IMG 7v7 Tournament Open Thread DAY 2

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Day 2 of action today, this is where the wins really count.

How has Maximum Exposure fared?


Shane Morris just threw the go ahead touchdown with under a minute to go. #Wolverines


The same play:

"Shane Morris throws a late hail marry to advance his team, great throw! #Michigan commit"

They went on to win their first game of the day.

Numerous tweets and pictures of Shane Morris chatting up Alvin Bailey.



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2 scenarios

1. If MaxEx 2 wins they go to finals.

2. If they lose they go to playback. Then if they win they go to finals against Team Tampa and have to beat them twice.

Posting from app. Sorry if quality sucks.

Shane interviewing right now. Wish I knew how to post pictures


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Not sure if my posts showing up. Don't see them on app anymore. Right now tampa has a stop and MaxEx doesnt. Not looking great for them.

Leaders And Best

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Vernon Hargreaves III, Leon McQuay, Alvin Bailey, Travis Johnson, Richard Benjamin, and Jordan Sherit. And that is just the 2013 prospects.  I think they have some 2014 studs like Artavis Scott and Vincent Jackson on the team as well.

Doesn't help that Jourdan Lewis is not there for MaxEx.


12 of Tampa's starting 14 are going to BCS schools.


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Pretty badly too.

A lot of hail Mary's from shane.

Alvin Bailey looked good.

Csonte with couple catches. One great.

Khalid not too involved

Webb got burned. A few times.

Didn't see Mcquay too much. Good coverage on the one play I saw him in

NOLA Wolverine

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Is Alvin Bailey taking some snaps at QB? They're running a vague montage on that U Nation stream website and they've shown a couple ducks coming from a guy with rather flat hair. I think Chip Kelly or Rich Rodriguez are the only ones who would seriously consider putting him there. 


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Can't really expect to beat a team that has 12 of 14 kids going to BCS schools, but good for Shane in getting to the Finals. Competition can't hurt one bit, even if you're probably not going to win.


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Frustrating half my posts not going thru.

Khalid had 3 catches on last drive. 1st down, td and conversion.

Tampa just scored but missed conversion

13-7 Tampa.