Ohio spreading Hoke NFL rumors

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http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/barrier_noentry.asp?ReturnTo=&sid=… ($$$) No idea what Jabrill is reading but according to him, “I grew up a Michigan fan,” Peppers said. “I always liked the tradition from Mario Manningham to Mike Hart and all of those guys. The only thing that hurts Michigan at the moment is the coaching stability. I heard Coach Hoke has a lot of offers from the NFL on the table. I know I’m not going to go to a college because of a coach but if a head coach leaves they go into a whole new system and there is a new group of guys I would have to get used to and it just makes the process much more difficult.” It seems as these are stemming from Ohio bit Jabrill claims it is his own research.



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I think it's Peppers. He says it did not originate with negative recruiting rather his own research. I'm obviously skeptical that anyone's own research would lead them to conclude that Hoke has an NFL future. I think he simply knows better than to look a gift horse in the mouth. The coach who told him this lie offered him a scholarship and for that reason he'll keep his name out of the press.


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Is a defensive backs coach.  When people say that a coach is going to make the jump to the pros from a major school it is implied that they will be going to be head coaching at the next level.  There is a huge difference between being an NFL head coach and defensive backs coach.


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Unless we're all being duped by Hoke...I'm chalking this one up to negative recruiting. 


I think it'd just be a shame if info came out that URBAN MEYER allegedly KILLED 5 HOOKERS WITH CRAIG JAMES.

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This is from Rivals. Peppers came out and claimed that no one is negative recruiting but it's pretty much bullshit because Urban has a track record of pulling shit like this with recruits. Unfortunately, it seems to have worked with Jabril.

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Negative recruiting is one thing when you point out something actually negative about something (i.e. "Hey recruit X, did you know Lane Kiffin is a huge douchebag?"). But I don't understand what there is to gain by outright lying. Can't Hoke just tell Peppers that this is all BS, and then the guy spreading lies will have his credibility shot and look like a major asshole? The only way this works is if somehow Hoke has zero contact with Peppers between now and signing day...


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This is what got Lawrence Marshall to commit to OSU—Urban told him that Brady was going to become HC of the Lions.

If Jabrill Peppers actually believed the Hoke-maybe-to-NFL rumors, he's not an overly bright young man. Out of all the coaches at the D1 level in college ball, Brady Hoke is among the least likely to go to the NFL at this point in his career.