OT: Miami Heat @ Indiana Pacers Game 6 Open Thread: Juwan Howard?

Submitted by Wolvercane on May 24th, 2012 at 8:10 PM

Miami Heat is looking to close out the Indiana Pacers in this Game 6. It is the only NBA action on tonight for you NBA fans, but even if you don't like the NBA, there is another reason for you to tune in.

With Chris Bosh injuried and Udonis Haslem suspended, expect to see Juwan Howard play some meaning minutes in this big game for possibly the last time in his career. He is the only active big man on the Heats' roster who can hit a mid-range jumper, so for that reason I expect him to have a pivotal role in this game.




May 25th, 2012 at 7:41 AM ^

He is by far the most complete player in a long while. He is lacking in the killer instinct that Kobe and Jordan have but a great player to watch. As far as the "Decision", it was mostly ESPN that made it happen. Way too much hype. Lebron raised some money for a charity and at the end of the day, he took a better job with a better franchise in a WAY better city. Offer that to anyone in Cleveland and see how many turn it down.


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Totally agree LeBron is a complete player, even a great player and it was his right to leave for Miami.  The problem is his attitude.  Go read about his time on the U.S. Olympic team and how he treated all the staff like crap. 


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I never said he wasn't a great player. I think he sold out on Cleveland because he's afraid to have the weight of a team on his shoulders. You look at all the great players like Michael, Larry, and Magic doing things that he hasn't or won't do. MJ lost how many times in the playoffs before he finally helped Chicago break through. I'm sure it's enticing to join D Wade and Chris Bosh, but doesn't the competitor inside of you want to beat them? I don't think any of the players I mentioned would have ever played together on the same team, they wanted to beat one another.


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I'm talking about this Miami team. MJ, Magic, and Larry all had teams that could rival this Miami team in terms of talent.

Magic, Worthy, Kareem, etc.

Larry, McKale, Parrish, etc.

Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, etc.

Thomas, Dumars, Laimbeer, etc.

James, Wade, Bosh, etc.


Those Cleveland teams weren't even close to these teams. 

This whole "they never would have played together," thing is pure turtle shit. They didn't need to play together because they all had sick ass teams already.

And to address the whole MJ stuck with it and broke through thing. It's correct to a point, but he didn't break through early because the Pistons were on top of their game and beat them every year in the ECF. When the Pistons began to age, and when MJ got more pieces around him, guess what, he broke through. Lebron just decided to give himself his own pieces, instead of possibly have Cleveland managment mix and match a bunch of mid-level dudes around him for the rest of his career.


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Ok, thank you for your post. Point is well taken and I agree with it. I think the game is so much more different now than it was when Jordan played. When you talk about LeBron and D Wade, people associate them in top 5 players in the league lists. My point is, Jordan would have never asks Magic or Larry to join up and form a super squad. You made a valid point, they built around Jordan to finally beat the Pistons. I just think it's funny when people say that the Cavs weren't any good. It's not like he didn't have a "complimentary" team.


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The East has always been weak compared to the West. I'm sorry, but when you win 60+ games in the regular season and don't get it done in the playoffs and people blame it in the supporting cast, or LeBron not being able to hit the big shot, something isn't right. He doesn't like having the pressure solely on him. In Miami, there are 2 other superstars that can shoulder the blame and load. Yes, he has to get his stats and perform every night, but every loss isn't put on his shoulders. I love basketball, have been in a basketball family since birth, and he sold out.That's why I don't respect him.


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I'm very familiar with Dwayne Wade, all the way to following him at Marquette.  There was a time I would have never called him arrogant, he was a really solid guy and one of my favorite players.  Unfortunately, he has changed since LeBron joined Miami.  There are numerous direct quotes of him being a pompous jerk, and I'm sad to see to it. 

Thus, I guess I do know what the word "arrogant" means and I guess you don't know as much as you think about Wade.


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I honestly don't think any of us have much room to generalize on these players' personalities and attitudes. The information is either coming from second hand accounts (which can be easily skewed and/or inaccurate) or from media interviews from which players are encouraged to talk about themselves through the questions reporters ask.


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I don't care if you hate the Heat and/or Wade (since most of you only hate them because of Lebron), but you have to enjoy watching the level of basketball he has played the past 10 quarters. Simply beautiful. 


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Juwan posts the 4 trillion with first and second half minutes. Gotta respect a guy thats 39 and still in the league, even of he wasn't a Michigan Man.