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Yes, this is another PSU/Sandusky post.  Sorry, I know many of you are annoyed with this topic already, but I feel the need to post for my own sanity.  It is my first post on this subject for what it's worth.

How many of you have visited http://www.blackshoediaries.com/ since the NCAA sanctions came down?  I have to say it is truly another universe.  The shit I see over there is insane.  It really is the Joe Pa cult at its worst.  The overwhelming theme is of being slighted and victims of the NCAA.  I would post examples, but there are just too many.  You can go over to the site and pretty much every post and comment has to do with the NCAA taking their sacred football away.  From not believing the Freeh report to stil denying that it was a "football" scandal, I have never seen such a deluded group outside of scientology.

I really hope this is just the fringe of Nittany Lion fans.  These people really "do not get it."  I can't emphasize enough how bizarre and twighlight zone like it is to read through their material.  I started to question my own reality for just a moment, then snapped out of it, remembering kids were raped and their god-like worship was for a man who enabled and hid the horrific acts.

I feel it is way too early for anyone on that campus or in that community to feel "cheated" by anyone other than the prior leadership.  Their venom towards their current President and Board of directors for not "fighting" for the university's rights is ludicrous.  They still fail to realize that you lose any moral authority when you enable a child rapist for over a decade. 

It's called collateral damage, and it tends to happen in places that never challenge or question the status quo, but instead enable it through hero worship.  To me, these fans, while not guilty of the crimes or the coverup, are getting exactly what they deserve.  Were they more contrite about the scandal or focused on the victims, I would have much more sympathy.  But the fact that their precious football is still the #1 issue suggests that maybe the NCAA did not go far enough.  A four year death penalty is perhaps what they really deserved.



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I have a guy that I work with who is a PSU grad and I picked his brain about the issue and he is in as much denial as all the people on the PSU boards. It is pretty insane the things that he says. He doesn't fault JoePa at all, it seems.

Zone Left

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I'd guess that those boards have had a significant drop in unique visitors over the last few weeks. I avoid the board like the plague after nasty Michigan events because those events always bring out the worst in the lunatic fringe. Things are probably no different there.

Stephen Hawking

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is that sometimes a punishment is meant to hurt. Not every punishment is fair nor does every punishment teach a lesson. Sometimes a punishment is done specifically to make things more difficult. The fact is that PSU benefited from having a coach for ten more years rather than having to hire someone new and going through a transition period. People lied to protect a freaking football program over children getting raped. I think they should have gotten the death penalty honestly. PSU fans should be grateful that they can still watch football on Saturdays at all.