Belk Bowl Open Thread

Submitted by Muttley on December 27th, 2012 at 6:36 PM

Mike Patrick doin' his best Brent Musberger in the pre-game opening.

"This game is monumental for Duke" (vs Cincinnati in the Charlotte-based bowl).



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a la Che Foster vs ND in 1994.

(Although I wouldn't be surprised if it's overturned as a knee down just short of the goal line.)

Duke up 8-0 after going straight down the field on the opening drive.

UPDATE: two-point conversion overturned during the commercial break.


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Lord & Taylor-like store giving $500 gift cards to each player.

Which raises Q2. Why is that not an NCAA infraction?  (Not that I care deeply, but it does seem inconsistent for the rule-bound NCAA.)


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and it means "belch" or "vomit".

I kid you not. I thought at first it was probably a hoax put out by a disgruntled employee, but apparently not.

First of the new bowl names I approve of.

It's also close to old English for "bank" or "ridge", which no doubt is the origin of the name (for someone who lived on a riverbank).


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5:00 to go in the first.  At risk of becoming a blowout.  I like competitive games.


UPDATE: Duke blocks kick for TD after Cincy three-and-out. Duke 16-0.

UCLA vs Baylor at 9:45PM EST.


Leaders And Best

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Performed the same role when Jones left Central Michigan in 2009.  Eerily similar to the path taken by Buffalo HC Jeff Quinn who served as Brian Kelly's interim HC for bowls in 2006 at Central Michigan and 2009 at Cincinnati (both times replaced by none other than Butch Jones). Only difference being Quinn got the Buffalo gig in 2010.

On the official record both Central Michigan and Cincinnati's head coaching progression looks like this:

Brian Kelly (3 years) - Jeff Quinn (interim) - Butch Jones (3 years) - Steve Stripling (interim)


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Kay. Abernathy. Six. That was a nice, nice throw and a great connection. 

Despite the attempt at a block, the PAT gets through. This illustrates how fascinating football can be - Duke has the edge in virtually every major stat, and is losing by one because  of one play. 

EDIT: A successful 53-yard FG wiped out by an illegal substitution call on the Bearcats, and the resulting 48-yard FG is missed. A thing of beauty turned into something that was a foot wide of the goalpost. 


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Team A is the offense, team B is the defense.


b. Team B is allowed to briefly retain more than 11 players on the field to
anticipate the offensive formation, but it may not have more than 11 players
in its formation if the snap is imminent. Whether the snap is imminent or
has just occurred, the officials shall stop the action.


That last sentence is shaded, as is done for a new rule. I can't find a mention of the rule change anywhere but the requirement that the officials stop play in this situation cannot be more than two years old.

Note that the rule requires that all 12 players be in the team's formation. If the 12th man is just running on the field they don't whistle the play; if he's ready for action they do. I'm guessing this rule was put in for safety reasons, to avoid anyone ever running a play with 11 against 12, giving the defense an extra free hitter.


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after driving the six and a half hours from Chicago. Sitting in my girlfriends living room watching the game with her mom and dad (both UC employees) and opening Christmas presents. Glad it sounds like a good game.


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Cool to see Brendon Kay one last time.  He was quite the player for Marine City, leading them to a state title in '07 I believe. I was at the game and remember him flinging a 40-yder on a dead sprint roll-out for a completion.


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Lots of Michigan kids on Cincinnati.  Starting QB, RB and RT are all from the mitten.

EDIT:  In fact Parker Ehringer would have been a nice kid to take that year.  He is a redshirt frosh who started all season at tackle for Cincinnati, and that would be nice to have next season after Lewan bails.