Elite 11: Day 1 *UPDATE

Submitted by WolverSwede on July 18th, 2012 at 5:12 PM

Elite 11 started today and they are doing the SPARQ test stuff first.  Here's some relevent tweets about shane who has done well in the suttle (2nd) and the power ball toss (tie for 1st).  



Top power ball tosses from @Elite11 testing - Shane Morris & Johnny Stanton at 39'. ‪#Elite11 ‪#GoBlue ‪#Huskers



Other top shuttle times - Shane Morris (4.25), Zach Greenlee (4.28), Zach Allen (4.28), DeVante Kincade (4.30) ‪#Elite11


It's a limited session at #elite11, but my Top 2 today were Max Browne and Shane Morris #fighton #goblue

Scott Kennedy ‏@ScoutKennedy

LOL moment, local HS WRs struggling with velocity of some passes. One just caught Shane Morris- "owww [email protected]@[email protected]("



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Ummm, I'm going to give the credit to USC here. John Navarre was immobile all season. We gave up 15 sacks the entire regular season. We gave up 9 to USC. That tells me more about USC's defense than it does John Navarre's mobility.

turd ferguson

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That kid never was supposed to play as early or often as he did, and despite being treated like shit by Michigan fans, he was always classy and composed.  The most embarrassed I've ever been as a Michigan fan - and probably a sports fan - was hearing some of the crap that a Michigan Stadium crowd was yelling at him while I was standing near a couple of people who I think were his parents.  It was awful.

For reasons having nothing to do with his play, Navarre will always be a favorite of mine.


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as well turd. I still have an old xbox that I play. When starting a new dynasty, one of the first things I do is pick up John Navarre as my 3rd string QB. Just my way of paying homage to a guy, that endured a great deal. 

I remember when he led that epic comeback against the Gophers. The next day, some clown called in and said, "Welcome to the program, John Navarre."  I was like, "Who the hell are you to say that, you Jackass."   There are a lot of young athletes today, that could learn a thing or two from him.


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Despite this news, Tom Beaver, who I often wonder what in the world he is looking at, claimed that after today "He's not a natural runner...he's not going to gain yards with his feet as a Michigan quarterback."

Has Beaver ever watched Shane's highlight reel? He's no Denard, but he's at least a guy who can step up for a 5-10 yard gain now and then without an issue. He doesn't look stiff in the pocket whatsoever.

P.S. While I'm talking Mr. Beaver, has anybody else ever noticed how horrible he is at judging heights? He will be at an event where they officially measure the kids, yet he'll still give his own estimate and stand by it the rest of the kid's career. Jake Butt measured 6'6 and he kept saying he's maybe 6'4, not quite the tallest TE. He was the tallest one there I think. It's weird. That is all.


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We all knew he had a strong arm, but the shuttle time is really nice to see.  It bodes well for footwork and pocket elusiveness.  I feel like a noted pocket passer can do a lot with a little bit of shiftiness even without a lot of top end speed.  The little pass fake juke can open up a ten yard scramble if properly executed.


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As far as Navarre goes...if anyone remembers that Rose Bowl game Navarre was getting crushed on damn near every single down. The USC Dline whooped out OLine time after time. 

Not to mention Braylon dropping a sure TD pass that Navarre completely laid in his hands perfectly, I still contend do this day we get that first score that game turns out different.


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2003 was my first Rose Bowl to see in person. The only highlight for me (talent mismatch imo) was when us UM fans were walking by a bunch of USC people saying they promised that they "would't make fun of Webber" to which I replied that we wouldn't make fun of OJ. 


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To me, this is very interesting.  I actually never realized Shane was this good of an 'athlete'.  Closer to Drew Henson than i thought he was athletically.


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Here are the top performers and an overall estimate (based on the little info we have)



40 Times
Cooper Bateman  4.58
Anthony Jennings  4.59
Devante Kincade  4.6
Zach Allen  4.61
Shuttle Times
Davis Webb  4.16
Shane Morris  4.25
Zach Greenlee  4.28
Devante Kincade  4.3
Shane Morris  39'
Jonny Stanton  39'
Cooper Bateman  38'
Anthony Jennings  38'
Tyrone Swoopes  38'
Jonny Stanton  34.9
Cooper Bateman  33.2
Davis Webb 33.0
Devante Kincade  32.7
Overall Estimated
Cooper Bateman 12
Shane Morris 9
Jonny Stanton 9
Davis Webb  8
Anthony Jennings 6
Devante Kincade  5



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I know you're probably kidding, but you might be on the right track.  You can be fast and not be a good runner.  Especially at QB, you have kids that don't use all of the athleticism they have.  Maybe he doesn't like contact much (not totally rare among QBs) so he rarely takes off, or when he does he's tentative.  Maybe his decision making is poor, so when he takes off he either does so too late or just isn't good at running to where defenders aren't. 

If speed were all it took to run well, Carlos Brown and Michael Shaw would be two of our best RBs ever.