JT Barrett to OSU

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Some care, Some dont.. OSU gets their hope to takeover or be next in line to Braxton Miller...And Michigans defense gets a new chew toy ..Go Blue



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His name's not C.J.

Also, he goes to the same high school as Shavodrick Beaver did, so he'll probably decommit around Christmas.


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Weird that Meyer went with Barrett when there were two solid options instate in Chapman and Zaire. Although Barrett has been performing well at camps and such and I'm sure he'll be decent.

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Barrett, like Morris, struggled during the Elite 11 camp (1st day). He rebounded with a better performance the following day at the Dallas NFTC like Morris did.  Unlike Morris though, he did earn an Elite 11 invitation by the end of the weekend, but I have a feeling there is a lot of politics that go into the selections as only Texas QBs were selected.  Knowing Morris was going to attend in Columbus, I have a feeling he will get one there.

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Swoopes was the MVP of the camp as in the article below:

"Also among the most improved on Sunday was Longhorns commitment Tyrone Swoopes (Whitewright, Texas/Whitewright), who earned an Elite 11 invite after being named the quarterback MVP of the camp."


As the article indicates, Barrett really struggled at the Elite 11 camp (1st day). Shane struggled with his accuracy just like Barrett and neither were finalists in the Elite 11 camp day.  But most reports about Morris were that he performed well on the 2nd day just like Barrett.  As I said above, I think there is some politics in the Elite 11 invites that were given out on the 2nd day at the NFTC camp with some attendees like Morris expected to attend other camps in the future.  Cooper Bateman outperformed both QBs and did not receive an invite.  I will pretty much guarantee that Shane Morris leaves the Columbus camp with an Elite 11 invite.


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For a 4 star talent (Rivals #6 QB #134 Overall) his offer list seems strange.  Was his recruitment never that open?

9 offers - Ohio State, Arizona, Baylor, Illinois, LSU, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Texas, Texas Tech


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I think he was hoping for/planning on a Texas offer.  I beleive he was planning on going to their junior day expecting to get an offer, only to have Texas sign Swoopes the week (or maybe a couple of weeks) before.  He then pulled out of the junior day.  Probably had some impact on his recruitment.   

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Texas got 5 star Tyrone Swoopes, A&M got 4 star Kohl Stewart, and Baylor got 3 star Chris Johnson.  And that still leaves out 4 stars Kenny Hill and Cody Thomas.  What a deep year in Texas for QBs.  But it looks like the Big 12 powers are focusing on different QBs other than JT Barrett in Texas. JT Barrett may not even end up being one of the top 3 QBs in the state.

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How do offer lists work anyways? I assume it's basically on the kid or someone close to him to email Rivals with updated offers--which would basically make offer lists total BS. Certain kids would spend the time telling Rivals each time an offer came in, some wouldn't, and some smaller number would lie to either a) have some fun with people or b) to raise their profile in the hopes of garnering more offers.


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I'm going to assume that the question is posed to someone who is near the player, if not the player themself.  The recruiting site would ask something like -

"Who are you interested in playing for?"

From that they would develop a list of schools that the player has said or shown interest in.  Then they would post updates on official offers as the interested schools made them public.  Surely you could dupe the system like you said, but I would guess that most people take it pretty serious.  

Shane Morris has a really weird offer list for the #3 QB prospect, but we all know why.  He was only ever going to play for U-M.  Schools that offered him are as follows - Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Cinncinati, Michigan St. (!), Syracuse, Tennessee, and Toledo. 

I guess that what the guy above me said makes sense about Barrett, that he wanted to play for Texas, but got beat out by Tyrone Swoopes.  I guess if he would have spent more time vetting suitors, his offer list might have shown so.  I guess I have the answer I was looking for.



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Looks like Ohio beat out the recruiting powerhouses Baylor and LSU for his services. His offer  list is not good. Zaire and quite a few other dual-threat QBs had offer lists of much better quality.


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For anyone interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W6zxtCTsGI

I'm far from a recruiting expert, but Barrett, Zaire, and Chapman all looked equally good to me.  Obviously OSU staff felt differently - otherwise I would hope they would give the edge to players from Ohio (Zaire/Chapman) over players from outside of the midwest, with all else being equal.