Urban Meyer is a straight out liar - evidence showing Circle of Trust existed at Florida

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On a conference call today, Urban Meyer denied many of the accusations in the SN report by Matt Hayes (http://aol.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football/story/2012-04-09/urban-meyer-florida-ohio-state-ncaa-violation-recruiting-drugs-program-will-musc) especially accusations of preferential treatement with a "Circle of Trust."  Well in less than 4 hours, Sports By Brooks has found not only one BUT TWO citations where Urban Meyer was quoted using a Circle of Trust.  Here is a screen capture of the evidence from the Gainesville Sun & SI:


Urban Meyer is a filthy liar.  Perfect for Ohio.



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I can still remember Avocado's number -  yes we called it Avocado too. I have forgotten the phone number on the blackboard the first day of class. Some intepid soul finally gathered the courage to ask what the number was. Our rather gruff acting chem instructor looked at us over the top of his glasses, and told us it was the number for the Truck Driving Academy for anyone who didn't pass his Chemistry Class.


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I know Avocado. He's that guy that owns a great taco stand in San Jose del Cabo. Really bad teeth but great mole sauce and awesome fish tacos. But I didn't think he even owned a phone


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He might be a liar, scum, cheater, etc, whatever, but he's a hell of a football coach.

With that said, a good portion of the country is hoping Hoke beats him back into retirement. 


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I disagree. Look at Florida's roster now. Muschamp has already lost over 10 players and they've been pretty bad the last two seasons. This all happened despite four or five top five classes in a row. 


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That just means it's hard to win with unhappy players as well.  He's obviously a good coach, but it is most certainely easier to win when you're loaded at every position.  Muschamp losing 6 games his first season with a ton of attrition is because players can't do whatever they want now...


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he CANNOT coach 3* talent...which is where his medical condition surfaced...I believe it to be a rash of some form...and thus when he saw an opportunity to once again sieze 5* talent to the north...alas he was cured...like the flavoring of a lovely Easter ham...though more harmful to the wellbeing of those around him...

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This may not be a big deal, but man do some sports writers smell blood in the water, similar to when Rich Rod was here. This could get very interesting (not in relation to this particular story, but sports writers now know Meyer can be exposed).


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I've thought the same thing. I kicked around the idea of posting a diary about the similarities between the two hires, but didn't know how receptive the board would be to it, with all the dead horses littered around here.

- Jilted former fanbases

- Accusations of infidelity (however unfounded they may be)

- Both run new offenses

- Both seen as mercenaries more than company men

- Media has seemed to latch onto the negative side of both of their backstories

- Well heralded for turning their former teams around and making them annual BCS threats.

Compare that to the hiring of Hoke, or for that matter a guy like Kelly at ND, and its interesting to see that they've both followed a similar trajectory as of now.


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some differences:

- local media in Ohio seems supportive of Urban (but damn... the Florida media hates him)

- OSU fan base is obviously supportive

- no crazy contract dispute with old school

- Urban has a prior connection to Ohio State.  Even went to school there.

- ex players don't seem to be turning on Urban or saying stupid things


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Another difference: RR seems to have wanted to be the "company man" at WVU, but the administrators thought he was too big for his britches and fought him.

Not sure Urban sees himself as a "company man" anywhere, and is liable to bail when the grass looks greener elsewhere.


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- About the ex-players thing... did you miss that article about ex players turning on Urban and saying stupid things?

- I live in Ohio, the media has not turned on him yet, but I do get the feeling they are wary.

- Michigan fanbase was supportive at first.  It was the old guard that rejected him out of hand.