Whatever happened to insider practice reports? NEED THE INFO

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is it just me, or has this year so far, a week and a half into fall practice, been the least informative ever? It seems like last year we were reading various posts from people who had been in practice, even a couple mentions from Brian about reports his sources had given him.  Granted some of them turn out to be nothing, but I am at the point where I don't even care. Aargh, George is getting upset....

EDIT: I don't mean mainstream media reports, I mean Brian's insider contacts, reports from anonymous personnel that have been in practice, horrible grammar from EROC and those guys, etc. We had those last year even with the Fort back up



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Which is why I think this site has gone downhill over the past year or two. Before, you didn't need any premium info from other sites, because it was all on here. Not that people were copying it to here, but because the insider information originated here. Its unfortunate...


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That sounds about right. It would coincide with the talk about Dave Brandon deciding to have a uniform for the Ohio game in which we wear brown and black uniforms like a real wolverine would. There will also be hashtags on them and other sponsors and make it appear to look like a NASCAR...only faster


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We all have the Freep to thank for the dearth of information.  The media had their chance to get the information they crave.  All they had to do was act like adults with their new-found privileges.  Instead, one outlet abused that privilege.  Thanks to the Freep, The Fort is back for good.   

Really, though, it was inevitable.  If it wasn't the Freep, it was going to be somebody else.  The MSM is dying, but they aren't going to go without a lot of kicking and screaming.  If that involves a gross lack of professionalism or lying to players to further personal agendas, it's just part of the game now.

I hope Brady Hoke continues to give the media exactly what they deserve: a vanilla sandwich on vanilla bread, with a garnish of vanilla on the side.


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All we can hope is that some of Brian's "sources" are close enough with the program that they are still allowed inside the stronghold, and he will receive enough information for us to get our much needed fix.  We have no idea who these espionage artists were in previous years, but if any of them were former players or high school coaches then we may still have a chance.


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I hope to have a little more info early next week.  Just a few things I have been told thus far (sorry, its not much):


Lewan and Schofield look great at tackle.  Starting OL is very solid, but if anyone goes down, be worried.

DL is not having much success against the starting OL.  UM will probably be blitzing more often than not this year.

Thomas Gordon looks great.  Might be the best player on the defense.


Again, sorry this isn't much.  I hope to have a little more info for everyone soon.


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You want inside information?  Tell the premium sites to dismantle and go away... 

First, all media members are escorted out of practice within 5-10 minutes of the stretching and warm ups.

If you are a guest at practice and are lucky enough to have an invite to stay the entire time, you have to give up your cell phone, paper, pen, anything that allows you to document what's going on.  There is a line in Glick that you cannot cross.  You are pretty far away from the practice.  Hard to see what's going on.  You are asked by the Associate AD, to refrain from posting on line what you hear or see other than general information. 

So even if you happen to be lucky enough to be at one of these practices, it's really hard to get a good look at what's going on, who is playing good, etc...

The only way you are going to get good "inside info" is if you or someone you know is in on the conversations before and after practice between the coaching staff.   Not too many people have this kind of access anymore.  Thank God! 


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Here is some practice information from the much maligned GoBlueMichiganWolverine staff. You do not have to pay for this info, simply register for free online:

"Michigan Football Tidbits: Some more interesting Tidbits coming from Fall Camp
The Fort? Really people keep saying they are hard pressed to get information from Michigan practices? Guess they aren't as connected as they thought! We haven't noticed any difference from this year to last year or for that matter the last five years or so, but oh well.
We have been told that the players were instructed to not talk with the media at all besides the media press conferences. 
Several things that wasn't pointed out in chat the other night or lightly touched on. Rawls has been doing quite well, but people are still worried when "the lights come on" how he will react. Personally we think he will be fine, but the bigger worry is who will help handle the load besides giving more carries to Denard if Fitz isn't back for the Alabama game or afterwards.
Still no indication either way on Clark or Fitz, but have to figure with them missing a entire week of practice if the coaches are not only sending a message to those players, but others as well on what might happen if you mess up. 
A few tidbits on practices: 
The offensive line is really coming together and getting as one with each other. 
Counting on Roundtree to be back the week of the Bama game if not sooner, but will he be ready to play or coaches trust he is healthy enough along with being prepared for a Bama defense.
Lewan has really stepped up his game this season and seems to be taking the scoldings he took this spring how they were meant to be and that was putting the joke-ster side away for after practice and being more serious when the helmet goes on the practice field.
Schofield has been doing quite well at the right tackle position as well as Omameh at right guard. 
We are expecting big things for these two big tackles at Michigan.
Big question is still left guard and probably will be for awhile or possible even into the season barring injuries. Nobody has taken control of that position at this time and we believe this will continue to be a battle into the season. If injuries happen look for Mealer to be "Schofield-like" last year and be moving around to all positions of the line. He is likely going to be either the left guard or the first linemen into the game if needed.
Kalis is a very good and could see the field some time in the year if needed.
Pipkins is very good and will be a very good player and we believe he will see playing time before Kalis.
Practices have really picked up this year and we are told they are very physical practices which is kind of scary with depth issues on both lines as we have seen already that Wormley is out for the year which in all reality is probably a good thing for him to get the extra year of weight training and being just a football player at Michigan. Does hurt with that injury though since he won't gain as much as most red-shirts do that are healthy.
More later." (GBMWolverine Staff)


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But is there anything on there you couldn't glean from press conferences and hasn't already appeared on this site one way or another?

I'm not knocking you posting it...just the self important attitude the post seems to take for saying stuff everyone already knows; but as "insider assessment."

The FannMan

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I, for one, am willing to struggle through re-reading HTTV until Hoke decides it is the right time for me have new information.  If he thinks the Fort helps win games, then I am fnie with it.

As far as the players go, I wouldn't be surprised if they are policing themselves.  There are more than enough of them around who lived through the Jihad to teach the younger guys that they can't trust the Detroit media.  Again, I am fine with this since the players clearly cannot trust the Detroit media.


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I have outsider info that BigWill’s midriff has been on full display each practice this year.

Also, despite the populous opinion, he in-fact does have an outie.