Derrick Green reportedly down to two

Submitted by MGoVoldemort on December 17th, 2012 at 8:47 PM
@NeylandNews: Per Brent Hubbs, it's down to UT and Michigan to land highly coveted '13 VA RB 5* Derrick Green, with his mother... Never heard of this guy, and Mike Farrell has usually had the best info when it comes to Derrick Green, and he hasn't reported this yet.



December 17th, 2012 at 9:22 PM ^

My first thought when reading this was when did Utah get in the picture. Tennessee makes a lot more sense. Honestly on second thought I would rather go to Utah.


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If Dawson or every lineman is in his ear or whether UT has zero lineman, this choice is going to lean on where his mother wants him to be, this is the reason why he hasn't committed. Hoke has had the full court press on him since July. Hoke doesn't have to convince Derrick, he's gotta make his family feel comfortable...this of course is all through the grapevine.


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And i see low 4 * high 3*. I don't see why he is so hyped up, he is obviously a good runningback, but i think in the long run Deveon Smith is our starter, now that boy runs like a tank.


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Please correct my grammar for me like you're my English teacher, not all of us can afford a first class education my friend. It's funny that if you don't rub this kid's dick you get immediately negged. God forbid that i speak my opinion on a public blog.


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Give the guy a break. Just because he's new doesn't mean he can't voice his opinion. Lots of us say what we think about recruits, and none of us are pro scouts. He said it was his opinion, and he's entitled to that.

I've watched both of their films, and I like Smith better, too. He's just as big, less fast, but runs better. I know I don't agree with Rivals. Sue me.


December 18th, 2012 at 9:36 AM ^

You just nailed it.  Smith is an exceptional, blue chip back.  Top 10 running back.  Many, including me, like his film better.

BUT there are 2 main things why Green is ranked higher -

1) ceiling.  He may be a slight step down as a power runner compared to Smith, but Green can take it to the house.  Tough to teach speed. 

2) Green plays against better competition, so adjusting the film to the competition, is Greens film then as impressive?  More impressive?  I don't know.


December 17th, 2012 at 10:16 PM ^

Rivals and scout rank Green as a 5 star. Espn has him as a top 50 player and the newer 24/7 has him as a top 150 player. All 4 of these sites offer at least some pros and cons for Green as a running back justifying their ranking of him.

You, as a new poster on this blog, think he is a high 3 star and offer no insightful thoughts on why you think so other than just stating it as your opinion. People are labeling you as a troll not because you aren't sucking Greens dick, but because we think your evaluation of talent know.


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1. You don't need a Harvard education to use high school grammar. Which would be forgivable, if

2. You didn't use phrases like "rub this kid's dick." No one wants to know why you're thinking about rubbing teenage boys dicks.

3. It's not a public blog. Your tax dollars didn't go to it. It's Brian's blog.  He set up a system where some (minor) standards can be upheld. If he wanted complete freedom he'd allow anything, not have any voting, and no mods.  Some would like that. They can start their own blogs.

4. Complaining about it, particularly as a new guy, is never going to endear people to you or your opinion.


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I think it's more important for hoke to prove he can get an highly rated skill player but I don't see that much from green as a running back. Smith looks way more explosive then green. I think green looks like a 4 star at best. I think a back like Fred Taylor's son looks a lot better.