Rich Rodriguez "Some Michigan Players Felt Entitled"

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Sporting news article on Rich Rodriguez.

Interesting Quote:

“The Chad Hennes and the Jake Longs put the work in and succeeded before us, and guys behind them thought they were entitled to the same status but hadn’t proved anything.”





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He got lucky when Nevada fulbbed the onside kick and could take on a gassed defense that wasn't very good.   Arizona was getting its ass kicked for three and a half quarters by a half-decent Mountain West team.  Taking anything from that bowl game as a comparitve value is beyond meaningless.


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It's probably easy to do when you're at a big-time program like Michigan.  People relying on the success of the past to simply propel them through the future.  Just my personal bit.

True Blue Grit

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Probably every major college football program has guys that "feel entitled".  Maybe they were big stars in high school and now have to work their butts off.  Or maybe their father or uncle played for the school and were big stars and the son is living off the legacy.  Like Brown Bear said, it's up to the coach to get them motivated. 


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I'm at a loss to explain why what he said is causing any consternation on the board.  I think it's a pretty well documented fact that the environment around the team circa 2007 HAD become one of etitlement and malaise (see horror - Sept, 2007) and that predated RR's arrival.

If you believe John Bacon it was that very sense of entitlement and Rich's attempt to end it (badly I might add) that led directly to the divisions withing the football community.  He was right on identifying the problem IMO but completely wrong in how he tried to correct it.

What Rich should have said was "there was a sense of entitlement in the football program that i inherted in 2008.  Unfortunately I did a poor job of trying to change it."


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Than the fact he can't help himself from saying it. And what purpose it serves at this point. Maybe they needed a non-comment clause that was apparently required when Shafer left Rich's staff, to prevent this stuff.

Contrast that with Brandon, who's a marketing guy, who could have had all sorts of "rumors" leaked to the press to make Rich look bad and justify the firing, as all sorts of programs professional and college do (take a look at the character assassination the Pistons do when replacing coaches about what a jerk the guy was behind the scenes, or how he had lost the team). But they have moved on and pretty much don't say anything about him that might have appeared negative to potential hiring suitors. 

Stop taking bait from media trolls like Matt Hayes is always a good start.


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Listen Richard, If you want to answer questions fine but dont make it sound like it was all the kids fault..some of them didnt buy in and you also made just didnt work..we are both seeing other people now so lets just move on.


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 "Michigan won three games in Rodriguez’s first season after winning 11 the previous season. "

Interesting, I didn't realize we won 11 games in 2007...Wikipedia and my memory tell me it was 9 wins.  Maybe we did beat App State and Oregon to start the year...



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I couldn't care less about Rich Rod's opinion.  UM has a different coach and he is coaching somewhere else.  I have moved on. 

Hey anyone notice the basketball team is the #1 ranked team in the nation?


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If that season is considered some kind of success, as anything but a first season, then RichRod's coaching ability may not have declined but expectations of him certainly have.


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At best he is good offensive mind.  He is a horrible leader, leadership 101 don't blame the people who work for you, they work for you and if they fail it is the leaders fault.  If you blame them, make them look like crap to people outside the family they will not perform.  It is always someone else that is the issue with RR.  Cupboard is bare.   Players not doing what they are taught. Vince Lombardi couldn't coach this defense, a defense that he could have recruited better talent for and, by the way, maybe Lombardi couldn't but Greg Mattison sure did.  Now it is that Michigan players acted entitled.  All excuses, who is going to fix these issues if it isn't the Head Football Coach?   His job was to take care of everyone of these things. 

eamus_caeruli (not verified)

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Most of us gave Rich the benefit of the doubt when he was here, and even secretly may want him to do well at Zona, but this crap may have caused me to be a little bristly about him.  He needs to shut his trap, worry about Zona football and get a DC who can cooridnate a championship level defense.  If he is asked about Michigan, he should simply wish us well and re-direct back to Zona.  I am tried of him yapping about entitlement, lack of commitment, cultural fit.  Hey Rich, no one cares!!  

He is the CEO of a FBS football program, and you work to instill trust, respect and dedication.  Clearly, he didn't do it here.  And clearly from a multitude of observers, articles and a book, he too felt entitled and lacked commitment.  
Hoke isn't perfect, but I am sure glad we have a coach that is a no non-sense type and doesn't make a bunch of lame ass excuses any more.  I am sorry for the rant, but this article hit a nerve with me and I am quite sick of his belly aching.  If we meet Zona in the Rose Bowl in the future, he will remember why he failed at Michigan. He will be humbled again.