Vincent Smith Talking about Clowney Hit

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I know we all tired quickly of the replay of Clowney's hit on Vincent Smith.  One of the guys at WolverineNation did a short article about Smith's perspective on the hit. 

A good read and the best part of the article is how pissed Smith's older brother got at the endless replays for the next two weeks (can't say I blame him!).  "Smith's older brother, Jaworski Bowie, actually took the impact of the hit harder. Bowie texted his younger brother, perturbed the hit was being shown ad nauseam.  It reached the point where Smith told his brother to stop. Smith wasn't bothered by it, so why should his brother be? Besides, Smith said, he has been hit harder."

Smith's feeling on the hit reminds me of Jim Carey's great line in Liar, Liar,  "I've had better."




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The whole thing that's frustrating about THE HIT (OMG) is that it wasn't really the result of anything impressive that Clowney did. There was a communication error at the line where Kwitiakowski thought he and Lewan were to combo block the guy but instead it was supposed to be just him (an arguably ill-advised assignment).

So Clowney was essentially unblocked due to a missed assignment and, being large and strong, put a big hit on a guy in the backfield who had just received the handoff. Sure it looked gnarly, but it's not at all a great play by Clowney's part.


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I know o one wants to blame Taylor for this, but the OL let this one go, we assume Taylor had the DT as his responsibility on this one and that the TE was at fault, but we should not throw all the blame on the walk on here. If I am wrong, so be it, but I am not impressed by Taylor's statements on this issue. And considering his involvement in an issue last spring with a hockey player's girlfriend, he needs to grow up a bit.

Space Coyote

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your POV is very homer here. The speed at which Clowney burst into the backfield was very impressive, and actually the hit was impressive as well, not to mention the awareness to actually pick up the fumble. Most great plays arise because of a mistake by the other team. And while it wasn't a fact of Clowney going all T2 on Smith, it was still a nice play and a big hit.

I know a lot of Michigan fans are tired of seeing it (me too), but it was a very nice play by Clowney and it is an awesome play to any non-Michigan fan because Clowney pretty much looks like a badass. And if it was against OSU or ND or State I think almost every poster here would agree.


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I understand that and, if you re-read my post, I acknowledge that it takes an impressive athlete to deliver a hit like that. It was a good play, but that doesn't crack the top 100 plays he's made if I'm an NFL scout.

If you go to any message board (and even talking heads on radio/TV) other than this one the narrative is that he straight up beat Lewan and that is what separates us mgoblogerati as football enthusiasts from the ignorant masses. I mean people are taking out ad space about it, for crying out loud.


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It was a good play, but what made so many people see it as "great" was that fact that it was very showy and happened at a crucial time in the game.  

Sorry to be a "homer," but that play looked a lot better than it actually was.  Worse yet, the media decided to turn Clowney into God for a couple of weeks.  I hope they don't play this hit for as many years as they did Stewart to Westbrook, but I have a feeling that they might play it for even longer.



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The most impressive thing to me was how low Clowney was on impact.  If he had been as high as you'd imagine a 6'6" guy would be when tackling a runner almost a foot shorter, he just would have swallowed him and not had nearly the jarring effect that caused Vincent to lose the ball.


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Ah, but Vincent had gotten low himself earlier in the game when he picked up Clowney pass rushing and planted his facemask in Clowney's crotch. Of course, Vincent IS low; it wasn't an intentional dong-headbutt, but the physics of a fearless 5-6 mountain goat stopping a 6-7 ICBM dead in its tracks.

Clowney was down for the count and had to come out for a play or two, but he reportedly did mention to Vince that he was going to exact vengeance. Too bad a blocking screwup gave him the perfect opportunity. And really too bad that the tough-as-nails Vincent Smith will be remembered primarily for a hit he took instead of the many he delivered.


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After all, the Kordel Stewart Play and The Horror has really died off the past couple years; I really missed having college promos, car commercials, top 10s, and GREATEST ___ EVER feature something Michigan-related in a bad way.

The Miami people have it made; that Flutie/Phelan play will just never go away


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Clowney outweighs Smith by nearly 100 pounds.  I would take the Taylor hit against the PSU TE in '97 as much more devestating of a hit.  Sick and tired of the replays of Smith.  V Smith is a tough kid, he had no shot.

biakabutuka ex…

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Can someone who knows the rules explain how a helmet can do what Smith's did without there being illegal helmet to helmet contact? I keep getting joke answers but it's a serious question!

Space Coyote

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A lot of times the really big looking hits aren't necessarily the hardest hits. Smith saw it coming as well, so he was able to brace himself a bit. The hit, while it looks bone crushing, was really only a good hit. It was a really big hit for a guy coming off of the D-line, but I'm sure LBs and safeties, not to mention special teams players, have all hit Smith harder.


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I think when Denard got him murdered against Purdue this year was a harder hit. His helmet came off which makes ESPN and every other highlight show have a massive boner.


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The  most interesting part of the article to me is when Smith says that he figured before the play that he would get hit in the backfield.  What can of play is that, when the RB is expecting to get hit before the line of scrimage!?


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put any good defensive player in a blitz (Say, Jake Ryan), have him unblocked and let him hit a back who is a foot shorter and 100 pounds lighter, and oh yeah, have him stand straight up, in place (like he was waiting for a hand off, or something) and you will get a similar result. I'm not saying Clowney isn't a great player, but, under the above mentioned circumstances, many players would have delivered the same result.


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was as good or better because he actually beat a man trying to block him and it prevented a team from scoring on the goal line.  If Winton's helmet pops off its the same hit without a fumble.