Rivals Headline Re Derrick Green (Good)

Submitted by jbibiza on December 10th, 2012 at 9:34 AM

The front page headline on Rivals: "Green says Michigan has the edge."

Sam Webb has been saying that we are the team to beat for sometime, but this is the first time that Green has confirmed that status.  We can definitely use both him and Deveon Smith to bolster a shaky RB situation (especially if Fitz cannot come back to full strength).



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We might not like it, but these kids haven't seen the days when Michigan was awesome.  They have grown up in an age when Lloyd Carr was nearing retirement, when Rich Rodriguez went 16-22, and when Michigan hasn't produced much in the way of running backs or wide receivers.

They probably don't think "national powerhouse" when they think of Michigan.

In reality, Ole Miss is a middle-of-the-pack in the country's best conference.  And Michigan is in the upper half (along with OSU, Wisconsin, MSU, etc.) of the country's 2nd/3rd/4th? best conference.


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yeah, I guess I didn't think of that...even some people my age in their mid-20's seem to forget Michigan being really good......we need to show these kids some videos of the A-Train, Terrell, Manningham, Mike Hart, Edwards, Howard, Perry, Biakibatuka tearing up OSU, Woodson, Shazor, Marlin Jackson, etc....plus we should show them some video of Shane and our incoming o-linemen. I have high hopes for Green, middling for McQuay, and obvioulsy low now for Treadwell. Here is to hoping the Chesson, Darboh, and Funchess become the next Breaston, Avant, Edwards tandem.


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I know this is now way OT.....but you played at Central?  I played at Lexington Christian from 03-06...did you by any chance play under Paul Rains before he left for LCA? Just wondering because he was my coach....great guy, great coach.


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but Treadwell and Green would be serious talent upgrades in both positions for us. With what our offensive line would look like in 2014 (maybe even late 2013), I would imagine that'd be a draw for both a receiver and a running back (more time for the QB to throw in the pocket and more holes to punch through). It seems like it would be a great opportunity to be an offensive skill position player.

I know the SEC is a better conference than the B1G at the moment, but I expect that disparity to close at least a bit with a resurgent Michigan.

It does makes me wish we'd been able to keep hold of Standifer, though.


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"Our offensive line is going to be good" is not as good of an argument as "Our offensive line is already good and will continue to be."

I'm not saying Ole Miss and other schools can make that pitch, but WE all think about the 2014 offensive line because we're fans and that's what we do.  These kids want to see production on the field, not just hypotheticals.  Alabama can recruit stud after stud because they've seen good offensive lines and the stud running backs running behind them.


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We need Green.. He is a must.. The ohio game is proof that we need a RB more than any other position.. Get Dawson back, grab green, and get either Treadwell or Mcquay III, it will be best Class we have had in a really long time.



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You're right - in most examples, guys who say they want to play together end up choosing different schools for a variety of reasons. 

However, this situation isn't typical.  These are two guys who have their favorites narrowed down pretty far, with one school in common, and that one school is the leader for both kids late in the process. 

It's one thing to say in April that you want to play in college with your buddy.  It's another to talk to your buddy, realize you're both favoring the same school in December, and decide that that's enough to push it over the edge. 

Perkis-Size Me

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i'm not surprised. if green comes here, he would be running behind what should become one of the best, if not the best offensive line in the country in a couple years. he should see immediate playing time, too, if he lives up to his billing. if he can improve his overall speed, especially his breakaway speed, i can't imagine what he'll be able to accomplish.

Leroy Hoard

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Magnus (or any other film watcher), care to compare Green vs. Greg Bryant (recent ND commit)?  I'm curious since you seem to have been a bit skeptical re: Green even though he's the #1 ranked RB in some circles.


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I'm skeptical in that I don't think Green is the #1 running back in the country.  I do think that he can be a good running back.

Bryant is a little more like Cierre Wood who's currently at Notre Dame.  I don't think he's going to blow people away with his speed, but he's fairly shifty, fairly powerful, and fairly fast.  He's more physically developed than Wood was coming out of high school, though, so I imagine Bryant will be a bigger version.

Green is a little more like Montee Ball.  A straight-ahead bruiser who has improved his balance in the past year.  My biggest knock on Green has been his inability to keep his feet through contact, which was a HUGE problem as a junior.  His senior film is much better, in my opinion.

The Wolf

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Magnus, thank you for that insight.  I, and many other posters I would assume, really appreciate your insight and analysis with respect to specific players.  I try to follow as much as I can, but I just don't have the time to be able to follow all of the different recruits.  It's great to have a (informed) poster who can shed some light and make comparisons on specific players.

TL; DR -- Thanks


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an elite WR. This class has all the makings of a great future, but Hoke needs to show me some skills players. Stribling will be a great surprise though. He will be a stud at UM.

Perkis-Size Me

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he may very well be, but hoke needs to be able to land those julio jones/trent richardson types of skill players. he's shown the ability to land elite defensive guys, but as far as offensive skill players, outside of morris, he doesn't have anyone. i know, recruit stars aren't everything, but you still need to land some of those guys. fortunately, it looks like michigan has the inside lane to green's commitment.


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So far he has only completed one full recruiting cycle. For 2012 and 2013 so far, at skill positions we have 1 5 Star, 4 4 stars, and are the favorites for another 5 star and have a decent shot another 5 star. This has been during a period of recruiting where we have been heavily focused on rebuilding the OL and defense. Criticism that Hoke can't recruit skill position players is stupid. 


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It's great that we have our QB of the future and all, but I agree that our talent at RB/WR needs some work. LSU, Bama, etc. still have very talented players at these positions even if they are not hyper productive.

The days of a Roundtree level player as our pseudo-primary receiver need to end. I know our interior line was brutal at times this year, but it's obvious to me that we need better talent at RB to succeed in a manball offense.


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It would be nice to get some good recruiting news, on a side note A and M picked up Seals Jones that puts them up to 33 commits. How is that possible? 


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"Academics are very important to me."

If Green was announcing his decision next week, then a statement about where any particular school stood might be relevant. Since he's already stated that he's open to other schools and recruiting is "picking up again, concluding from one statement that Michigan is his likely destination is nothing more than wishful thinking at this point. I still think he's a long shot to leave the South.

I don't think we'll land Treadwell, McQuay, or Green.