Derrick Green would find it hard to say no to Michigan

Submitted by RakeFight on April 23rd, 2012 at 9:52 PM

Ran across this tidbit about 2013 RB prospect Green that was posted earlier today, and I didn't see that it has been over-analyzed yet on the board.  Go to it...

 "Top247 RB Derrick Green tells @ clintbrew247 that yes Clemson is in front, but Michigan will be hard to say no to."


Space Coyote

April 23rd, 2012 at 11:08 PM ^

I think Isaac has more upside and is more of a homerun threat, but I love the way Green runs the football.  He isn't afraid of contact.  Decent vision.  Good speed (not great like Isaac).  And my favorite, when you watch his film, look how quick his feet are.  A lot of athletes are a bit rawer and have the long, deceptive stride.  Long striders are often faster, but not necessarily better, particularly at RB.  Quick feet help you cut and it gives you much better power (because of better balance and a better base).

Really like Green and I think Michigan would take him if they miss out on Isaac.  I think Isaac is priority number 1 because he is something Michigan doesn't have close to.  Isaac could be a homerun threat at RB or WR, but IMO would need more time to be college ready (I think Green will be ready when he steps on to whatever campus, Isaac will get snaps because of his breakaway threat, but not feature yet).  Michigan has backs that bring a similar skill set as Green.

Only knocks on Green right now from what I've seen is that he has good speed, but not scary speed.  And I wish he used his hands better (Smith uses his hands better than almost any back I've seen coming out of high school in a while, which is the difference between him being a 3-star and a mid-level, very good 4-star).

So, in conclusion, Green is my favorite back Michigan offered, but Isaac is probably better for Michigan because he brings something Michigan doesn't currently have.  Both are great options though.

Film (can't embed):

Spontaneous Co…

April 24th, 2012 at 8:34 AM ^

I'd prefer Isaac, but only slightly, and only because we already have Deveon in the fold.  I think he has more upside (basically the home run ability everyone talks about) but I also think he has an increased chance of failing to live up to the hype due to his upright running style.  Some of the greatest backs have run like that, but many others have taken an absolute beating once their competition was as fast and talented as they were.


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Why is it assumed that Ty Isaac is option #1 in the minds of the coaches?  I understand why the fans want him -- both because he showed early interest in Michigan and because he is generally ranked very high-- but I have yet to see a whole lot of evidence that the coaches are slow-playing him.  They have brought him to campus, and seem to be pushing hard.  Almost seems like Michigan fans are assuming he is option 1b simply because they want Isaac more. 

Also... why would anyone complain about Green?  Dude is a beast and I'm sure we could survive if he committed first. 

Space Coyote

April 23rd, 2012 at 11:12 PM ^

I think the coaches actually told him he was their top RB target (no link, just comes to mind).  As stated above though, the reasoning I think for them having him as option number 1 is because he brings something few others can with his speed.  There is no one even close on Michigan's roster like Isaac.  That's not a knock on Green, just stating what I see on film.

I think both players will both be very good RBs in college.  I think both could succeed at other positions too (albeit different positions: Isaac probably WR, Green: FB, LB, U-back) though I doubt that will be necessary.


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Does anybody else read Derrick Green and think of Draymond Green?  I was like, what the heck? He hates Michigan! And where on earth did this come from?  I think its the combo of Derrick Nix and Draymond Green in my mind.  Derrick Green I like you the best. 


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Granted I'm far from a scout, but is anybody higher on Derrick Green than Isaac? I mean looking at the highlights it just seems Derrick Green is not only quicker twitch(?) but runs harder. I guess Isaac reads blocks well and supposedly has great hands. 


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The arrogance that suggest the coaches will only take Green if Ty passes on us is absurd. Green has an offer and if he commited the coaches would jump for joy. They aren't waiting around for one guy at every spot.

Darth Tressel

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“Even though I have named Clemson my top school I would still say I’m pretty open,” said Green. “I’m probably going to narrow my list down early or late summer after I make some more visits. “Ohio State, Michigan, Virginia Tech, and Clemson are going to be tough to say no to and things could always change, especially as I take more visits.”

Moe Greene

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