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Submitted by Everyone Murders on June 21st, 2012 at 10:41 AM

This month's Michigan Today links to a terrific Jon Falk video.  About five minutes of Mr. Falk's reminiscing about lessons learned from Bo and what the University of Michigan means to him.  He also offers some insight as to why Brady Hoke generally avoided wearing red throughout much of his career - on Falk's first day of work he walked in wearing a red coat from Miami and was tossed from Bo's office.  Later Bo explained "I don't talk to anyone in a red coat".

Mr. Falk is a beloved figure around the program, and this video underscores why that is: .



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The one story that I really want to hear from him is how he allowed the #1 jersey fiasco to happen when RichRod arrived. He really needed the alumni to support him and right away he pissed off one of the most vocal members thanks to a jersey issue that I think Falk should have prevented.

So what really happened?

Everyone Murders

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I think it's fair to wonder whether Jon Falk warned Rich Rodriguez about the No. 1 jersey, but I think your question assumes that Falk had control of the situation (you ask how Falk  "allowed the #1 jersey fiasco to happen").  It seems to me that when the rubber meets the road RR controlled that situation.  (I'm not a RR hater, by the way.  I'm thrilled with Hoke, but also genuinely sorry it did not work out well for RR.)

That stated, it would be good to hear Falk's version of the doling out of the No. 1 jersey saga.  I'm guessing it's not in Three and Out (just got my copy - only a year late), or else someone would have chimed in by now.

It's possible Falk warned RR that there was a tradition and scholarship involved.  (If so, how strongly?)  It's also possible RR told Falk to mind his own business as there was a new sheriff in town.  And it's also possible Falk did not tell RR to set him up for a fall.  (Falk doing this out of spite would very much surprise and dissapoint me - Falk plainly loves the program and the university and does not seem petty.)  Only Falk and RR know the details. 

Phrasing aside, the kernel of your post is a fair point - you'd like to think that Falk at least gave his boss a heads-up on the #1 jersey.  And you'd like to think he pressed the issue to a point.  I'm inclined to give Falk the benefit of a doubt, but I don't know.

Overall, it seems clear that U-M did a poor job bringing RR up to speed on many Michigan customs, including the #1 jersey.  And RR made a terrible assumption that he did not need to become well-versed in U-M's culture.  But I also think Braylon Edwards made a bad decision going public with his complaints about that jersey being doled out to a freshman DB. Some of the Michigan family torpedoed RR - it's just hard for me to believe Falk was among them.

As always with the RichRod era, it seems there is plenty of blame to go around.  But I don't think we can assume Falk is at fault re: the No. 1 jersey.


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What did Falk do and what didn't he? I'd RR ignore him? did it just slip through the cracks during spring practice? Obviously Falk had a new boss so maybe he didn't want to push too strongly. Then again, in his book it is story after story about how he was the problem solver and the guy who knew everything. It seems unlikely that assigning jersey numbers to random 3-star recruits for spring practice is something that RR and his staff would have insisted upon....but who knows?

My point was only that I would like to know his side of the story. I could have phrased that better to avoid implying what happened.


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September, where are you?! His passion for Michigan football is unbelievable. I have no doubt that he might actually bleed maize and blue.