NFL Draft Open Thread: Day 3

Submitted by The Baughz on April 28th, 2012 at 11:03 AM

I figured Id get this up and going. Draft starts in an hour. Cant wait to see where Molk and Hemingway end up.



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I'm beginning to think Molk really rubbed people the wrong way with his little outburst after the bench press at the combine. Also, I can't believe Chris Polk still hasn't been drafted.  He's been the best available for almost 2 rounds now.


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This is almost funny...if it weren't for the fact that some deserving Michigan men should be on NFL rosters by now. Here we go with the last round...we'll see.


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At this may be better for Molk, Hemingway and RVB to just go as free agents and not be drafted.  At least they would be able to pick the team that they go to and the money is not that much less at this point.  All 3 and Koger will make tremendous value players at this point. 


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BTW back in the early 00s, Andy Reid of Philly had his assistants do an analysis of all NFL draft picks and unsigned free agents, going back 15 years.  What they found was that the most starters in every game over that 15 years were 1st round picks... however the 2nd most number of starters were Undrafted Free Agents.  Very interesting study.


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I can't believe that rugby dude from TSIO got picked ahead of Molk, Hemingway, and RVB.  I bet Molk is destroying all the furniture is his house right now.  I feel bad for the guy.


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Could be injuries that are keeping Molk off the board. I would have thought size issues wouldn't have been prohibitive in the later rounds. If nothing else, I hope Molk, Koger, and Hemingway get decent opportunities as free agents at least.


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"Honestly, it’s so chaotic. The GMs and a lot of times even the scouts are calling about 20 players at one time. And they may even be calling the players directly. So if you have two or three of those guys, everyone is calling at the exact same time and they want a decision right then. So if I find an opportunity that’s a good home for the guy, I’m going to try to hold on to that as long as possible while I search everything else out. Some guys have only one offer. But Jake Ballard had 25 different offers as an undrafted free agent [before signing with the Giants]. Jonathan Casillas had two dozen offers. The Buccaneers, with Casillas, came to us offering to pay seventh-round money. They were going to give him a $40,000 signing bonus. And we turned it down to take $10,000 from New Orleans based simply on the opportunity. At the time, it was the right decision. He contributed to a Super Bowl champion as a rookie. And Tampa Bay went in the opposite direction. But it all depends on the individual and the situation and the teams involved.

"It can be crazy. It’s like a recruiting pitch. The defensive coordinator is calling them. The head coach is calling them. These guys are undrafted free agents so they don’t know what to believe. Everyone is selling them a dream. And it’s difficult to tell a college kid who has no money to turn down $40,000 to take $10,000. But 98 percent of the time our guys will listen because they trust we’re putting them in the right spot. And I make more money if they make more money. So turning down those offers. it’s taking money out of my pocket too. So they trust the motivation. The goal is that you put yourself in a situation to make the active roster and make that $400,000 salary then."

Jonas Mouton also mentioned in that article.  Source:


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When was the last time a major national award winner (non-kicker/punter) from the previous year went undrafted? Come on, somebody pick him up! I feel terrible for him right now.