2013 Signing Day: The Signature Collection Comment Count

Seth February 6th, 2013 at 5:21 PM

Here's the pics I could assemble from 2013 signing day, because the most exciting thing that happened today was 18-year-olds signing pieces of paper and standing by fax machines. If you've got others post 'em below with attribution and I'll add.

To begin, here's ESPN's lead photo with Shane Morris and Wyatt Shallman in a DeLorean, because if you're going to take the Michigan program Back to the Future why not do it with some style. Also the stainless steel construction… stand back.


The rest via the jump.

The Big Board (via @umichfootball):


De'Veon Smith is the guy on the right (via Rob Decker)


Scott [spell on first attempt: GO!] Sypniewski is apparently faxing a copy of his whole football team as well. They can't all come Scott. (via Chantel)


Taylor Lewan (remember when?) via Taylor Lewan. What do you mean he's already been on the team for four years? Lies!


Mike McCray is already 40 years old. (via TomVH)


Shane Morris and Jack Wangler with their brothers (via Tim Sullivan)


Additional shots from Kyle Bogenshutz of Fox/Scout/GoBlueWolverine of Shane with Amy Campbell, and Wangs with Wangs


WR Da'Mario Jones via Bogenshutz:


WR Csont'e York via Bogenshutz:



Text message says Poggi's LOI is in, via Maize n Brew.


LaQuan Treadwell's LOI with Ole Miss, via himself:


and finally

2014 ATH Chimp President apparently made a friend:


LATE ADDITION: Derrick Green is apparently #27, via Michigan's facebook page.




February 6th, 2013 at 5:44 PM ^

I think I saw something about Michigan going back to the future with power game and I saw the Delorean and all I could think of is that car had like 130hp and was slow. It scared me.

Funny picture though.

User -not THAT user

February 6th, 2013 at 9:35 PM ^

"that car had like 130hp and was slow. "

Unfortunately that was about par for the course for cars in the '80's.  Unless you were ordering a Testarossa, any Ferrari you could buy that decade (Thomas Magnum's 308 included) would get smoked off the line by a Japanese sedan like the Exo X or WRX STi that you could drive off the lot for less than $40k today.

When I think of what we were driving in this country during that time I understand why the Europeans think so little of American engineering.  Pontiac conspired to turbocharge a 4.9l V8 for their Trans-Am in 1980-81 that was rated at 210hp; Buick's turbocharged 3.8l V6 was within shouting distance of that when sold in the Buick Regal in the first half of the decade, and exceeded it badly by the time the GNX closed out the model run in 1987.  You can buy a stock Hyundai that will embarrass either one of those today.

So, yeah...the '80's...not the most shining decade for the automobile.


February 7th, 2013 at 9:30 AM ^

Comparing todays imports to cars from 25 years ago? Really?  I LOL because you are obviously one with a Ricer mentality. Bet your GF is Japanese! How about you compare your JAP CRAP to Fords and Chevys of same year. NO Jap crap could touch the 03/04 Mustang SVT Cobra, then or now. Also, tell me when any JAP CRAP has had the ability to pick up 140HP form less than $1000 in modifications (Swap intake, exhaust, and the infamous $90 pulley swap) and get those returns. NEVER. takes adding juice to even dream those numbers. WRX-LMOA, WRXs = Teenagers choice for "This is what I want in a Larger version when I grow up" Car. Funny How even the Worshiped GTR got royally SPANKED by the 2013 Shelby and costs were $30K less. You wanna play with the big boys, bring Big Boy Toys, else stay living in you F&F fantasy world, LMFAO! When Toyota/Subaru/Honda and their Luxury series branded cars can run 10.8's off showroom floor with some sticky tires and a decent driver, then you can flap your gums, and that is with 4000lbs in weight. Stock Hyundai? Lord you had me rolling on that one. Heres your tissue............. 


February 7th, 2013 at 3:02 AM ^

Can somebody please explain the whole Chimp President thing?...what is it, and where did it originate?  Obviously the Chimp President has his own Twitter page, and has posed with a ton of celebrities, but WTF is he?