Notre Dame is going to the championship game

Submitted by orobs on November 24th, 2012 at 11:18 PM
Fuck everything about today



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this whole season was fucked from day one.. not just for michigan.. USC ranked number 1. they end up with 5 losses maybe 6.  OSU going 12-0 when they should have lost 3 of their first 4 and few others in the BIG.  and now ND is gonna have a chance to be National Champs.. whats the countdown till next season?


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We could, but we don't have the talent ND has.  They have running backs with power and speed and we don't.  Their offensive line is better.  And I hate to say it, but we have Al and his inexplicable play-calling.  And oh yeah, we play a tougher schedule in general.

What OSU and ND did this year, they did with 8 home games.  When we were 11-2 last year, we had 8 home games.  Thanks to Delany and Brandon, we will probably never have 8 home games again.


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I'm not necessarily talking about next season, but sometime in the next few years, while Mattison is still here and we gradually upgrade the overall talent level.  I wouldn't completely rule out a run next year though, with most of the big games at home.

Why don't you think Brandon would want eight home games again?  If anything, one of the criticisms of him has been that he wants to play too many nonconference games at home. 



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I think most of the country just became Nick Saban fans.


When he (odds are) gets past Georgia, he'll have over a month to prepare for Notre Dame.  Nick Saban is possibly the best game planer in the country.  I would worry Irish fans.

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Congrats to ND and Jack Swarbrick for having the foresight to hire Brian Kelly in 2009. A lot of old time MGobloggers were clamoring for BK to get hired back in 2007 but we got what we got as Sailor Bill was perfecting his squash game. I doubt ND survives the SEC winner but still an amazing job in just 3 short years. I only wish we had the same expectations for our own program. Alas, even the holy grail of a Big10 Championship has eluded us for nearly a decade now.


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This just in: SEC announces they will begin negotiations to include Notre Dame for football immediately by giving them $500 million dollars and a giant gold statue of Jesus slapping Nick Saban with a fish so that the National Championship Game will be another SEC vs. SEC matchup.


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But with 14 teams in the conference and ND going away, no one wants to do a home-home with Michigan.  I don't want tomato cans.  I want real football, but no real team will come here.

It'll be directional michigan schools and some tomato can now that ND is leaving.  We'll probably go to 9-conference games which will reduce the ooc schediule by one and one home game.

Whoever decided we should play Nebraska, ND and OSU on the road in the same year should be fired!


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But these are two different issues.  Scheduling home-and-homes makes it harder to get to eight home games, not easier.   If we start loading up on bodybag games in September, we'll be regularly playing eight home games per year.  Even if the league goes to a nine-game schedule, that still leaves three OOC slots available.



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Look I know we're Michigan and we want to play and beat the best but in this day and age a few cupcakes will only help us in pursuit of a natl title. Look at ND this year they play navy, Pitt, bc, wake, byu... They get to the championship game by only beating a few good teams opposed to our schedule this year where we've played a hell of a non conference schedule that obviously hurt us. If we play a middle of the pack team and don't shoot ourselves vs ND and our death plan that was Nebraska we could of and should of been 11-0 going into today.

Tough schedules are good and bad for obvious reasons. I'm not saying play middle Tennessee western state tech 4 times but I've always been a fan of starting with a cupcake and then gaining opponent strength each week prior to the conference schedule.


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I didn't even think of that! How much would this loss burn inside our souls if we too were undefeated? Or if only we won that Nebraska game, championship on the line, lose to Ohio? How happy the bucs wouldve been to ruin that, the year they go undefeated, and cant have a postseason? We would never hear the end of it. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.... [email protected] Ohio

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I'd like to think Nick Saban will draw up a masterful game plan and destroy Notre Dame. But I swear, Notre Dame is like a team of destiny this year. They just don't fucking lose. Their front seven is as good if not better than Bama's. And their offense, while not overly potent, just doesn't make mistakes and shoot itself in the foot like it did all of last year.

I could so easily see a situation where Alabama moves the ball at will but inexplicably fumbles the ball four times and hands the national championship to Notre Dame. Or they have to consistently settle for field goals inside the Notre Dame 10 yd line because that's all they can get against that front seven.

I see a 17-12 Notre Dame kind of win. Unless Georgia pulls the upset over Bama and takes their spot in the title game. At which point I'd just hand the crystal football to Notre Dame.


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But I think we all know that Nick Saban is the devil.  

I am hoping that Alabama curb stomps them like they did that lucky 11 win Michigan State team in 2010.  ND caught so many breaks this year, and nothing would make me happier than ND putting up 42 points in the first half on them.


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if georgia beats bama ........ Come on SEC Kill the irish.  I mean kill them, humiliate them ,run the score up please, this season cant go on like this.  I hate Saban and i dont trust Georgia to beat the Irish.  Roll Tide.


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I will feel a lot better.  Saban has always been thought of as satan anyway and he'll do whatever it takes to win.

This would be the ONLY time I would root for satan.


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Honest question here guys... Does anyone believe we will be national championship contenders with the offense were going to run?

No offense to man ball but it seems as if most man ball teams are average at best...