OT- Possible nuclear event type "dealy" in South Bend area

Submitted by TheLastHarbaugh on June 8th, 2012 at 12:54 AM

Reddit is covering it (so take that for what you will), but military helicopters, and hazmat vehicles have all been mobilized in the surrounding Ohio, Indiana, West Michigan areas.


They have links to all sorts of pictures, articles and other info.

There's also this:


Radiation levels spiked in the area. It was then reported to be an error, but precautions are being taken. Some people are saying it's a test, but radiation levels are presently being measured at 5 to 7 times the norm.

The supposed reactor in question was being repaired for a leak, and people all over SW Michigan have been taking pictures of military aircraft. So something is definitely going down. Whether it be a drill, or simply the government doing their job to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.

I'm not a scientist of any sort, but just thought I ought to pass the info along.

Stay aware, and stay safe. 

If worst comes to worst, operation human shield is in effect for the Big House.

Mods - Do what you will with this.

EDIT: There have also been loud "booms" reported in the area by residents. 

Corresponding Youtube clip:




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I personally want to sign up for operation human shield if the big house is in danger. I  would prefer to pad the new scoreboards with my carcass but any place would work.


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Wow thats crazy. I AM a scientist and this seems a little creepy. I live a little north of indy so I am not too far away. that being said If the radiation levels really are 5 to 7 times then its nothing to be worried about. Finland usually gets about 3-4 times the amount of natural background radiation the rest of europe gets. There are places on earth where people live that have up to 250 times the normal background radiation and they are fine so it shouldn't be a big deal.


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I'm a nuclear engineer at Oconee nuclear station. If you live in a brick house you will receive 15-20 times more radiation than a person that doesn't live in a brick house due the natural radiation in the mortar. Also a hot humid day will increase radiation levels by 2-3 times due to radon levels increasing. Normal radiation levels are so low that if my duchebag of a neighbor ( a buckeye grad) farts radiation levels will double.


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the leak at the nuke plant in Ohio is in the Sandusky/cedar point area and is not cause for concern as it is only a very small amount of cooling water that is fully contained. the stuff going on in sw mi and northern in could be something to worry about.

One Inch Woody…

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The nuclear event thing (actually reported by some random ass lady in Texas with a geiger counter first) is probably just a slight increase due to a solar wind event. Nothing important. The booms and chinooks and apaches, though, is something completely unrelated which probably is more interesting. I'd like to know why THAT's happening.


June 8th, 2012 at 2:12 AM ^

Once reddit went to work, they discovered that there was an equipment malfunction that caused the unusually high radiation reading, and there is no cause for alarm. 

You will not wake up in the morning with boobs or anything unless you had them before you went to bed.

Oaktown Wolverine

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SOUTH BEND – Some of you were very concerned early Thursday after an online radiation company reported readings that radiation levels were at a catastrophic level in South Bend.

It turns out Radiation Network's reading was a mistake, thanks to an equipment malfunction.

Tim Flanegin, owner of MineraLab, the company that runs Radiation Network, said it was a false alarm.

"My apologies to all. I have no idea what caused this. The alert level reading (Wednesday) evening appears to be a false alert from an equipment malfunction," said Flanegin. “We use some form of radiation, almost everyday. We count on it for medicine, the sciences, communication and cooking.”




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Wish I hadn't read this.  The hypochondriac in me is going to have a hard time sleeping tonight.

But if I wake up with freakish mutations, at least I'll know what caused them.


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Don't worry about it.  Radiation is rarely does damage unless it is significantly stronger than this (where you risk getting radiation poisoning) or over a long period of time (where you are at risk of getting cancer).  If this keeps up (without an absolutely astounding increase in energy, which creates the risk of poisoning) for the 10 years, then you should be worried.  Otherwise sleep well, maybe in the morning we'll know more about what happened.

Also you wouldn't have any major radiation induced mutations (like an extra arm), thats only a risk in organisms that haven't undergone development yet, and there is some mutation to a Hox gene.

Avant's Hands

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Wait what? I live in SW Michigan and work in South Bend and I haven't heard anything about this all day. I actually just got off work and I can't believe no one came into the ER to get their radiation level checked. We had several people come in several months ago during the solar flare storm or whatever it was because they thought it was affecting them. 

So the bottom line is nothing is really going on?


June 8th, 2012 at 5:22 AM ^

It appears as though it was a number of coincidences that culminated in the perfect storm on Reddit. There were a couple of fairly minor incidents, but nothing really to get worked up about. 

Essentially there was an incident yesterday with a leak. The president happened to be flying over the area, which accounts for all of the military aircraft, and some sort of test.

All of those things came together at the perfect time, resulting in one of the most upvoted threads in Reddit history.

Brown Bear

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I was traveling on I-80 eastbound yesterday by the illinois/indiana border and passed a convoy of 20 military hummers going eastbound.....therefore.........zombies!!