OT: Go See Les Miserables

Submitted by WingsNWolverines on December 26th, 2012 at 7:23 PM
This is beyond off topic but last night I went to see Les Miserables in theaters with my father and his female friend. I was honestly a little intrigued because I saw this broadway show a while back when I was little and to be honest it didn't thrill me much because I was too little to appreciate it. After seeing it last night in its new version my mind after it was over was blown wide open. This is probably one of the greatest movies ever made and might even win best picture. Hugh Jackman not only is bad ass as Wolverine but MY GOD this man can sing beautifully. I was stunned how well he played Jean Valjean. Russel Crowe also sings as he plays Javert the French police captain. He sings too. Good not great though. Anne Hathaway continues to amaze me every time I hear her voice in a song. She's probably the most talented actress in Hollywood right now. She plays Fatine the mother of the little girl Cosette. The girl who plays the other main female character Eponine are actual singers in the real broadway play. Anyway its a very beautiful and an amazing movie and if you are not into musicals or broadway I understand but this movie really has it all and the stage show is even better. I highly recommend this to anyone. I won't lie guys I had tears at the end. This movie will tug at your heart strings. Not many movies have made me cry. This did. 5/5 stars.



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If it didn't fall in the heart of the season.

I'd add the Avengers, which didn't have the emotional heft of others, but was just about as well as you can do a popcorn movie for fun, entertainment, humor, and caring about characters while balancing not only the characters, but actors. And as the cumulation of many movies in a style never before done on film, it was no easy task.


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I do not like the "new" James Bond.  Agent 007 is not some muscle-bound behemouth who looks as though he has been bashed in the face a few too many times.  Bond is suave and mature, intelligent and daring... this new character could be interchanged for any superficial action character.  Connery was by the far the best, though Pierce Brosnan played Bond well.



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There's also the issue of Casino Royale and Skyfall being much more serious films than even Dr. No, Goldfinger, or one of the other early Connery films, which makes Craig seem especially deep in comparison.

Connery might be the better Bond, but Craig is a better actor than he was at the same age, in my opinion.



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Isn't that more about the movies themselves than Craig? There's less of the punny wit that made the early Bond movies great, but more action. I think that the Bond movies have suffered from trying to compromise dialogue for explosions. It might be more of why the recent movies have seemed more serious.


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Wow. For all the posturing we do about being an educated fan base, some of you really are quite uncultured. Not a huge fan of Les Miserables or musical theatre? Fine, people have different tastes in art. The "lol, Gay" reaction many of you seem to have to this is embarrassing though, even for a sports blog.


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When I went to the games in Lawson I cheered for Western for fear of being killed by drunken "Lunatics" but other than that I try to stay a member of the neutral party. My thought was cheer for the school you're paying tuition to while you're there (this theory never worked football wise, having grown up with both parents grads of UM).


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Ahem.  I don't think sports fans generally disparaging a Hollywood production of a musical (which, if you believe the singing was all recorded live.... I have a bridge to sell you and the rest of the sheep) is not indicative of being "uncultured."  That is the same argument hippie musicians and modern artists use to defend their "work".  Don't like painting created by a man vomiting paint onto a table?  You don't understand or appreciate art.

I don't like musicals.  I find them to be boring and unrealistic... really, who sings in everyday life?  So sue me.  I'll be sure to create a thread detailing my latest hunting adventure, particularly detailing the kill shot that will get all the hippies knickers twisted up.  We saw how well that discussion was handled last time it came up.  Perhaps it is best that hobbies weren't discussed on a football website.



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I don't care much for musicals either, but that's not the point. The reaction this thread has received from many hasn't been along the lines of "I don't care much for musicals as an art form because I feel that their romanticized depiction of everyday existence fails to adequately capture our experiences in a relatable way like good theatre should." It's been more like "Ha, you dropped your tampon." The former I find acceptable. The latter should only be uttered by bros sporting tribal tats and affliction shirts. Also, a few threads down is a video game thread that's been civil enough. Lets not pretend that the negative reactions here have solely been because this is OT.


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"You think she is going to take him seriously as a man meeting him in a musical, might as well take ballet lessons you ninny."

Which would kinda be like me saying the only women you'd get who would like the fact you were a hunter probably don't have all their teeth.

Except that would just be an unfair stereotype that is in no way true; and not a bit homophobic in addition.

Doc Brown

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Thank you. Some of the posts on here are especially embarrasing for a fan base that prides itself on being cultured and educated. Congrats all of you that are calling those of us that enjoy going to the theater as "gay," you have shown proof we are no better than the brah's on RCMB. 



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But High Jackman's career started on Broadway/in theatre and he's been singing for years...Russell Crowe also has CDs out...them being able to sing is basically the least surprising thing ever.


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There’s an outtake of Hugh Jackman in his X-Men Wolverine makeup, costume and scissor claws and Sacha Baron Cohen in his Ali G getup with a Michigan warmup suit and skull cap, singing a new song called Master of the Big House. . . . Soon to be covered by JDK and Rey. 


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My snowflake on this thread:

Les Mis: Fine topic of discussion. I did a few musicals myself back in the day and enjoyed it. I enjoy listening to that kind of music and if I weren't so cheap, I might go see it.

OP: Not especially respectful of a woman's dignity. "To get ass, you gotta have class". OP obviously hasn't gotten the first and doesn't have the second.



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was brilliant. Tarantino is a genius. I was very disappointed that a family decided to bring their young daughters, including a 3 year old, and ended up sitting right behind me. I mean, they only threw out the "N" word about 200 times on the screen. Talk about some bad parenting..


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For those of you keeping track at home, things covered so far here include: Jamie Foxx's views on gun violence, terrible pick-up advice,  a ranking of the best James Bond actors, reasons for why young people hate Michigan, and how to balance fandom between multiple schools. 


I'm not even mad, I'm impressed. 

Doc Brown

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I saw it tonight and it was phenomenal. Sam as eponine was cast beautifully. Her time on broadway allowed her to carry this difficult part. Hugh Jackman, aka Mr. Broadway, is great as usual. Russel Crow was alright. Not the most perfect casting. I did like Sasha Baron Cohen as the inn keeper. He always has great comedic timing. The music is beautiful. I hope to see it on stage someday, hopefully on Broadway or at West End. 


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That they chose her for the 25th Anniversary concert. (Now for sale....or every song on YouTube.)

I'd say a lot of the tours at this point are as good as the major stages. Try and at least once see the full production rather than local. The music is the same, but the barricade on stage is a pretty impressive sight.


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This could be the thread that brings down the MGoBlog Dynasty. But seriously, there is some hilarious stuff in this thread. It was definitely worth reading through.


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Ever wonder why everyone, from Kim Kardashian, to Paris Hilton, to Lindsay Lohan is bumping out pop records over the last few years?  It's this thing called "tech-no-lo-gy."

Pro audio technology nowadays is such that anyone and their own asshole can be made to sing like Etta James or Frank Sinatra or Elvis.  The software auto-tunes, corrects pitch, adjusts timing to make sure it's on beat, layers, adds effects, and can take anyone and make them sound good.  I'm not talking about T Pain effect either.  That intentionally exaggerates the correction to make it robotic. 

Watch Moulin Rouge (or don't really, it's about as chick flick as Les Mis) but when I saw that movie, Nicole Kidman and Ewan MacGregor (sp) sounded pitch perfect.  Wasn't them.  It was all technology. 

Sound production is my hobby, and I've corrected many a horrible singer.

Anyway, so while Ann Hathaway and Hugh Jackman may be decent singers in RL, I assure you what you heard in that movie was probably a magnitude of 5 to 10 times better than what actually came out of their vocal chords.


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Whenever I watch a musical like Les Miserables, I am reminded of the part of "Eddie Muphy Delerious" where he makes fun of Elvis movies because Elvis would just sing all of his lines.

"Hey, Elvis, want some lemonade?"

<singing> "Lemonnaaaade.... that cool refreshing drink."


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This thread (most comments, not OP) shows the absolute ugly of this board. I came here to get away from childish name calling and ignorant comments.

MGoCommunity should be ashamed of itself for making us look like some Sparty board.