OT rumors: Bielema to Arkansas (per Yahoo!)

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In a stunning coup, Arkansas will hire Wisconsin's Bret Bielema as its next football coach, Yahoo! Sports has learned.

Bielema, who has taken the Badgers to three straight Rose Bowls, was nowhere on the radar amid months of speculation over who Arkansas would hire.

An announcement will come today, sources told Y! Sports, but Bielema is not expected to be introduced until Wednesday.


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Milwaukee resident here: people I know are not upset about this, mostly because they have always known how much of a douchebag he is. They are of the opinion that he has coasted on the success of Alverez and that the next coach will pick up right where Burt left off. I am unqualified to have an opinion on Bielema's ability to coach, but I d know that he's a total ass hole and am personally glad that he is no longer associated with Wisconsin. I know many will say that I am wrong because he wins, and winning is more important for the conference than not being an ass hole, but I disagree. I think the most important rule in life is don't be an ass hole


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I will be crucified for this, but I am really not all that concerned with losing Bielema. I realize he has had success at Wisconsin (3 Rose Bowls) and a winning record. I also understand this looks bad for the big Ten, but i think Wisconsin can bring in someone to do just as well. It is not like Bielema was a sexy hire when he was promoted to Head Coach. I just was never impressed with him as a head coach. I think a lot of the success was driven by his coordinators, which of course reflects well on him as the head coach as he hired them. I just do not believe he will be successful with his style of football in the SEC unless he is able to do some phenomenal recruiting. Wisconsin when compared to an SEC program like Arkansas does not have near the pressure to win. He is going to feel that pressure to win from day one. I understand the allure of the SEC as they are the hot conference and the South is a hotbed of recruiting, but be careful what you wish for. Win big and win fast or get fired before they contract is up.


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to mention that much of his success was recruiting luck. Not trying to knock him for it, but let’s be honest. He managed to get Russell Wilson for one year. No way they would have had success last year without him. Same comment in regards to not having Montee Ball. This year they really were not very good in a weak Big ten conference. Yes they are going to the rose Bowl, but they back doored there way in with 2 teams in their division not being bowl eligible.

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I am suprised that no one has metioned this yet so I must be crazy. I don't think he was scared of Urban and OSU but after 5-6 great years at Wis and having the pick of the litter when it came to HUGE OL and POWER running back recruits with the increased number of B1G teams going to the spread (RR years), Now Hoke is putting togather a better version of what he wants to do and Wisc wont be able to recruit the guys they want. Maybe I am crazy but I think he saw that there was no where to go but down in the pecking order in the B1G and now is the best time to get out. Thoughts?


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Honestly, he jumped ship when the time was perfect for him.  He'd gone to 2 Rose Bowl games previously (legit), then was gifted a 3rd for his resume...that's as much as he could hope for.  I'd bet that Dantonio is wishing he'd have gauged interest after last year, as his stock may have peaked and he may have missed any potential opportunities.

Only problem I have with it is that is leaves the school you're bailing on hanging, along with the recruits that these coaches had built relationships with.  The NCAA obviously has more flaws than can be counted...but this is one of many rules that should be changed.  Make them wait until after the bowls to talk to potential suitors.  Maybe this would get the bowl games bumped up a bit a week as well.   


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This will basically assure that one of them goes to the Big Ten CC every year and the loser still probably goes to a BCS game as the "2nd best" team in the conf.

a win win for the Big Ten with both programs in the BCS most years.


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A move like this isn't necessarily about B1G vs SEC.

There might have been some friction between Bielema and Alvarez that we don't know about. Sure, it might have been the money, maybe Alvarez is just cheap. It might have simply been time for him to make a move just because he wanted to do something different. He's a pretty young guy. Maybe he just felt itchy.

I don't much care for the guy, in any event. Wisconsin will (I hope) maintain its profile as a good team, because the B1G needs good teams.