuse? he names ohio state and stanford as his leaders and all of a sudden oh that darn urban meyer must be telling lies? this is almost as annoying as being on one of the buckeyes sites and a kid doesnt pick us everybody saying well the staff cooled on him or he didnt have a commitable offer anyway come on.