Rich Rodriguez "Some Michigan Players Felt Entitled"

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Sporting news article on Rich Rodriguez.

Interesting Quote:

“The Chad Hennes and the Jake Longs put the work in and succeeded before us, and guys behind them thought they were entitled to the same status but hadn’t proved anything.”





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If nobody cares, then why does he continue to get asked about his time at Michigan?  Also, if a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?


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Because people can't just refrain from commenting.  Its like a bad horror film where the characters hear a scary sound and decide, "hey, lets go check it out."  We all know how its going to end up.

That said, this has been a pretty tame thread.  Most people are finally moving on, it appears.  Huzzah!


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Most of us gave Rich the benefit of the doubt when he was here, and even secretly may want him to do well at Zona,

I have to ask why anyone here would want to wish Coach Rodriguez anything other than success at Arizona, secret or otherwise? Except in the event that he is facing off against us of course.

So many are up in arms because Rodriguez is pointing out that he started out at Michigan in an uphill battle because many of his seniors, the ones that should've been circling the wagons to help see Michigan through this transition, put their personal needs ahead of the teams. Some are quick to lay this attitude at Rodriguez's feet as a lack of leadership on his part, but I think that's unfair.

Rodriguez's reception from his inherited team stands in stark contrast to the reception that Brady Hoke got when he took over, and I don't attribute that difference as any higher level of quality of leadership on Hoke's part. I attribute that difference to the quality of the character of the leaders on that team.

The 2011 team was successful primarily because leaders like David Molk, Mike Martin, and Troy Woolfolk refused to let the team tear apart. The 2008 team failed because those seniors didn't demand that kind of commitment from the team and quit on the program to some degree. Those guys were apathetic toward a program that had grown contented and stale over the years.

All Rodriguez did in this interview was point that out, which I don't see why that's got so many folks outraged.


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I really hope the majority of posters on this site don't represent what the majority of Michigan fans are. Most of you seem extremely entitled. You whine and cry about everything. I'm so glad I live 10 hours from AA.

Boohoo RR talked about my school. Boohoo Jalen Rose wants to watch my team play. Get over yourselves. Get off your high horse, you aren't better than everyone else.


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Most of the people who post on this site make me ashamed to be a Michigan fan. Most of you are just homers. You go out of your way to post things about people/schools you don't like. Then you make posts laughing about how others can't stop talking about you. Few days go by that someone doesn't post something about OSU ND or MSU. Hypocrites.


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In all seriousness, what you point out is simply inherently a part of being a fan of a team.  Other teams are always worse than your favorite and your favorite can seemingly do no wrong (or at least not a lot of wrong).  Its just how the mind works, how people justify being a more-than-average fan of a team.  People on this site are obviously more than your average Michigan fan insofar as we exceed the average interest in the day-to-day goings-on.  If there are a few of us that sometimes say silly things or contradict ourselves, I'm not sure what to tell you.  There are many, many things more serious than this when it comes to being a fan (see, e.g., justifying honoring Tressel at the 'Shoe, remaining a Joe Paterno fan, etc., etc.).  If this is the worst then its definitely great to be a Michigan Wolverine.


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I couldn't disagree more.  Being a fan of a team doesn't mean you have to HATE your rivals.  It especially doesn't mean you have to go out of your way to attempt to belittle them to show your superiority.  If you know you are better than OSU, MSU, ND, why do you need to post about it? 

Yesterday in the Treadwell thread, people talked about how rich people don't need to brag that they are rich.  So if we are so great, why do we have to constantly go out of our way to cut down other programs? 

What you are describing is a fanatic, not a fan.


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Don't worry about it man, this site has a bunch of whiners.  I just got neg bombed for a political coment a couple weeks ago and took my points to 0.  Oh well, people find a way to complain about rich rod.  I personally don't care.  What he said about players feeling entitled is pretty much true, should he have said anything now, probably not, but who cares.


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They didn't win 11 games the year before he started coaching at U of M as the article states. I believe they won 8 games in 2007, Carr's last year.


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Rich has almost no sense of public relations, or how his words are going to be perceived by the outer world, most especially his detractors. Or he doesn't care.

Going to his comment itself, I have no doubt whatsoever that his assessment of entitled players is accurate. You do not lose to Appy State in 2007 without having some element on the team believing their shit didn't stink, and he inherited however many players still on the team in 2008 with that attitude.

The problem is that making anything other than positive comments about his experience at Michigan yields absolutely no benefit for him. He didn't need to reference Michigan when commenting about the buy-in he was getting at AZ.


STW P. Brabbs

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I don't think I've ever seen another coach care so very, desperately much what the outside world thought of him. That's why he said things like the 'Lombardi' gem about our secondary. That's why he pleaded with the assembled crowd at the football bust that he wanted to be a Michigan Man with tears in his eyes.

It doesn't make him a bad person, but it sure didn't help to make him a better coach.


January 30th, 2013 at 2:34 PM ^

His two biggest flaws, in my opinion:

  1. A need to explain himself / no "this is what I'm thinking, but I probably shouldn't say it" buffer.
  2. Undying loyalty to those who have been loyal to him.  Let's call this one the Tony Gibson theorum.

Lloyd seemingly had #2 (although not as bad), had very little of #1 (save for a few comments to sideline reporters).

Brady, from what I've seen thus far, has very little of either.  Only example that I can think of is the "Shitty season" thing from a few weeks ago.

Amazing what a fine line there is between a good leader and a bad one.  I see that now having watched two transitions in 4 years.  I admittedly got caught up in the Harbaugh love two years ago.  I'm happy with what we ended up with.


January 30th, 2013 at 3:33 PM ^

Well, those are definitely flaws, but I think that his two biggest flaws are:

1.  Can't coach defense to save his life (or job), and

2.  Is a terrible leader / manager of a football team (this is different than saying that he is a bad coach - it is actually a stronger indictment.  As leader / manager, RR sets the tone for the team and the tone that he set while he was here was not one that was positive.  He also continually blames other - usually his 18-22 year old players - which is the mark of a terrible leader).

Also, a close 3rd is crappy recruiter. 

Yeah, I don't like RR very much. 


January 30th, 2013 at 1:16 PM ^

which I would think would dissuade any rational person who doesn't care to hear what RR thinks from clicking to read the thread.  I'll just scroll down now to confirm this.


Oy vey.


Putting aside for a moment who said it and for what motivation, one objective truth is that the proposition about many on the team at that time is almost certainly true.  Just sayin'.

Wolverine Devotee

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I love how this moron keeps commenting on a team he doesn't coach anymore.

Seriously buddy, you have the worst winning percentage in program history. Brady Hoke passed your career win total here in 1.5 years. 

Take a walk and enjoy arizona. They don't have any standards and don't mind swiss cheese defense.


January 30th, 2013 at 3:41 PM ^

You totally had me with you until the line about being glad that "all the players he recruited have moved on."

I somewhat share this sentiment in that I am tired of being at a serious talent / depth deficiency because of RR's crappy recruiting  and retention.  While we may love some of the recent players, there is no denying that some (Vincent Smith, bless his tiny little heart, for example) have physical limitations that prevent us from competing with better teams.  The players that Hoke is bringing in are almost across the board more physically talented and have higher upside.

But, I think that there is a difference between recognizing this fact and being glad that players who have worked their asses off for our university have moved on.  Despite some of their limitations, I respect and will hold in the highest of regards these players as I have for all Michigan players past.  Also, there are certainly a few RR recruits (Denard, Roy) who will be sorely missed.


January 30th, 2013 at 4:13 PM ^

I second your point with this caveat.  Guys like Vincent Smith, who were recruited to play in the spread, might have competed better had Rodriguez been allowed to stick around.  For all the maligning some have done on this board over the quality of the talent that Rodriguez brought to Michigan, it's those players that have been winning games for Hoke and company, those clearly they can compete.

Now for Rodriguez to have been successful Year 4 and beyond, he would've had to address the issues with the defensive coaching staff and the serious depth problems on the offensive and defensive lines.  I doubt he could've accomplished this in a time span that would've appeased any of us.

That said, I agree with your final paragraph whole-heartedly.  Any player who comes to Michigan, works hard at practice, trains hard in the weight room, goes to class, and overall represents the University in a manner that we've come to expect from a Michigan football player deserves to be celebrated and our gratitude, not our scorn.


January 30th, 2013 at 1:27 PM ^

their momentum.

RR openly acknowledged that he learned valuable transition lessons at UM and he has used the lessons at Arizona. So did the UM Ath Dept.

Everybody can move on until we play Ariz in the Rose Bowl. Onward.


January 30th, 2013 at 1:28 PM ^

He felt he was entitled to run his offense and his system without the proper personnel in place...while Hoke knew Denard and Co. weren't the right guys for his system he played the cards he was dealt and won a BCS game. If RichRod would have made adjustments for Ryan Mallett and others, RR may still be in AA today.


January 30th, 2013 at 1:33 PM ^

Well RR must have felt entitled to a real Michigan defense when he stepped on campus cause he sure as hell didnt attempt to improve it while he was here.   


January 30th, 2013 at 1:38 PM ^

RR is correct here.  He did a good job of answering a question in a forthright manner without turning it into an inflammatory comment.  It is also obvious that the reporter was trying to goad RR into saying something inflammatory, as evidenced by the "wouldn't you love to play Michigan in the Rose Bowl" question that was obviously asked.

Considering the juggernaut that Ohio is assembling, and Michigan's insistence on a 20th century offense, I think Michigan and Arizona are probably even when it comes to the possibility of making Rose Bowls and championship playoffs during the next few years.


January 30th, 2013 at 1:42 PM ^

Enough of the "they were all against me crap".  You stubbornly took a square peg and tried to fit it into your round hole of an offense.  If you did what Brady and Company did, look at what you have and develop your team in the short term around that.  But you couldn't do that.  You had your system, and Carr's players.  You were doomed to fail the minute you failed to recognize that.  Enough about Rich Rod. 



January 30th, 2013 at 1:51 PM ^

I love how Michigan fans complain RR talks about Michigan.  Yet these keep getting posted and Michigan fans can't help buy talk about RR.  Oh the hypocrisy!


January 30th, 2013 at 2:16 PM ^

Obvious that I am not a Michigan fan?  Feel free to give me an email or cell phone number.  I will send you pictures of my work desk at work.  When I get home I will send you pictures of all my game tickets.  I have posted one thread on this site, it was a breakdown of how Michigan could still make the Fiesta Bowl last year.  Feel free to find it.  Why would a non fan go that far out of his way to "troll."


It clearly isn't that obvious because I am in fact a huge Michigan fan.  I just hate the common fan.  The common fan is more concerned about making other teams look bad than actually being a fan of their team.  Please explain why this needed to be posted?  Why did someone post about the President of Ohio St. posting on twitter?  Why would ANY real Michigan fan care about his twitter?  No matter what it said.  If a Michigan State fan says Michigan sucks, does it matter?  But it would get posted here.  "Keith Appling says Michigan sucks,"  So what?  Why does ANYONE here care what Keith Appling thinks? 

But people continue to post about being better than O$U, the ESSEEESEEE, little brother, etc.  We post pictures of Treadwell with $305 and them comment that Ole Miss paid him to go there.  Does ANYONE here truely believe that makes us look better than anyone?  I think it makes us look petty and childish. 

Should RR have said what he said?  Probably not.  But be the bigger man and walk away. 


January 30th, 2013 at 3:52 PM ^

We are not in the public eye.  We on this blog are all just nameless fans of a team.  RR is a paid Division 1A NCAA football head coach.  He is in the public eye, and people do report on what he says.  So there is a difference between us fans shooting the shit on comment threads of a blog and RR talking publicly to the media essentially calling out 18 year old kids who played for him.  Do you really not get the distinction?

Also:  "Should RR have said what he said?  Probably not.  But be the bigger man and walk away." 

Where should we have walked away from?  It's not like any of us are calling RR up and threating to kick the guy's ass.  We are discussing it in a sports blog thread. 



January 30th, 2013 at 4:12 PM ^

Walk away from even having this discussion about what he said.  Just simply answer this.  What good did it do to post this link?  Was it at all informative?  Did you learn anything?  Other than the mention of Michigan, is it REALLY Michigan related?  Don't come back with he talked about Michigan so its Michigan related.  Charles Woodson played for Michigan, everything he does is NOT Michigan related. 

Public eye or not, if we want to believe that Michigan fans are better than OSU, MSU, or ND fans, then we should strive to be better them in all facets, not just in the public eye.  I would be willing to bet that most of their fans laugh at the fact that we fight over RR.  A running joke amongst Wisconsin fans is this.  "Want to see Michigan fans turn on eachother?  Say RR was a good coach."  Opinions are going to differ on this subject, that will never change.  But if we aren't posting about it, then you wouldn't have these discussions now would you?