The real reason Michigan will be able to torture Ohio (spin off from Mgo.licio)

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Just had to commend on their subtle reporting.  Not wanting to expose the secret guru behind our success and put him in harms way, they provided an article full of smoke and mirrors while telling those in the know that the former players really see our success in the eyes of our main man in the stands (seen at the right of the opening photo).

He is ever present, ever watchful.



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For those (like me) not familiar with the expression split wig, used at the end of the article in a quote from Steve Everitt, here's a definition from the Urban Dictionary :


Split Wig
1. A persons (sic) bleeding face or head after an ass whipping. 



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"They're stuck with that quarterback (sophomore Braxton Miller) for the next two or three years, that's fine with me. He throws worse than (Tim) Tebow. - Steve Everitt



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Well, good thing Braxton's not as good as Tebow, since Tebow won the heisman and two national championships...

Steve Everitt is a badass and all, but he's got some serious blinders on if he doesn't think Miller is going to be extremely tough to deal with, especially considering we've had a very similar quarterback for two years who has been putting up ridiculous numbers.


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I met him at a bar on graduation day. He graduated but has tickets for next season, so we still get at least one more year of him.


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^^^^ What he said.  This is one of several running inside jokes on the board that come up quite frequently. Thanks for posting the pertinent link.

The next snarky post is usually something about having the intellectual capacity to use the "search" function, but when something like "loyd brady" comes up so frequently, the not-in-chronological-order search results are impossible to sort through to find the "OP."


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Basically, it started with the UConn game. Denard jumped up to sit on the brick wall with the students. Some of the students had to help hold him up there. Lloyd Brady was one of them and it looked like he was pinching Denard's nipple. People started saying that he looked like a cross between Lloyd Christmas and Tom Brady, thus, Lloyd Brady. He showed up again and again on TV broadcasts. It became a sport to find him and he became an MGoCelebrity. Really, I think everyone just wants to be him because he is always in the best seats in the house.


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are you implying he should have coached harder? I personally find the notion of giving different effort to different opponents fairly shameful. you're either saying that he should have given more than the 100% he gave to every other game (which is stupid), or that his 80% effort in the other games needed to be kicked up a notch (which is is insulting). honest to god, every day the perception of the level of discourse on this board gets further and further from reality.

Sten Carlson

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Calm down Beavis! 

I understand exactlty what Coastal is talking about.  But, I have a bit of a different take on the what he's saying.

I supported Carr up until "The Horror" in 2007.  After that day it became obvious to me that Carr's regime had fallen into the most dangerous of all situations in CFB (IMO) -- COMPLACENCY.  The specifics of this have been cataloged ad nausem, so I won't go into them again.

However, after all that, after RR, and most importantly after the Tat 5 Scandal came to light, I had a greater appreciation for Carr's last few seasons.  Carr had to know what was going on in Columbus.  Yet, through it all, Carr didn't stoop to the same level in an effort to compete with Ohio under JT.  Personally, I wish he would have tried to expose them, but I also have to give him credit for taking the high road and remaining silent.  He came very close to showing Ohio and JT up in 2006, and he would have shown them up without cheating -- how sweet would that have been?

I think Carr placed a great deal of emphasis upon The Game -- he smoked some great Ohio teams in the '90's afterall.  But, I also think that he knew full well that competing with a team that was outright cheating was near impossible.  The SEC is as dirty as it (allegedly) precisely because once one team does it, the other teams have to do it to keep up.

Again, I just wish that Carr would have said something, even in private, to nip the issue in the bud.  There was some bad luck in there too -- like the 2005 recruiting classes well documented decimation.  Things spiraled down quickly, but my esteem for Coach Carr is renewed considering he could have totally screwed Michigan football by cheating to keep up, getting caught, and putting the program into serious hot water with the NCAA.

coastal blue

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Hmmm, but we were 1-6 against Ohio in Carr's last seven seasons. And he outrecruited Tressel so talent wasn't really the problem. 

He probably just didn't pound enough podiums for the team to win. 

That's probably why RR couldn't beat Ohio: His predecessor didn't know how to pound podiums, so how was he to know that that was the only way to win The Game? Well, that and countdown clocks.

Now, if only we could figure out Carr's secret emphasis he used to beat Sparty...Maybe a reward of ice cream sundaes? A pizza party?


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I really detest quotes that insinuate that RR didn't know Ohio was a big game.  He knew; he wouldn't have been hired in the first place if he was that stupid.  It just seems like people can't be happy with the present, and constantly have to harp on someone who isn't here anymore.  

The bottom line: nobody, including Hoke, could have beaten Ohio the previous three years with the roster that RR had.  They were just too young, and got pushed around.  And that doesn't even take into consideration the Sheri-Threet debacle at QB.  It just wasn't gonna happen, plain and simple. 

Another "bottom line:" because of Ohio being caught cheating, the streak of Ohio wins officially ended at six games.  Of those six, LC lost four of them and RR lost two.  Due to the magic of idiocy when comes to "vacating" games instead of forfieting them, Michigan's losing streak officially ended at seven games.  Once again, LC lost four, and RR lost three.  

So, really, one shouldn't shit on RR for everything, despite how "cool" it seems to be right now.  

coastal blue

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No, what is getting further and further from reality is the thought process of former players and alumni and the "Michigan Man/Lloyd Loyalist" slappies on this board. 

Let's give Mr. Woodson a hypothetical:

Let's say next year the Packers lose their entire starting secondary...and most of their back-ups. They end up starting two 7th round rookies at CB, a undrafted second year FA whose been on the practice squad at SS and end up having to use Donald Driver at FS. 

Then let's say Aaron Rodgers gets hurt, as well as Jordy Nelson. Matt Flynn's gone and their only option is to bring in mobile-spread QB Chase Daniel, from the Saints. 

Now let's say that due to this rash of injuries and the plethora of inexperienced players, as well as a QB who doesn't fit their offensive personnel, let's just say the Packers end up going 0-6 in the division. You know, because the rest of the teams don't suffer all this misfortune and are simply better.

Now would Charles Woodson say that they lost because Mike McCarthy treated those divisional rivalries like they were "just another game(s)"? Or would he probably be realistic and realize that the personnel simply wasn't there or ready to match up with their rivals? 

We both know the answer.

But for some reason, when we look at teams like the 2010 Michigan team and see 7 freshmen and sophomores in the two deep of the secondary, with the 8th guy being a former senior wideout, we expect them to match up with a team that went 12-1 last year.

Meanwhile, because I think people are idiots, we attribute this year's victory to Hoke "putting emphasis" on the rivalry. This is what so many of the idiots (and I include Charles in this, as well as a lot of people on this site) seem to truly believe. Gee, I wonder if it was that or the fact that Ohio was a 6-6 team with a transitional coaching staff, starting a true freshman at QB, etc. ?

But by the logic of Charles, other former players and our cadre of imbeciles who believe pounding podiums is more important than experience and talent  here at MGoBlog, Lloyd Carr must have dozed off during Ohio State week his last seven years, because we clearly were inferior. I'm just going by their logic. 

And I guess Brady Hoke clearly didn't understand the rivalry with MSU, otherwise we would have won that one. That had nothing to do with their senior QB, homefield advantage and a great, its definitely because Brady Hoke took it even less seriously than RR did in 2009.

We need a real Michigan Man who understands ALL our rivalries!!!