Black Heart Gold Podcast with The Only Colors

Submitted by lakeside on October 11th, 2012 at 11:26 AM

Worth checking out this podcast as Iowa and MSU prepare to play:


Sparty has identified AIRBHG-brother who hates MSU offensive line

Gholston not over-rated just keyed on

MSU starts slow

Burbridge now top receiving threat (i.e., can catch a ball)

Number 1 and 2 TE for MSU both out



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Coming from the Spartan fan that wrote in the Free Press on Monday that he's 'surprisingly optamistic' about the rest of MSU's season because of the amount of heart and poise MSU showed in their thrilling come from behind victory over the juggernaught Indiana.


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I still cannot understand why DeAnthony Arnett isn't playing.  Is it retribution for his tweets?  It can't be that he's not as good as the guys they are playing.  Dude had 24 catches averaging 10 apiece last year.  He can catch the ball, unlike all of Sparty's other receivers. 


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I work with a big TN fan, and when Arnett transferred, his reaction was 'Eh, he wasn't as good as he thought he was.' I don't watch much UT, so I can't comment on the voracity of that statement, but maybe he has some attitude problem and his stats last year are missing some mitigating context that makes them less impressive?


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Fwiw, reports all summer long were that arnett couldn't catch the ball. Iirc there was a news article mentioning he had surgery of some kind too. Maybe on his hand or wrist. I don't remember. But ya, he was actually singled out as having the questionable hands when everyone was supposed to be steady, so yeeeesh.


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I've never read that blog, but from brief mentions here and other sources, I thought TOC was supposed to be a pretty solid site.

Tommy Gholston is absolutely the best unblocked defensive end in the country.  If you do not block him, he will make prettier and more ferocious tackles than any other unblocked DE.  Fortunately if you put a man on him he's just OK.  TOC should know this if they're paying attention.


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Well 11W is supposed to be reasonable too and they say some pretty dumb stuff, like when they called Tom Strobel and Kyle Kalis fags (or something to that effect).  I think we are just used to an extremely high standard.  This is MGoBlog fergodsakes.


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I didn't think this was worth its own thread - and since this thread relates to other team blogs, it is my best chance to get an answer:

What is theTexas blog with "Aggie" and all his SEC friends (computer animated "drawings" featuring the Big 12 and Aggie) ... I need a good laugh and can't find it anywhere


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I've seen him get single-blocked most of the time. It's not like he's Jadeveon Clowney and they're throwing a tackle, guard, and RB at him to block him. In the MSU games I've seen thus far (Boise, ND, EMU), he's single-blocked a ton of the time and still does mostly nothing. Marcus Rush >> Gholson

Steve Lorenz

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I'm wondering if MSU is moving Gholston inside with the Michigan game in mind. If he's on the outside, he'll be a complete non-factor again against Lewan after last year's total domination. 


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The Only Colors is a joke.  We have third string users on mgoblog that provide much better content.  As for 11W, they are from Ohio, so questioning the sexuality of a couple M recruits from Ohio is unfortunately not only not shocking, but expected.