MBB. Nebraska Preview

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Record : 9-6 (0-2)

RPI : 60

SOS : 17

Keys Wins

0 wins vs RPI top 100



Losses (RPI 1-50)
15 Dec. 6 Creighton 42-64
43 Dec. 15 Oregon 38-60
35 Jan. 2 Ohio State 44-70


Losses (RPI 51-100)
98 Dec. 23 UTEP 52-68
78 Jan. 6 Wisconsin 41-47


Losses (RPI 101-150)
148 Nov. 24 Kent State* 60-74

Starting Five (based on last game played)

F.     6'10". 234 lbs.  Brandon Ubel. SR

12.5 PPG. 6.6 RPG. 1.3 APG. 3.3 PF. 31 MIN

This should be an interesting matchup with Morgan/McGary.  If they get Ubel in foul trouble, they have no depth to back him up and are in trouble. 

G-F  6'6".   214 lbs.  Shavon Shields. FR

4.8 PPG. 4.2 RPG. 4.8 FGA. .417 FG%

He has been in foul trouble 3 of past 5 games.  Doesn't appear to be an offensive threat at all. 

G.    6'2"   181 lbs.   Ray Gallegos. JR

13.0 PPG. 2.8 RPG. 7.5 3PA, .32 3P%

He shoots a lot of 3s and makes around 1/3 of them.  

G.    6'5"   216 lbs.   Dylan Talley. SR

13.5 PPG. 5.5 RPG. 2.2 APG. 35.0 MIN

He is probably their best all around player and will be in most of the game.

G.    5'9"   164 lbs.   Benny Parker. FR

3.8 PPG. 1.8 RPG. 2.7 APG

This isn't even fair.  Trey Burke is going to go off on this guy. 


*crickets* *crickets*

G-F  6'7" 191 lbs    David Rivers. SO

5.3 PPG. 3.4 RPG. 20.1 MIN

G.   6'2"  199 lbs.    Mike Peltz. JR

1.1 PPG. 2.1 RPG. 15.2 MIN

C.    6'11" 314 lbs. Andre Almeida. SR  - May or may not play.  

7.1 PPG. 4.2 RPG. 17.4 MIN







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our five on the floor for most of the second half with consist of the Beifeldt, Vogrich, Alrbreich variety.  This game will be over in the first five minutes and much coasting will follow.  Michigan literally plays in their pajamas and crusies to a 77-56 final.


January 9th, 2013 at 11:09 AM ^

The Huskers were without the services of Andre Almeida against Wisconsin, but he is expected to return to action on Wednesday against Michigan


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Wasn't sure if it was thread-worthy because it was still kind of vague but from a Press Conference recap over at umhoops.


John Beilein said Jon Horford has progressed enough in his recovery from the dislocated knee cap he incurred against West Virginia to go full-court in practice to day, the first time he’s been able to do so.

“He practiced yesterday, he’s going to practice today, he’s going full court today, we’ll see,” Beilein said.

When asked if Horford would be ready to play against Nebraska, Beilein replied, “He could be, yes.”


It sure would be nice to get him some playing time and in the rotation before facing the frontcourts of OSU and Minnesota.





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According to Bet Online, Michigan is a 22 1/2 point favorite in this game. The over/under for this game is 126. T

It will show up as Michigan  -22.5.  That means they are giving Nebraska that many points.  So if you pick Michigan and they only win by 22 pts, then you lose the bet.  As far as the over/under that is the combined total score of the game.  So a 61-60 Michigan win would be a total of 121, so you'd of had to pick the under to win the bet. 


January 9th, 2013 at 2:48 PM ^

The way a money line works, is if you bet the favorite, you have to bet $X over 100 to win $100, if you bet the underdog, you bet $100 to win X.  Just an example, The money line on the favorite is $150 to win $100.  On the underdog, you bet $100, you win $150.


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Nebraska is not a good team this year, but I think they are a team that will be fairly decent in a few years. A lot of people were surprised Tim Miles took that job considering what he did at CSU. They have a good recruiting class coming in next year that includes Tai Webster from New Zealand who is a great shooter, 4* on ESPN. They also have a couple transfers (Florida, TAM) sitting out this season. 

I work with a lot of Nebraska fans...

SF Wolverine

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Be a good thing to put these guys comfortably away in the first half, and then work on some quality bench minutes and seeing what Horford has in preparation for a couple of very tough games. 

Perkis-Size Me

January 9th, 2013 at 12:13 PM ^

this will be another chance for beilein to give the rest of the bench some solid playing time. there should be no reason that burke, hardaway or robinson are in this game past the first half other than for padding their stats. then again, i do enjoy me some griii dunking.


January 9th, 2013 at 12:27 PM ^

"You have to pick your poison,” Miles (Tim Miles, Nebraska's head coach) said.

In this case, he plans to get back in transition, pack in his defense and let the nation's fourth-best 3-point shooting team (42.3 percent) fire away. """


Um, is it me or the above strategy a really really really awful idea?  He's going to give Stauskas, Hardaway, Burke, Robinson, and Lavert a green light at the arc?  Wtf?

Bet the over!


January 9th, 2013 at 2:38 PM ^

Among some of the other nice stats, we're 7th in points per game, at last report, as well as 1st in offensive efficieny, 3rd in average scoring margin and 2nd in effective FG percentage. By the numbers to date, a typical night for the Wolverines does involve inflicting some pain on others.


January 9th, 2013 at 1:09 PM ^

Well...as much as that is not going to work, at all, against us, it's not that bad of a strategy.

We're a really really good three point shooting team but transition buckets are the easiest of points and if they are trying to slow down possessions, this may be their only chance of winning:  hope that we're incredibly off from behind the arc and can't get into our flow.

But yeah....poison.


January 9th, 2013 at 1:48 PM ^

I think that they only way they stop our transition baskets is if they decide to not go down the floor for offense.  Of course, I saw their offense against Wisconsin the other day and this might not be a bad idea.