Rich Rodriguez "Some Michigan Players Felt Entitled"

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Sporting news article on Rich Rodriguez.

Interesting Quote:

“The Chad Hennes and the Jake Longs put the work in and succeeded before us, and guys behind them thought they were entitled to the same status but hadn’t proved anything.”





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Now I'm going to sound childish, but its true so here goes:  You started it.  You come into the discussion with guns blazing, calling everyone hypocrites and then not expect a harsh response?  Your initial posts are the definition of "flamebait" in the moderator tab and it would have been nice if you had gotten the first few hints.  Of course, you're also right in that people didn't need to respond in kind, but you probably should have seen it coming.  Okay, I've said my peace.  I was just trying to nip it in the sapling (I missed the "bud" stage).


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I don't think that is childish at all. It is true.  I did start it.  I knew I would get a harsh response for telling people the truth.  Few people want to hear or can accept honesty.  I just meant why are you only coming after me and not the rest of them?  On the other hand I suppose if I wasn't posting then you wouldn't have to go after them.  I am sorry you are a moderator sir.


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I am partially posting this just to see if you are so compelled to get the last word in that you respond. 

Let me guess?  At this moment you are sitting there thinking:  damn, I am not going to respond, because that would only prove this guys point.  Ha.  But, I do have what I believe to be a good response.  And how will he know that I have this response if I don't post it.  Ah, screw it, I am going to post it.  But wait, if I do, he is proven right.  But if I don't, he may think that he got me.  Damn!!!

Does that about sum it up?


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Just remember RR haters.  He is still a more accomplished coach than Hoke.  I can only imagine how fast this fan base will turn on Hoke if he doesnt win a Big Ten title in the next 3 years. 


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Newsflash, FOOTBALL IS PLAYED OUTSIDE OF MICHIGAN.  Hoke has more wins as the head coach of Michigan than Les Miles too.  Yes Miles is still more accomplished.


RR lead his teams to 2 BCS games.  He won 1 of them.  He didn't coach in the 2nd.  He also won BCS conference titles.  Something Hoke hasn't done. 


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.500?  What BCS game did he lose?  He didn't coach in the game.  The team won all the same.  He is either 1-0 or 2-0.  However you would like put it

You clearly don't know what you are talking about. 

Shared conference title is still a conference title.  Or are you suggesting Michigan take down the Basketball banner from last year?


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What job has Brady Hoke gotten done?  According to your signature, he is failing just as RR did.  Michigan is not reaching its goals.

That being said, I was talking about their overall accomplishments, not just their tenure at Michigan, which is why I referenced his achievements at WVU.  So as a whole RR is more accomplished than Brady Hoke.  To dispute that is silly.

Sione's Flow

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I don't care what RR did at WVU, he was responsible for 3 of the worst seasons in UM history.  Brady Hoke came in and fixed the worst defense in Michigan's history and made it relevant again.  He's beat MSU, Ohio, and won a BCS bowl game.  RR failed at Michigan plain and simple.


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That may be, but you responded to my post that said RR is a more accomplished coach than Hoke.  You could have responded with, "Squirrels climb trees."  That would have been true, but its not relevant to what I said,  Nor is what you did respond. 


Fact:  RR is a more accomplished coach than Hoke.  Their careers at Michigan alone are not enough to debate that.  Try again.

Blue boy johnson

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Take a long hard look at Steve Fisher before you open your yap Rich Rod. RR should have pulled a Steve Fisher and won a NC. You didn't see my boy Fish talking about entitlement and bare cupboards. Fisher went out and produced with what another State of Arizona traitor, (Bill Frieder), left him.

If RR had any sense of decency he would have stuck around for a 4th season.

You never heard RR mention walking from West Virginia to get the Michigan job did ya? Did ya? No. Of course not. RR never bought in to what Michigan is all about

All you ever got/get from RR is: This Michigan has an undue sense of entitlement fergodsakes. THE NERVE!!!


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between being the new leader of a team with a history of winning than a team with a history of losing.  Sounds like RR may have learned something from that.  If RR thinks the senior class at Michigan in 2008 wasn't with him it's because he lost them, not the other way around.

Drunk Uncle

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Rich, You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains; You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas; I am strong, when I am on your shoulders; You raise me up... To more than I can be.

Miss ya buddy.


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Who is tearing Carr down? He's right. We have/had superior athletes, yet didn't win the B1G since 2004, went 1-4 in the Rose Bowl, and lost to App St. His teams late in his career were entitled and lazy. Played when they wanted to, which is why we lost to App St. then beat Florida.

Nosce Te Ipsum

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This man has not learned. He keeps touching the stove that burns him. I defended him while he was here and even rooted for him this past season but I am done. I don't care if what he said was true. Like many others have said, it's very easy to give a no comment. I can't root for a petulant child. Good riddance.


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I was excited when RR was hired. I hoped that Michigan's offense which consistently underperformed under Carr would rise to the be the top ten unit their talent indicated. Say what you will about him not having the budget Hoke had to hire assistants, but correct me if I'm wrong but it was his desire that the DCs he hired run the 3-3-5. The 3-3-5 is essentially a prevent defence. For three years he ran a prevent defence from whistle to whistle and they were the worst defensive units I have ever seen wear a Michigan uniform.  The fact that Hoke came in and year one had such a dramatic turn around with the same players shows just how worthless the 3-3-5 is as defensive system.  I don't care what you say about people within the program not supporting RR or any other excuse for why he was unsuccessful  at UM because ultimately he failed because he ran a defence that conceded yards on a regular basis.   He says some players felt entitled? Entitled to what? A chance to succeed? A chance to win? Because on the defensive side of the ball they had no chance and as a coach he failed them.  Anyone who buys into the 3-3-5 as a legitimate defence is of questionable intelligence. The fact that RR still runs the 3-3-5 at Arizona shows how he refuses to adapt. As I finish writing this I realize that this got off topic but no matter the excuses the RR apologists come up with, ultimately he failed and Michigan failed because he ran the most asinine defensive system I have ever seen. I fucking hate the 3-3-5.

(Someone should force him to watch the defensive tapes from 2010 compared to 2011. He might learn something. Or not he seems like an idiot)


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Hoke doesn't run the 3-3-5 as his base system, he runs a 4-3 and likes to mix it up. Martin hired Rich Rod, Brandon fired rich rod.  I wasn't questioning Hoke's intelligence, I was questiong RR's and how he was surprised that some players weren't buying into his failed defensive system.


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Hoke did run a base 3-3-5 in San Diego with Rocky Long. Brandon hired Hoke immediately after running that system in the Mountain West, and Hoke has been quoted more than once saying that the 3-3-5 would work just fine in the Big Ten.

To elaborate, the problem RR had wasn't "the 3-3-5". His problem was a position coaching staff that apparently had no clue what it was doing, two coordinators who were (allegedly) forced into running an exotic scheme they were unfamiliar with, and a combination of attrition, injuries and busts that left the talent level on the field at a way suboptimal level. Blame these on Rodriguez as you like, he certainly deserves at least some, but the problem isn't the scheme itself.

I'd take a look at highlights from a Rocky Long coached defense or Casteel's defense in his later Backyard Brawl games to see how agressive a 3-3-5 can be.


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I dont know why anybody gives a crap about RR anymore.  The guy did a terrible job here and deserved to be fired.  The team was embarrissing on the field, and he was embarrissing off the field. 


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What he says may be true (probably is), but isn't his job as a coach to get the players all on one page? It's sort of childish to say well, the players wouldn't do what I wanted them to, and that's why I failed. 

One of the reasons why he might be successful at Arizona is because he wasn't successful at Michigan. A lot more is learned from failure than success. He may not see it this way, but his experience at Michigan was valuable and positive. You're welcome, RR.