ND-Stanford Call

Submitted by TheGhostofYost on October 13th, 2012 at 7:44 PM

I was just curious what everyone's thoughts were on the end of the ND game.  Looked like a clear touchdown to me.  Am I missing something?



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is that a decision that forward progress has been stopped is not reviewable. They can review the spot at which progress was stopped but they can't reverse the official's decision that it happened. It's the same as a player stepping out of bounds, or an official ruling that a ball carrier's knee was down*. Even if replay shows it didn't happen it can't be reversed.

It's not the whistle, it's the official's determination...so in a sense it's similar to the hockey rule, but with sanity.


*I'm not talking about a fumble where they're checking whether the ball came out before or after contact with the ground--the kind of play I'm talking about is where, say, a ball carrier stumbles at the 25 and the official steps in to rule that his knee was down. He rights himself and runs into the endzone--the call on the field is that he was down at the 25, but replay shows that he managed to keep his knee off the ground. Replay can't award a touchdown in this situation.

Rather be on BA

October 13th, 2012 at 7:48 PM ^

1) Call on the field was a stop.  2) Forward progress seemed to be stopped before that final surge.  3) Ball may have been out before reaching the goal line. 

I understand that we all hate ND but I think it would have been just about as controversial to over rule that call than it has been to let it stand.  I don't have a problem with it.  Down-vote away.

Mich Mash

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as much as it hurts for ND to finally be in the midst of an official return to glory...their ability to keep winning makes Michigan look so much better.  Think about it...yes we've lost 2 games, but it was to the #1 and #7 teams in the country.  And Notre Dame will probably be #5 on Sunday thanks to a monumental meltdown by West Virginia and a tough loss by South Carolina.


October 14th, 2012 at 12:14 AM ^

I will cheer for Notre Dame to keep winning.  I have this rather "unrealistic" hope that, at the Rose Bowl, Michigan will win to finish off a 12-2 year, while the only two teams to beat them are playing for the BCS Championship the following week.

Stranger things have happened.  

5th and Long

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There was one angle they showed where you could see the ball come out and the lineman who revovered grabbed it on the field side of the goal line and then moved it across. You can't see the rest of the lineman's body but based on the torso you could partially see you'd have to assume his knees were on the ground. So even then the recovery was in the field of play and he would've been down befor sliding the ball across the line.

NOLA Wolverine

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Yeah, the call had to be that forward progress ended if we take Mike Pereira's comment about whistles to be fact. If they didn't call progress then Stanford scored with Taylor reaching over, and if that wasn't good enough, when he fumbled and his o lineman got it. Did anyone catch what the officials statement on the play was? 

Actually, looking back, I could see one more call leading to an ND victory: fumblerooski on Stanford. 


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It was a clear TD unless the refs blew the whistle, or considered him stopped at the line. I'm really confused by the conclusion to the review being "the play stands as called." I don't get why they wouldn't be able to actually confirm or reverse the call. That was a pretty lame/embarassing way to lose for Stanford.


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Along with the announcement that the play stands as called, they also said there would be no celebration penalty because the players thought, incorrectly, that the game was over.

For one thing, that's welcome sanity; for a second, it confirms that in the officials' view the game was not over at that point which means there had been no ruling that forward progress had been stopped.


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There was nothing clear about that play. It was going to stand whichever way they called it on the field. In my opinion his forward progress was stopped and then he reached the ball out across the line.

Avant's Hands

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My understanding was that since it went to review forward progress was not a consideration. If they called the play dead by forward progress then there would be no reason to review. They went to review, though, and he was clearly in the end zone. ND got the benefit of several horrible calls in the last couple minutes that allowed them to win the game. If that game was played in Palo Alto, Stanford would have won.


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If I was a Stanford fan, I'd be pretty pissed. Good thing hardly anyone roots for Stanford football. The camera angle on the runner's side clearly shows him scoring and fumbling immediately after, but that's irrelevant. It also looked like his elbow may have been down. My only misgiving is the elbow thing. Looks like they got screwed. 

blue note

October 14th, 2012 at 12:53 AM ^

In slow motion you can see his left elbow is down before his right arm is finished moving the ball forward - but its hard to tell exactly where the ball is when the elbow is down. Close call


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I wondered if maybe they thought it was a fumble, and then the other Stanford player recovered it, but first had it 6 inches outside and pulled it back in. I can see why they called the review the way they did, but kinda surprised they didn't call it a TD on the field.

I do know one thing; I've scarcely been so unimpressed by a top 10 team. Now ensues the endless ND ballwashing. 


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I think the bigger issue was the "helmet to helmet" call against Stanford that knocked out Golson.  The replay showed that there was no helmet to helmet and the penalty gave ND an extra 15 yards nearing the end of the game.  Without that penalty, ND loses its QB and it is a very different ball game.