OT: Syracuse to Depart Big East in 2013

Submitted by Maize_in_Spartyland on July 16th, 2012 at 12:49 PM

See the details here.


Basically, Syracuse is paying to leave a bit early, as they won't be giving the required 27 month notice.  With the additions of Conference USA teams and Temple, Big East was able to lose Syracuse in number. Still, the quality of Syracuse basketball hurts a conference like the Big East.


Edit: Conferences for 2013, with members can be seen here.

This paves the way for Pittsburgh leaving in 2013, as well.



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Cue DTO's party hat and noisemaker streamer in 3.....2.....1.....

I would expect that Pitt will follow shortly and this will be the last season for both in the Biggish Eastish.


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With Syracuse leaving, I would dare say that Big East basketball becomes significantly less watchable, but I suppose that it is hard to build an argument for staying when the conference has been so mismanaged overall, aloowed good programs to leave through the years, and turned down a huge TV deal that might have made up for some of the ho-hum nature of the Big East. Looking at the 2013, is it just me or has C-USA become the Big East's own minor league system in a way? I think they've raided them a few times in the past couple decades to build numbers.



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And the SEC will have 14 as well.  This has been known for awhile now.  But yes, it is large, and I pray the Big Ten never does such a thing.  I'd much rather combine the Big Ten and Pac 12 to a semi-championship game than keep adding more teams to the Big Ten.  I want to play Wisconsin and some filler crappy teams like Indiana more than once every 5 years.