Devin Gardner Appreciation Thread

Submitted by SugarShane on November 3rd, 2012 at 3:01 PM


Devin, wanna burn your redshirt and hand the ball off so I can teach Tate Forcier a lesson?  OK, coach.


Come in as a hybrid QB/WR in a dual-QB formation to mix it up?  No problem, coach.


We're thin at wideout, Devin.  Do you mind relinquishing your role as a heir to the QB throne to help our depth?  Sure thing coach.


Nevermind, Devin.  That didn't work out very well.  Wanna give it a go at QB this week?





Ultimate team player, and looks to be one hell of a QB.  Minnesota or not, this kid just made me very optimistic about the 2013 season.  



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The stat line for Gardner really was fantastic - 12/18 for 234 yards and 2 TDs with 1 INT, even helping a bit in the rushing game with 21 yards. For someone that had reportedly gotten no reps at this position this season until this week (and who was last in a game as QB last year in Illinois), that is a great show. Thank you, Devin Gardner. 


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With his performance today, the real question is how do you move DG back to WR and not let him finish the rest of the season at QB. Time to move Denard to slot and let him audition for the NFL!!!


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Denard is a RB, plain and simple. He is a liability when he throws the ball. Even if Denard's touches were significantly fewer in a lead RB role he would have much more room to break free for the huge plays. I understand most Michigan fans are sentimental when it comes to Denard but the bottom line is the team will be better if Devin is playing QB going forward. His passing ability demands respect and will not only make our passing game better but will provide better opportunities for the run game also. It's time some of you stop viewing this situation through dilithium colored glasses.


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If today's performance is any indication... Devin Gardner playing WR has helped him develop as a QB.  He saw the field much better today than he did last season.  He made better decisions and he knew where his WRs were at all times.  Pehaps his experience at wide out has helped him learn the passing game better.  This bodes well for 2013.


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I don't know if it's a fair comparison. All of Devin's play last year came off the bench when he'd spent the week as the #2 QB. Gameplanning as the #2 QB, taking snaps as the #2 QB, etc.

This game, he spent the week as the #1 guy essentially. That can make a huge difference. The offensive gameplan this week was built around Gardner, instead of being built around Denard and then adjusted mid-game to deal with Gardner.


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I saw Brian's tweets and assumed that Devin had only 3 completions with 3 picks (and stabbed a puppy). Maybe the tweets were time delayed. Props to Devin for a great performance!


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Devin has done everything that can be expected out of a player and then some.

If I may be so bold as to quote myself from the game thread...


"Somebody needs to make a Devin Gardner appreciation thread. This guy is a coach's dream. He's done everything the program has asked of him and more.

"He came in as the Rivals number one overall ranked QB, and took a back up role behind Denard. He stayed on through the coaching change and bought into his role as a sort of hybrid QB/RB in our "Joker" packages last year. Then, this year, he moved to receiver because we really needed an outside threat, and has performed as well as anyone could possibly expect at that position. Now, when called upon to move back to QB mid-season, he's done so, and we haven't heard anything out of him other than he's a fantastic teammate and a really positive, upbeat kid.

"Devin Gardner, you sir, are one of a kind." 


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The only way Denard isn't back at QB next week is if he makes the decision to start getting ready for the NFL. There is no way Hoke can pull his Sr. QB that has been Michigan for 3 years.


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Devin woulda been coming in cold at QB having taken 0 snaps in practice and all of them at WR.  It mighta worked out better than Bellamy's... performance, but I can understand why you don't put Devin in that situation with no prep.  If you're throwing Bellamy to the lions, I can see how the coaches are thinking that it's tenfold worse to put Devin in there without having practiced at ALL at QB

Also, I guarantee that the happiest guys on the team right now are BOTH Devin and Denard


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Don't forget, DG started out just as rough as RB last week:




But he had the composure to recover and get it all together for a big win for him and the program.