OT: AR Coach Bobby Petrino - Idiot

Submitted by Raback Omaba on April 5th, 2012 at 10:03 PM

It comes out that his motorcycle wreck a few days back was not a solo wreck - a 25 year old blonde staffer was riding as well. Oh, and both the University and Petrino himself tried to sweep that little tidbit under the rug. Oh, and Petrino is married if course... And the staffer is engaged.

Thankfully both are without serious injuries...but it looks like Petrino's motor cycle wreck will now turn into a train wreck for him.



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Why not legit. He took a year off to try to piece their marriage back together. Like no one's ever done that before. What's the consensus theory? He took time off because the stress was too great at UF. So he goes to OHIO like you said with even more stress? Seems legit.
Uh... all coed universities have cords.


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I have heard both these rumors before and there are rumors floating around of a ton of other coaches. But the thing is, unless a Petrino-esque thing happens to them, they're always going to be just that, rumors.  The sources of most of these rumors seem to be from the bitter fandoms that the coaches left behind or the bitter fandoms of teams that keep losing to the coaches. Because of that, they're hard to take seriously without proof. 

If it happens that the rumors are right, rake them across the coals. Much like what we're doing to Petrino now. To do that to a family is crap. To do that to a fiance is crap. And they deserve all the crap being thrown their way.  But spreading unsubstantiated rumors and gossip that are coming from people with grudges isn't that great either.


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Apparently this is more than just a person giving another person a lift.

Updated from the ESPN article: "Petrino apologized and said he had been concerned about protecting his family and keeping an "inappropriate relationship from becoming public."

Maybe these 2 people deserve each other.


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The original version of his story was a pretty amusing read really. I was not aware that, whenever Bobby Petrino wrecked something, there was a woman in the vicinity who was willing to take him  to the hospital personally. Obviously, this is one of those little-heralded perks of being the Razorbacks' coach.

The final quote from Petrino was pretty funny to me as well:

"I spent the day at the lake with my wife working. She works me hard when I’m up there."

I would imagine she will not be working him as hard for a long time  now. 


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From the guestbook...

What a strange way to dispose of your prostitute, Bobby. Call me next time for pointers.
from: Craig James
4/5/2012 5:32:24 PM


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He was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. He's lucky he didn't sustain a life-threatening closed-head injury.*

*Yeah, I know real red-blooded American men don't wear motorycycle helmets because if they do the terrorists win.


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This actually put a smile on my face.  Bobby Petrino is an absolute piece of shit.  Something like this couldn't happen to a better guy.  I hope his wife takes him for all he's worth.


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What a huge fucking surprise that the guy who ditched the Atlanta Falcons in the middle of the season has wife-commitment issues too.  I'm absolutely blown away.  Shocked.


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Why would you even lie about this?  

"One of my coworkers had always wanted to ride on a motorcycle, so I offered her a quick ride one evening so she could experience it.  Sadly we wrecked."

That plays a lot better than the coverup.  The cover up screams non innocent contact.  


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an inappropriate relationship with her. Maybe that means his wife and or the AD knew about the prior affair, and if they found out her name, it would be obvious that it wasn't innocent.


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My guess is that Mrs Petrino was already not a happy gal over this new employee so reporting her on the bike would not be cool on  the homefront.  Hence the seeminly needless lie.

My guess is that he wasnt lying to save his job....he was lying to save his marrage.


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Even if this remarkably stupid story were true, as a head coach and married man you need to think about how it would look if a 25 year old blonde woman employed by the AD was riding on your bike with you. Tell her to get a test ride from someone else.


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Does this really surprise anybody? That guy has always been a snake, even by SEC standards. He left the Falcons to take the Arkansas job after less than a season. He was constantly flirting with other jobs while he was at Louisville (including a well-publicized secret interview with Auburn while Tommy Tuberville was still employed as their coach). It was only a matter of time before he started flirting with other women as well.