OT - Mikel LeShoure busted for pot twice in a month

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Odd story as Mike Leshoure is busted for pot possession twice in a month. The second time he tried to eat the pot to avoid the charges. You have to wonder if he'll ever see the field for the Lions. Injury derailed his rookie season and now two charges will likely bring a suspension from the NFL. 


EDIT: Story has been updated, I strongly suggest you read the police report (included in story). Additional charges may be coming from this...Apparently there was a bag of "Diesel Potpourri" which google says is synthetic pot confiscated from the rental vehicle.


Darker Blue

April 2nd, 2012 at 4:16 PM ^

The NFL is retarded, banning steroids, or cocaine or meth, or heroin is understandable, but weed? Its an herb. Its delicious and it doesn't hurt anybody. Say what you  want but I don't think this is that big of a deal. 


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When you're high as shit you can see the holes open up way before the holes open up. It's a nice tool to have as a RB. Trust me, I've gained about a million yards playing Madden. Weed helps. I wouldn't be surpised is Mikel ends up beating Emmett's record. 


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Actually, the most recent studies (and this was a JAMA article with the research performed at the leading centers for medical research) have shown that chronic marijuana use has a negligible effect on lung capacity. Small increases in lung capacity were actually shown among heavy pot smokers, with the researchers suggesting the practice of inhaling deeply and holding smoke in actually functioned to train the lungs to accept more air.




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According to Anwar Richardson (@AnwarRichardson on Twitter):

"#Lions RB Mikel Leshoure did not show up for his arraignment today and a bench warrant has been issued for his arrest"

I don't know who Anwar Richardson is, but there's that. Take it for what it's worth, I guess.


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I don't think I would ever personally go that route, but apparently there are sources to consult as to the effects of doing so...

This guy might know, if you're interested. I am guessing these  are the sorts of experts one would go to if you had to dispose of your stash in a hurry. 

His Dudeness

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Damn it. I was expecting this dude to live up to the 2nd round billing. I am all for pot if that's your thing (I would rather drink personally), but for sure don't roll around with it. I mean for fucks sake. That's like drunk driving. There is just no reason for it. So stupid. Hopefully he finds the field and doesn't get suspended.

Charlie Chunk

April 2nd, 2012 at 7:24 PM ^

I mean, this problem is complicated in general.

Obviously, Mike is a selfish man.  He's probably not real bright.  He's probably pretty stubborn.  Traits that make him a great running back!

Everyone knows that pot smoking is fairly harmless.  Mike is part of that everyone statement.

Stubborn - harmless drug - time on his hands - thinks he's getting away with it - not real smart - unlucky - Oops again

Maybe it's not that complicated after all!



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Its both a big deal and not a big deal. The actual offense isn't a big deal at all,to most open-minded people.

The problem is the lack of maturity and selfishness. Part of his job is to be ready to play, and violating rules makes him actively fail at that job. He is being paid handsomely to do a few things - one of those is to not break the law or league rules. Putting his desire to smoke above his job exhibits his priorities.

Ron Utah

April 2nd, 2012 at 8:35 PM ^

This is really too bad.  He's a guy I was rooting for, and not just because I'm a Lions fan.  It's too bad when people throw their life away for drugs.  I hope he turns it around.

The Lions will have to face the fact that RB is once again a need.  Best and Smith can't be counted on to stay on the field, and LeShoure can't be counted on to stay off the grass.

See what I did there?


April 2nd, 2012 at 9:18 PM ^

No serious athlete, amateur or professional, should smoke anything purely from the standpoint of lung function. As far as the notion that pot is a completely benign substance with no negative effects whatsoever? I smoked enough of it back in the '70s—when the garden-variety stuff we could get our hands on was far weaker than what is available today—to know that notion is hogwash.

That's not to say that our laws regarding pot aren't crazy in many ways and shouldn't be changed, but that's different from thinking it doesn't have any negative effects on people.

Leshoure appears to be just another physically-talented knucklehead who will smoke (and probably drink) his potential away. He's just giving up a spot to some other athlete who is able to control himself.

From the study Needs references: "... but marijuana smokers are still at risk for chronic bronchitis, which means they tend to have increased cough and mucus."