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Submitted by WingsNWolverines on December 26th, 2012 at 7:23 PM
This is beyond off topic but last night I went to see Les Miserables in theaters with my father and his female friend. I was honestly a little intrigued because I saw this broadway show a while back when I was little and to be honest it didn't thrill me much because I was too little to appreciate it. After seeing it last night in its new version my mind after it was over was blown wide open. This is probably one of the greatest movies ever made and might even win best picture. Hugh Jackman not only is bad ass as Wolverine but MY GOD this man can sing beautifully. I was stunned how well he played Jean Valjean. Russel Crowe also sings as he plays Javert the French police captain. He sings too. Good not great though. Anne Hathaway continues to amaze me every time I hear her voice in a song. She's probably the most talented actress in Hollywood right now. She plays Fatine the mother of the little girl Cosette. The girl who plays the other main female character Eponine are actual singers in the real broadway play. Anyway its a very beautiful and an amazing movie and if you are not into musicals or broadway I understand but this movie really has it all and the stage show is even better. I highly recommend this to anyone. I won't lie guys I had tears at the end. This movie will tug at your heart strings. Not many movies have made me cry. This did. 5/5 stars.



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Please, please tell me that this isn't happening. 


I'm a fan of musicals and Broadway (although I think Les Mis is incredibly overrated), but: 




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Also, from a practical matter, these last two days are probably the most forgiving window for these posts until at least April. With hardly anything of major interest* for the community going on in sports at the moment, the movie posts and PS3 posts and whatnot are a lot less likely to get taken off the board.

*Seriously, think about it. There has been one ranked college basketball game the past two days, one bowl game tonight, the Lions have one game left, no Red Wings and the Pistons don't seem to get a lot of coverage from the board. High school sports are on break and every M team that gets any threads is either out of season or on a break from games.


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At. This moment we have 45 comments on W. Kentucky - CMU, because it's that bad out there.

We can blog. On making snow men if anyone wants to get out to the iagand make them.

(Speaking of snowmen, if I hadn't been watching it dvr'd the Dr. Who Christmas Special almost seemed topic worthy to me. That Jenna Louise-Coleman is a peach.)

King Douche Ornery

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1. People take this "OT" shit so seriously. I imagine the basement dweller actually pondering "Hmm...OT, I mean, I don't want to mis-post something and get neg-banged. Wow, such a tough decision, especially since this board is so intelligent and all the posts are always so well thought out..."

2. Russell Crowe: Sucks. As an actor and EXPECIALLy as a singer. Holy shit. Monotone. No range. Flat. No power. JaVer is a character that needs to be played by someone who cares.

3. One of the best ever? Holy shit. The bar hasn't dropped--it's gone.


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Is he donating his paycheck for Django to the families of the victims? Was told by someone who saw it that this was QT's most violent film (in a good way). Hard to say violence in movies is bad, go see my movie so I get paid more for the next one. Nothing wrong with the view either way; just the consistency.


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You can make an argument the other way.  You're correct, but he may in fact be recognizing the fact of what he's saying only now.  His movie was made months (or years) ago.  If he comes out later and says he's not making movies like this anymore, it's really just a change of opinion on his part (but yes hypocritical in the moment if he's still promoting Django)

When I say argue the other way, most of Hollywood is anti-gun, while at the same time producing, directing, and starring in movies in which they do little besides wield many, many guns.  Shooting and killing people, often to glamourized effect.  Taking no side on either issue, this is blatant hypocrisy.  If Foxx is recognizing this fact, he's only seeing what is increasingly obvious to others.


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And not feel watching it in movies or video games or whatever contributes to it. One could stand behind their views and not be hypocritical about it. Likewise someone could be pro right to arm and feel violence is movies is bad for people. It's not your politics...just backing how you feel. He may have come to this realization. He can't unmake the movie. But he got a really big check for it. If he feels it's blood money now there are all sorts of charities or advocacy groups that could use the money.


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It seems inherently hypocritcal to me.  If one believes art has the power to inspire, doesn't it also have the power to corrupt?  If the finale to Beethoven's 9th is an anthem of Universal Brotherhood, isn't the compelling evil of Hannibal Lecter or Dexter and invitation to examine one's darker side?

It doesn't seem logical to assume only the good things affect behavior.  If a movie, song, or painting has ever pumped someone up, or inspired one to do wonderful or charitable things, it follows that those same things can depress or lead to harmful/hurtful behaviors.


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Then I can see the hypocrisy in it. One can also believe a movie doesn't really make people better or worse people; or distinguish popcorn entertainment from art. I don't see that as hypocritical. Then it's simply a matter of whether one agrees if they are right or wrong; they can have consistent if erroneous beliefs.


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Sort of funny story.  Last night I bought a ticket for Django, and mistakenly stood in the line for Les Mis for about 10 minutes before I realized it was the wrong line.  Thank Jesus I asked somebody if I was in the correct line, because that would have been an unwelcome surprise once I walked in the theater. 


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My wife and kids saw it last night, but I opted out and stuck with Netflix at home. The chick flick potential for Les Miserables kept me away and my wife came away unimpressed with the movie anyway.


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les miz is in no way a chick flick.  Yeah sure its a musical so there is singing but the in the play version at least has some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard.  Also if you ever read the novel by victor hugo you would understand this is nowhere near a chick flick, it touches on the struggle of poverty, what people will sacrifice for their children, the struggle to reform after committing a crime and the obstacles faced by ex-felons, the desire to overthrow oppression and more.  Seriously you may not want to see the movie but don't not see it because it is a chick flick.  Also read the novel by victor hugo, he is a hell of writer and a lot of the things discussed in the novel closely mirror many problems still in society today.


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From French to Russian. I loved the storyline and it my opinion its a story for everyone about rising above oppression and tyranny to be free and to not work as slaves or be slaves. This is about a crucial time period in world history. Forgive me for trying to be knowledgeable in things that are important besides hockey and football. I'm not single minded to one interest. I won't post anything OT again of this nautre if that's what you want. Jeez. I'm being stoned here for nothing.

Ak47's paragraph is proof that a college education includes more than just sports. This guy has actually healed my faith somewhat in humanity. Some of you people might want to broaden your horizons. Might help just saying. I agree about Lincoln being best picture too. Daniel Day Lewis and Tommy Lee Jones were amazing.