OT - Mikel LeShoure busted for pot twice in a month

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Odd story as Mike Leshoure is busted for pot possession twice in a month. The second time he tried to eat the pot to avoid the charges. You have to wonder if he'll ever see the field for the Lions. Injury derailed his rookie season and now two charges will likely bring a suspension from the NFL. 


EDIT: Story has been updated, I strongly suggest you read the police report (included in story). Additional charges may be coming from this...Apparently there was a bag of "Diesel Potpourri" which google says is synthetic pot confiscated from the rental vehicle.



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He is a nightmare to my dynasty fantasy football team. I drafted him to replace Jahvid Best on my team if he gets hurt. But do the Lions really need a RB? Teams know they can't run the ball and the Lions still throw for 400 yds every game.


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Shoot.. He seemed like a guy who really had his shit together, what with being so proud of being drafted at all and his positive attitude after the injury.  Guess the lions are in need of a RB.  Too bad they already have a LaMichael James in Jahvid Best.  That would be an exciting 2nd round pick.  I don't know what bigger backs are out there that will fall to them in the 2nd.  One more concussion and Best is done.  Looks like another year with zero run game.


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First of all - he's an NFL player. Why do we care if he smokes pot?

Second - how do you get caught twice in a month? It blows my mind (no pun intended) how these athletes get caught with bud. I've been smoking for over a decade and I've never been caught. And I haven't even been smart about it.


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I don't mean "we" as in Lions fans. I mean it in the more global sense. Why does Goodell care about it? Every NBA player smokes weed, and they turn a blind eye on it because who cares. I understand that we don't want guys using steroids or getting paid to take someone's head off, but why this? I just think Roger Goodell delves a little too far into the personal lives of these players.


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The commissioner cares.  He will probably suspend him, at which point it affects the team regardless of your feelings on pot.


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lol yeah, this is actually a far sadder story than leshoure (which is just a young man being a dumb young man).


leaf was actually arrested for robbery and posssession the second time, WHILE OUT ON BAIL for doing the exact same thing before.  dude has serious issues.  i dunno if a jail cell or a psych ward is better for him.


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Salaam won the Heisman Trophy and the Bears drafted him in the first round (not in the top 10, IIRC).  In his second year (I believe) he suffered an injury that he was extremely slow to recover from - to the point that the fans/media just wondered why it was taking him so long to return from his injury.  It turned out he had developed a serious pot habit; he never got back in full playing shape, and never made an impact in the NFL again.

Hopefully there's a different outcome for LeShoure.  If he can get back to full health, I think he can be a really good NFL running back.


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The absolute stupidity of some athletes never ceases to amaze me.  All they have to do is watch their bodies and NOT injest drugs for oh....say....about 5 years and then they'd have enough money to do whatever they want for the rest of their lives.  Not that hard really.

I don't know which situations make me laugh more.  The "I simply must do drugs and I must do them now" group of idiot athletes or the "I must spend the bazillions of dollars I have on an entourage of 35 people, golden dog tags with diamond encrusted collars and 47 gold-plated Bentley's" thereby assuring themselves of bankrupcy within hours of their career ending.  

 If they can father 6-8 kids from 6-8 different women WHILE doing drugs and spending bazillions of dollars on crap it's a trifecta of hillarious in my book.


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Although he's clearly a lunatic, I have the most respect for Reggie Williams when it comes to athletes and drugs.  He did exactly what you say - told people he's going to do drugs and it he can't play football because of it, so be it.  If you're an addict or have some other flaw, own it!  Otherwise, change.


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I never really understood the whole weed craze. If I wanted to go kill braincells, I'd just go listen to 97.1. Doesn't cost me money and it's not stinky (unless it's the 97.1 in columbus).


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Seriously, what the hell is the point of keeping him now? Torn Achilles and now suspension for weed. It'll be year three before he's anywhere close to be useful and at that point he'll have hardly played football in two years.