Ohio spreading Hoke NFL rumors

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http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/barrier_noentry.asp?ReturnTo=&sid=… ($$$) No idea what Jabrill is reading but according to him, “I grew up a Michigan fan,” Peppers said. “I always liked the tradition from Mario Manningham to Mike Hart and all of those guys. The only thing that hurts Michigan at the moment is the coaching stability. I heard Coach Hoke has a lot of offers from the NFL on the table. I know I’m not going to go to a college because of a coach but if a head coach leaves they go into a whole new system and there is a new group of guys I would have to get used to and it just makes the process much more difficult.” It seems as these are stemming from Ohio bit Jabrill claims it is his own research.



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but it's easy to speculate—Marshall was a bit of a surprise commit to OSU, and if we're now hearing that OSU might be the source of the Hoke-to-NFL baloney, nothing would surprise me.

This doesn't help Meyer at all IMHO, if it's true that his staff is the source. All he's doing is putting an extra-large bullseye on his back for the other conference coaches.

Dutch Ferbert

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Hoke will spend 5 years at Michigan, win a couple NCs (yes, that means 2 out of the next 3), and go to the NFL. Jim Harbaugh, who is bored after 2 straight Super Bowl championships, returns to Michigan.

5 years later, both win it all two more times at their new jobs, get bored and swap jobs.

Hit repeat a few times, until Mike Hart/Tyrone Wheatly/Kovacs/Denard/etc. is ready to assume the head coach job at Michigan.



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This is ridiculous, but the coaching staff shouldn't have too much trouble explaining things to Peppers or anyone else.  Hopefully this will blow up in the face of the person(s) who spread the rumor. 

Also, why does this seem to be coming from OSU?  Any reason other than general dislike of them?


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His own research it would of come up, Hoke wants to Michigan from California for dream job! Without knowing his salary, before accepting job! This is some whacked as bs!!


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Scratch that. Apparently the updated link includes some info about the sources of the rumors. Instead of my sarcastic jab at the OP, here's a GIF of a baby pygmy goat playing:


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Peppers isn't the only recruit who was told this lie.

"More than one recruit has mentioned to Hoke that OSU coaches are the source of the rumor and Brady has emphatically told the players that he will be at Michigan for as long as they will have him, hopefully for 20+ years. The guy is living his dream job and is as genuine as they come.” 


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And they also say this in the same report:

A few months back, we were told off the record that Michigan coaches had been telling recruits that they would be in Ann Arbor for years after Meyer in Columbus and to only expect the 2X National Championship winning coach to only be the head man at OSU for 3 more seasons until he gets bored.

This all sounds like a bunch of crap.


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After Friday all the B1G coaches will have Urban's full tutorial on how to improve B1G recruiting by emulating OSU.

Wait until you see #3:  Tell recruits that Hoke requires players to attend class regularly.


Perkis-Size Me

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Hoke going to the NFL is laughable. He is a college coach if I've ever seen one. I think he loves being in that teacher role, something he'd lose in going to the NFL.

I find this hard to believe that OSU coaches are spreading these rumors. For whatever reason, I can't see Meyer stooping this low. But hey, I've been wrong before.

Besides, why would OSU fans want Hoke gone? Wouldn't they want him to stick around so their "SEC defense" can dominate us thoroughly for a thousand generations as they're supposedly believing?

Cali Wolverine

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...I have to say this post made me laugh. Pretty sure if Peppers is buying this BS, he may not be Michigan material.

In other breaking news...Beilein not getting basketball recruits because of multiple NBA head coaching job offers.


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For Hoke to say Urban is a broken man and he will likely just quit one day to the top recruits but Coach Hoke would never do that. But Urban would manufacture lies just to get a recruiting edge. Hopefully, the recruits will see past this BS!