NFL Draft Open Thread: Day 3

Submitted by The Baughz on April 28th, 2012 at 11:03 AM

I figured Id get this up and going. Draft starts in an hour. Cant wait to see where Molk and Hemingway end up.



April 28th, 2012 at 6:10 PM ^

San Diego State
Miles Burris 4 34(129) Oakland Raiders OLB 6'2⅛" 246
Ronnie Hillman 3 4(67) Denver Broncos RB 5'8¾" 200
Ryan Lindley 6 15(185) Arizona Cardinals QB 6'3 229
Jerome Long 7 11(218) Kansas City Chiefs DT 6'3⅞" 282

I know a few have commented on it, but here are the SDSU players already drafted. I'd say, this is very encouraging for Michigan's future.


Chart courtesy of ESPN.


Edit: Get Paid Molk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Possible UDFA possibilities for the Lions - Leonard Johnson - CB, Chase Minnifield - CB, Duke Ihenacho- SS, James Brown - OG , QB Case Kennum, QB Kellen Moore, QB Dominique Davis , Vontaze Burfict -LB, OT Luke Nix, Chris Polk-RB, Tauren Poole- RB , Jewel Hampton - RB , Dajohn Harris- DT, Garth Gerhart - C, Quentin Saulsberry- C , Michael Brewster- C, Markus Zusevics-G ,


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Polk fell because he reportedly has a degenerative disease, add that he had alot of carries in college......thats why he fell

hoping the lions get these corners to sign UDFA and the Guard from troy and the SS from san jose state

was hoping for dennard in the 7th--safety project