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Submitted by WingsNWolverines on December 26th, 2012 at 7:23 PM
This is beyond off topic but last night I went to see Les Miserables in theaters with my father and his female friend. I was honestly a little intrigued because I saw this broadway show a while back when I was little and to be honest it didn't thrill me much because I was too little to appreciate it. After seeing it last night in its new version my mind after it was over was blown wide open. This is probably one of the greatest movies ever made and might even win best picture. Hugh Jackman not only is bad ass as Wolverine but MY GOD this man can sing beautifully. I was stunned how well he played Jean Valjean. Russel Crowe also sings as he plays Javert the French police captain. He sings too. Good not great though. Anne Hathaway continues to amaze me every time I hear her voice in a song. She's probably the most talented actress in Hollywood right now. She plays Fatine the mother of the little girl Cosette. The girl who plays the other main female character Eponine are actual singers in the real broadway play. Anyway its a very beautiful and an amazing movie and if you are not into musicals or broadway I understand but this movie really has it all and the stage show is even better. I highly recommend this to anyone. I won't lie guys I had tears at the end. This movie will tug at your heart strings. Not many movies have made me cry. This did. 5/5 stars.



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I think it does a good job of illustrating the lack of hope and oppurtunity faced by those in poverty and who are oppressed which is accurate of the time and could be useful to articulate that but obviously it is not a factual account of history.  

Doc Brown

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So it is dick measuring contest you want. I could whip out my list of publications in PNAS from my research career or my several degrees. However, what good will that do. Thanks for actually reading my earlier post where I said Les Mis is NOT factual at all. 


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June 1832. 1789 this was not.

A fan of revolutions? Both the French and Russian revolutions saw some of the worst human  rights violations in history. Yes, there were some terrific ideals EXPRESSED(such as thr Declaration of the Rights of Man) but few were acted upon. The mere fact tha the French would rebel THREE more times(1832, 1848, and 1871) ought to tell you how ineffective that revolution ultimately was. Then you must consider that these revolutions gave birth to authoritarian regimes equaled by few others in history.


1832 was a crucial time in history? Huh? You did have the creation of Belgium, and the Nullification Crisis in the US, but this period is nowhere  near as important as 1776, 1789, 1848, and 1871.( I suppose you can include The Chartist Movement in England in the years between 1838 and 1848 as well. )


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Of her. A quick bio. Goes to Ohio U is majoring in veterinary school (she loves dogs) and actually has a minor in communication and business management. She's 27 I'm 23 so she's a little older. Loves Ohio St sadly it was clear to her I loved Michigan cause of what I had on. She's also a transfer from Capital. (Small school in Ohio)

Go Ugly Early

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You know your social life is pathetic when you go on MGoBlog to brag about getting a girls number after seeing Les Mis (with your dad).  Seriously, don't you have a friend you could call.  You sound like a 15 year old going on his first ever date.

(FYI, I don't have a problem with the thread.  I just think your "Cool Stroy Bro" comments about meeting girls at the movie reflect poorly on you.  Please make some real friends.)


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You are way-over selling it dude.  It was good, not great.  My girlfriends brother was sitting next to me and fell asleep during it.  If you have never seen the musical you will probably be confused and a little bored.  They recorded the singing live which sacrificed a lot of the theatricality.  I like the musical a lot and this just doesnt compare.  It is a good movie but does not even remotly deserve to be best picture. 


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I'm actually a really big musical fan, but this thread is over the top.  Yeah, it's OT and you marked it as such, but that doesn't mean you need to make a forum post about everything lame movie you really liked.  

I've been known to pop in my RENT DVD on occasion when I'm home alone.  I'm not ashamed of it, but I'm not starting an MGoBlog thread about it either.  


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Your rent DVD is not newsworthy. Les Mis is, by most accounts, the biggest news in entertainment right now.

So, apples, oranges, something, something.

Also, there's NOTHING to talk about right now anyway and the board is dead as a doorknob. Anyone whining about this deserves to be negged to oblivian.


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Oh my that is rich.  The "biggest news in entertainment right now."  Spare me the "news" coming out of the Left Coast.  My wife watches enough of those evening television programs stalking "celebrities" lives for me to understand what "news" is.  Last week it was that actress "forgetting" to wear undergarments, followed by her faux anger.  Congratulations lady, whoring yourself does get you noticed.  I've heard enough blabbering from the no talent hacks in Hollywood for two lifetimes.  I can't wait to see them all pat each other on the back at award shows for "acting," whatever the hell that is.  Half of the "actors" are famous for no reason other than that photogenic appearance and their "career" is based off of living fake lives, sleeping their way to the top, doing illegal drugs, and essentially being good liars. 

This is a goddamn football message board, discussion about a musical is about as far that as possible.  Would anyone like to discuss the best way to make an omlet in another thread?  That is more on-point than this drivel.  I swear the only reason this topic was created was for that boy to brag about his exploits talking to a real woman.  Bah!  You think she is going to take him seriously as a man meeting him in a musical, might as well take ballet lessons you ninny.



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Geez, the insecure RCMB'ers are out in full force tonight.

I'm sure I'll hit a movie in the next week or so, but I'm thinking I'll wait for Les Mis to come out on video. Probably will go see Django, but not sure yet. I actually have never seen a Tarantino film in theatres.


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That just seem to be wanting to call the whole thing "homo." Never got the whole "I'm too manly for the theater" thing. Or really anything else. Always sounds insecure. And particularly bad when the Wall Street Journal just ran an article on how Michigan along with Carnegie Mellon have the theater departments that are having the most success with putting people on Broadway.


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I don't know if the general sentiment is that theater isn't manly, just that this is a super weird post for a sports blog.  Most of the OT posts are about things that many sports fans tend to enjoy - pro sports, video games, etc.  

I'm not saying people shouldn't go see the movie, or that I necessarily wouldn't enjoy it, just that it's a super weird post for a college football blog.


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It looks like I was referring to your post when I wasn't. More the "I WOULD NEVER SEE SOMETHING LIKE THAT" posts. I mean, you ask about a guy's manhood when he misses Michigan Footbsll game because his wife wants to go shopping. Not because he sees a movie where people sing. It's not like it was a "you have to go see Twilight" post.

Edit: and I'd say in the video game thread if you yelled "too off topic" I'd still disagree, but it'd be fair. If you said "what are you, 12? You still play video games? Do you live in your Mom's basement?" that would be the equivalent and unfair and I would object.


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Why should it be so weird? I happen to be a Michigan football fanatic, a flute player, a singer, a theatre major, a musical theatre lover, a man, and a heterosexual.

Maybe it is weird as it is, but I thought "Leaders and Best" meant thinking of things that are "weird" as normal before everyone else does. I totally encourage this post and condemn fools who seem emasculated by the idea that fans of football and fans of musicals are not mutually exclusive.


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Blue collar folks don't care much for  staged drama. Unlike Europe, where all classes grow up enjoying Shakespeare, drama is very much a  signature of a bourgeois lifestyle.  Just look at the price of tickets on broadway and the required attire to attend such performances.  Only people who make a comfortable living( starting at around $100,000) can afford to attend such an event.

For the common man, their entertainment involves drinking beer, gambling, and watching sports. The drama they prefer are often violent, gritty, or both.  Urbanity is not to be found here.


December 27th, 2012 at 10:48 AM ^

Meh. Location is more an indicator.

Going to a Lions game can be as expensive as a broadway show. You don't have to earn $100,000 to do anything. I earn less than half that and I have paid for a trip to Europe. I think buying a broadway ticket would be a little cheaper.

It's about priorities and managing money. I for one love drinking beer, gambling and watching sports. I also love art, cinema, and travel.

I like to think of it as having an open mind and being smart with my money so I can do a little of everything.


December 27th, 2012 at 11:07 AM ^

in several forms of culture v. sporting events. In Chicago, a Lyric Opera subscription costs a good deal less than Bears season tickets (as little as $20 per ticket opposed to an average of $110 per Bears season ticket). In the luxury seats this is even more pronounced, where a club or box seat at a Bears game is, on average, nearly 200% the cost of comparable seating at the opera.

Further, the Fan Cost Index the NFL tracks for the Bears is a little north of $600, which would buy a family of four a set of seats to The Book of Mormon (I believe the most popular act in town at the moment) and dinner at one of the mid-range restaurants in the Theatre District.