Signing Day Open Thread

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Can't believe this hasn't been started yet. Shane's LOI is in; first one.



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Al Golden complaining about NCAA investigation on ESPN.  Everyone knows they are dirty whether the NCAA proves it or not.  They are also now in the middle of a steroid scandal as well.  Sseeing how they signed 33 guys last year I have no sympathy what so ever.


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The fact that they were able to sign 33 guys last year and a highly rated class at that would seem to indicate that the investigation isn't the main reason there recruting sucks this year.  If anything they are under less of a cloud this year then they were last year as far as future NCAA sanctions.   I think Golden is using it as an excuse for his poor recruiting class.


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How do the Buckeyes have room for this big of a class within the scholarship limits?  I know 82 isn't that much less than 85, but still, it seems like they are going to have to shove people out the door (which, of course Meyes would, but I'm just wondering).


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The last time there was a sudden surprising haul of 5*'s was Auburn (when Cam got paid, sorry, when Cam's dad got paid). And we all know how that turned out... wait...


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What a reversal of recruiting fortures by these 2 in the last 30 days or so.

Football blue blood takes a nosedive while 3rd tier program rockets into the top group.  Sanctioned powerhouse crippled while soon-to-be sanctioned school flies.

Crazy stuff.


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Glad to see the NCAA sanction appropriately punished Ohio.  So they had one "tough \" year and will now be better than they were in the Tressel years.  Sounds fair.

coastal blue

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Why the SEC dominates...

Rivals Rankings:

Three of the top five teams are SEC schools

Five of the top ten teams are SEC schools

Eight of the top fiften teams are SEC schools

Thirteen of the top thirty teams are SEC schools

Only Missouri is on the outside looking in. 

By comparison the Big Ten has:

One team in the top five

Two teams in the top ten

Three teams in the top thirty. 




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The point is that comparion Meyer to Tressel right now is ridiculous.  Tressel won the Big Ten just about every year, and was in the title game 3 times.   Meyer has one division title in a year that PSU wasn't even eligible.  I'm not going to slobber all over him until I see him win something that actually matters.


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I'm clinging to the fact that Meyer hasn't stayed anywhere longer than five years, IIRC.  In my more optimistic moments, I'm hoping he'll be like Brett Favre with the Vikings: past his glory days, comes in with momentum, crushes souls at first and then runs out of gas and ends up facedown and unconcious on the turf (figuratively speaking in Meyer's case since if he ended up in that position it would likely be because of a heart attack).  Also, OSU's schedule was a joke this year and they gave up a ton of points to Indiana. Not having an elite defense will catch up with him sooner or later.  Cling to these small bits of hope and ride out the Meyer storm.