June 7th, 2012 at 11:14 PM ^

itll get fixed if you just DL the roster names from the dudes who normally do it.  they often edit out dudes who are no longer on the team.  and often someone on this board will post uber edited versions of the roster, with the focus on the michigan roster, to get it just right.


June 7th, 2012 at 11:16 PM ^

QB  - Denard (93), Gardner (83), Bellomy (71)
FB  - Hopkins (77)
RB  - Toussaint (89), Smith (87), Rawls (79), Hayes (75)
WR  - Roundtree (89), Gallon (88), Dileo (80), Jackson (79), J. Robinson (77)
TE  - Moore (81)
RT  - Schofield (88)
RG  - Omaneh (88), Bryant (78)
C - Barnum (85), Miller (74)
LG  - Mealer (82), Kalis (79)
LT  - Lewan (93)

SDE  - Roh (88), Brink (78)
DT     - Black (76), Ash (74)
NT    - Campbell (82), Washington (77)
WDE  - Clark (73), Beyer (?)
SLB - Ryan (82), C.Gordon (77)
MLB - Demens (91), Bolden (?)
WLB - Morgan (84), Hawthorne (76), Jones (79)
CB  - Floyd (85), Countess (84), Avery (82), Taylor (77), Talbott (72)
FS  - T. Gordon (84), Wilson (?)
SS  - Kovacs (89), M. Robinson (78)

K - Gibbons (84)
- Hagerup (86)

Mr. Yost

June 8th, 2012 at 12:08 AM ^


Here's what I have at first glance.

Note: Typically I have a formula for ratings...I go through and do the top 50 players at each position, regardless of team (15-20 for K's and P's). When I'm adjusting the top guys, I use 34% my rating, 33% college football mag A and 33% college football mag B. Then once I get those "fair"...I go back and compare the Michigan players to them as well as like players in college football.

With that said, I'll take a random shot at what the ratings "should" be (I know all of these players won't be included):

1. Denard Robinson (Sr.) [92]
2. Devin Gardner (RS So.) [84]
3. Russell Bellomy (RS Fr.) [77]

1. Fitzgerald Toussaint (RS Jr.) [90]
2a. Vincent Smith (Sr.) [84]
2b. Thomas Rawls (So.) [79]
4. Justice Hayes (RS Fr.) [76]
5. Dennis Norfleet (Fr.) [74]
rs: Drake Johnson (Fr.) [73]

1. Stephen Hopkins (Jr.) [82]
2. Joey Kerridge (RS Fr.) [79]
3. Paul Gyarmati (RS Sr.) [72]
rs: Sione Houma (Fr.) [74]

1. Roy Roundtree (RS Sr.) [86]
2. Jeremy Jackson (Jr.) [78]
3a. Ricardo Miller (RS So.) [73]
3b. Devin Gardner (RS So.) [xx]

1. Jeremy Gallon (RS Jr.) [84]
2. Jerald Robinson (RS So.) [78]
3a. Amara Darboh (Fr.) [77]
3b. Jehu Chesson (Fr.) [77]

1. Drew Dileo (Jr.) [81]

1. Brandon Moore (RS Sr.) [78]
2a. Devin Funchess (Fr.) [76]
2b. A.J. Williams (Fr.) [76]
4a. Mike Kwiatowski (RS Sr.) [70]
4b. Jordan Paskorz (RS So.) [70]

1. Taylor Lewan (RS Jr.) [96]
2. Michael Schofield (RS Jr.) [88]
3. Graham Glasgow (RS Fr.) [71]
rs: Erik Magnuson (Fr.) [77]

1a. Elliott Mealer (RS Sr.) [79]
1b. Kyle Kalis (Fr.) [79]
3. Joey Burzynski (RS So.) [77]
rs: Blake Bars (Fr.) [76]

1. Ricky Barnum (RS Sr.) [86]
2. Jack Miller (RS Fr.) [79]

1. Patrick Omameh (RS Sr.) [88]
2a. Elliott Mealer (RS Sr.) [79]
2b. Chris Bryant (RS Fr.) [77]
4. Kyle Kalis (Fr.) [79]
rs: Blake Bars (Fr.) [76]

1. Michael Schofield (RS Jr.) [88]
2. Elliott Mealer (RS Sr.) [79]/Patrick Omameh (RS Sr.) [88]
3. Erik Gunderson (RS Jr.) [76]
rs: Ben Braden (Fr.) [77]

1. Brendan Gibbons [88]
2. Matt Wile [87]



1a. Frank Clark (So.) [83]
1b. Brennen Beyer (So.) [82]
3. Craig Roh (Sr.) [87]
4. Jake Ryan (RS So.) [xx]
rs: Mario Ojemudia (Fr.) [77]

1. Will Campbell (Sr.) [82]
2. Richard Ash (RS So.) [77]
3. Ondre Pipkins (Fr.) [79]

1. Jibreel Black (Jr.) [82]
2. Quinton Washington (RS Jr.) [80]
3. Ondre Pipkins (Fr.) [79]
4. Kenny Wilkins (RS So.) [75]
rs: Matt Godin (Fr.) [77]
rs: Willie Henry (Fr.) [75]

1. Craig Roh (Sr.) [87]
2a. Jibreel Black (Jr.) [82]
2b. Nathan Brink (RS Jr.) [78]
4. Keith Heitzman (RS Fr.) [75]
rs: Chris Wormley (Fr.) [78]
rs: Tom Strobel (Fr.) [78]

1. Desmond Morgan (So.) [83]
2. Brandin Hawthorne (Sr.) [82]
3a. Antonio Poole (RS Fr.) [78]
3b. James Ross (Fr.) [78]

1. Kenny Demens (RS Sr.) [87]
2. Joe Bolden (Fr.) [83]
3. Mike Jones (RS Jr.) [81]
rs: Kaleb Ringer (Fr.) [77]

1. Jake Ryan (RS So.) [88]
2. Cam Gordon (RS Jr.) [84]
rs: Royce Jenkins-Stone (Fr.) [77]

1. Blake Countess (So.) [86]
2. Terrence Talbott (Jr.) [79]
3. Delonte Hollowell (So.) [78]
rs: Terry Richardson (Fr.)

1. JT Floyd (RS Sr.) [86]
2. Courtney Avery (Jr.) [84]
3. Raymon Taylor (So.) [80]

1. Thomas Gordon (RS Jr.) [86]
2. Jarrod Wilson (Fr.) [81]
3. Tamani Carter (RS Fr.) [76]
rs: Jeremy Clark (Fr.) [76]

1. Jordan Kovacs (RS Sr.) [91]
2. Marvin Robinson (Jr.) [82]
3. Josh Furman (RS So.) [80]
rs: Allen Gant (Fr.) [77]

1. Will Hagerup [86]
2. Matt Wile [87]

Mr. Yost

June 8th, 2012 at 12:53 PM ^

Denard is a GREAT player, but I don't think he's a GREAT quarterback just yet...we'll see. If you consider 99 is Andrew Luck/Peyton Manning, then Denard shouldn't be a 95ish just because he's a Hesiman candidate. I'd put Barkley at a 98, the next tier of top QBs 95-97. So depending on how things look I've got Denard as a 92/93. Again, I use preseason mags to assist so it's not all based on me, in fact, the majority ISN'T based one me "to be fair."

I need to make a new account, but when I do...I'll add my ratings and download info to whatever NCAA thread is going on at the time.

I also always fill the roster with the 1 or 2 spots they leave open for create-a-player's

I typically pick the guys who play the most...unfortunately this year, one of those guys may have to be a kicker (unless Wile beats our Hagerup, then I'll just take Hargerup out and make him Wile and adjust the ratings and attributes). Which I will do, for example, I'd take Mike Jones out to add Jerald Robinson or Jeremy Jackson if I had to.

Mr. Yost

June 8th, 2012 at 12:37 PM ^

I rate freshman by comparing them to other freshman, comparing them to other players in the game, and comparing them to the made up freshman that you can recruit in dynasty mode.

83-85 = Top 10 overall caliber prospect
79-82 = 5 star caliber prospect
77-79 = 4 star
74-77 = 3 star
71-74 = 2 star
70 and below = 1 star/walk-on (this obviously never makes it onto the game.

With this said, you always have to adjust the scale for QB, RB, WR...for whatever reason, they always rate these players lower. Probably because they progress faster if you give them playing time. Just like they "overrate" FB, K, 87 punter is average, an 87 QB or WR is definitely solid.

With that said, I have Kyle Kalis too low, he should be an 80 or 81.


June 8th, 2012 at 12:23 PM ^

I disagree that any good running QB should automatically be a 95.  His passing numbers in real life are not good.  Maybe he should be a 94...or a 95...but if it's just a one- or two-point difference, I don't really see the point in making an argument.  It's like arguing about whether Donovan Warren ran a 4.67 or a 4.68 at the Combine.

Mr. Yost

June 8th, 2012 at 12:46 PM ^

You rate the freshman any lower and they're all cut by your first off-season.

You can bring 3 and 4 star players in that are high 70s.

EA needs to stop worrying about all the fluff and add something so that you only recruit what you need and how many scholarships you have available.

Every year, I'll recruit 25 players just to cut the "waste." In real life not even the SEC does it that bad. There should be some type of penalty or coaching loyalty rating that goes down if you do it. Something beyond not fulfilling promises made during recruiting.


Also, they need to revamp the entire ratings scale. Players should truly range primarily from 60-99...and this should be reflected in recruiting.

If you're at a school like Michigan, and you recruit 25 players per class...any player that was intially on the roster when you started that was 75 or below is likely to be cut by his senior year. You end up with decisions like "Do I want a RS Sr. Terrence Talbott at an 80 or this true freshman CB who's a 79?" That would never happen in real life.

The back end of rosters is so weak and doesn't progress fast enough...meanwhile the recruits are typically rated too high and you are forced to cut the Russell Bellomy's of the team. Keith Heitzman has NO SHOT at finishing at Michigan, that should be changed.

The Shredder

June 8th, 2012 at 12:12 AM ^

From what I understand its due to the limits of the data you can put on a disc. 15 more players x 120 teams is a lot of extra data to hold. 

Also every fan base complains about these ratings. I hate these games more then most but with all the players in the game its damn hard to get them perfect for everyone.


June 8th, 2012 at 1:04 AM ^

Since you can install games on the PS3 and 360 nowadays I wish they would provide two sets of rosters, where the 85 man ones exist if you install the game. 

Would alleviate so many problems, especially with recruiting. I hate having either to go after a tiny class or oversign like crazy.


June 8th, 2012 at 1:12 AM ^

Seriously for all the talk about, Jake Ryan is a 82? He should at least be an 85....just stop and think. There's 120 schools out there, which is a lot of players they have to do ratings for. There's probably a formula they use, but it's still a lot of players. The ratings are never horribly wrong, and everyone makes custom rosters anyway


June 8th, 2012 at 9:03 AM ^

Does anyone else feel guilty when playing in career mode and you cut, like, a redshirt sophomore in favor of an awesome incoming recruit?

I guess that's the difference between me playing this game and Nick Saban playing it.


June 10th, 2012 at 9:05 PM ^

I'm a huge NCAA fan, but obviously the player ratings are completely skewed. The teams with large fan bases and national followings players are always rated higher. Take ND. Their ratings are completely ridiculous. But they have a huge fan base and from a marketing stand point it makes sense. The same can be said for Michigan in past years. During the RR years we were overrated across the board several times. I think this year in some positions we are underrated. Especially Frank Clark. But like I said its all about marketing. You're going to make the national brand teams as good as you reasonably can to try and sell more games it's as simple as that. I played the demo and the game play is much improved. And so are th grapics as always. I CANT WAIT to be standing in line at midnight to buy it!